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Member Since 08 Oct 2009
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Team Impulse -vs- True 0wnage

04 December 2010 - 10:15 PM

Team Impulse -Vs- True Ownage Clan


  • MBR
  • Matched
  • Classic
  • Dung/ Rings on
  • Attack on site

Posted Image

Posted Image

Fair to say that Team Impulse has been very inactive for this last month, hardly getting any wars because of leavings and simply disorgonisation in the team, but i say this with joy that we are back and we are still kicking. Sikbredbin got a war with The Mighty True 0wnage clan. T0 being known for their amazing matched abilities we knew that we had to fight hard for this war. We went in the portal with about even numbers, T0 having to drop only a few thankfully. Then we got a mighty speech (will be edited in a bit) from the one and only evil crosby. War started with everything being neck and neck and when theyr second pile dropped much faster then ours we thought bad things were about to happen, thankfully we pulled it off with our mighty sniper leader of downfall clan k0ing warria06 leader of true 0wnage clan. The lead got bigger and bigger. Thank you for the fight me loves <3:

Pictures of the fight

TKO Blitz -vs- The Moon Clan

02 December 2010 - 05:04 PM

TKO Blitz -vs- The Moon Clan


Posted Image


Posted Image

Date: Wednesday 1st December

  • CWRI.
  • 60 Minute Cap.
  • All Styles No Blasts.
  • Turrets Arena.


TKO Blitz Starting: 25 People
The Moon Clan Starting: 39 People

We organised this war a few days ago but as always, we fall mercy to other clan events which hinder our pulls. With TR, COR, RSD and FOOLS all having events our pull suffered quite a lot but we were pretty determined to make a good effort and make a decent war out of it, even thought the number difference was quite large.

We started off the fight very well, getting an early lead due to our organisation and tanking. This continued for the majority of the fight, however in the last 20 minutes, TMC's numbers spiked and our oraganisation started to lack briefly and TMC took back the lead. We did a quick regroup at our portal, composed ourselves and started working on bringing back the lead.

In the last 5-10 minutes we were almost on even numbers however, TMC's attempts to hide and maintain the lead failed as we killed their stragglers and tank testers and took a close win. Outnumbered by 25 people for the majority of the fight, we did really well under constant pressure from TMC.

Great job again TKO, keep active <3
Thanks for the fight TMC ~ Scott.

TKO Blitz Kills: 121 Kills
The Moon CLan Kills: 118 Kills

TKO Blitz Ending: 31 People
TMC Ending: 45 People


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Scott <3

i had a lot of fun, was very intense <3:

What stops you from going higher?

25 October 2010 - 05:45 PM

Simple question, many clans have goals to be able to pull more, be more organized, more powerful on the battlefield.

im sure your clans has goals of its own, what is stopping you/your clan from achieving it?

is it another clan in rivalry? it can even be dumb members bringing your clan down, many different things.

another question: what is stopping you from performing 100% for your clan to show your true potential.

we are in times with ddosers and petty flaming (wich some people due get hurt/annoyed about) and more NH actions you can say. Some times its just the regular real life issues like work, shcool etc.

or maybe just parents being a pain, not letting you get on at certain times when your clan has that uncapped fight that you just HAVE to go to!

so whats stopping YOU from performing at your best?

Resilience -vs- True 0wnage

29 June 2010 - 08:08 PM



True 0wnage

Well our darling Ralphy got us a matched opt war with True 0wnage, a very experienced and skilled Cwa clan, we knew we had to give it all to beat them. With some good choices by our callers we called good first choices that gave us the lead early, whereas True 0wnage piled the mighty beast Tank Krist and thought hed be a free k0 but naaaa, the mighty Krist tanked for a good 2 kills but then Leah from T0 tanked it almost back for T0, but we would not give in, we picked up our pace, our binds, our ranging and came through with the win. i personally think that bad piles were picked by T0 and it cost them dearly.

Ty for the clean fight True 0wnage


  • Matched opts
  • Melle + binds + range
  • Dungeoneering items on
  • Corrupt items OFF
  • middle bounds only
  • Ml only

Res Starting:

Posted Image
^ Ralph thinks hes boss cuz he can naked bind

T0 Starting:

Posted Image


Posted Image


The Team -vs- Knights of Order

27 June 2010 - 08:44 PM

Posted Image


Posted Image

Well we got ourselves a 1hr prep with Ko for a pvp matched opts war, we were unsure on how much we were going to pull because of being a new team and all and because of previous pulls but we massed up a healthy 18 people!


dropped from 18
Posted Image

we were disapointed by Ko's pull, would have been a more interesting fight if they pulled a bit higher,

Ko's starting:
Posted Image

War rules:
[*]PVP matched opts war, no returning
[*]Melle + binds + range, no BLASTS or curses
[*]No corruption
[*]Tree to Tree bounds
[*]2 sniper cap

War started off good for us, with amazing tanking by certain people gave us the lead early, props to TheHitman and Electron for tanking ages and ages and ages.....etc....and so on

few bounds were broken by both sides but all is forgivan, ty for the fight KO, hopefully next time it will be a pkri

if anyone wants fights, #the_team

TT ending:
Posted Image

Ko ending: 0