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Chapter 1 - Windward

22 July 2012 - 12:03 AM

"Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarter, or take any from you!" - Captain Blackbeard

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The few survivors make it to shore~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Whether it's been hours or days since the battle, you can't really tell. Slowly, one violent coughing fit or ragged breath at a time, the sea water begins to vacate your lungs and the memories begin to return to you. Yes, there must've been a battle. The blood stains on your sopping wet clothing can attest to that. Through one way or another, you've made it from the battered remains of the sinking ship to land and now it's time for rest. Your mind begins to wander in sleep...

Captain Frega's ship was the most feared vessel known in the Inner Sea region. Its complement consisted of 250 experienced and fearsome pirates, as well as nearly fifty siege weapons, including twenty "dragon cannon" smuggled from distant lands. Captain Frega had terrorized the region for nearly three hundred years and was featured in local legend; his frequent raids on towns even up to ten miles inland made sure that those legends would never die. Nor did he die; one of the secrets that he trusted only to his crew was that he was actually a lich, something that granted him eternal life and allowed him to safely navigate the eye of Abendego, a massive permanent hurricane that only the greatest of sailors have ever survived. He had attracted the attention of powerful adventurers and archmages that sought to end his terror through epic campaigns, but he always returned, with a new ship and a new crew.

Although dissuaded by the high mortality rate and the fact that the employer was an undead monstrosity, for one reason or another, you were accepted and joined his crew (already an achievement) and served under him in some capacity, although given the crew's massive size and experience, it was unlikely that you made it far up the ladder. The ship's success once again attracted the attention of lawful authorities and an entire fleet was dispatched to deal with the problem. The ship hid in the region's natural coves and ports, but with the help of other pirate captains that sought amnesty from the authorities or were jealous of Captain Frega's success, the fleet found and chased the ship into the open ocean, where in a fierce naval battle, Captain Frega's ship was destroyed. Not once did the fleet attempt to grapple or board the ship, so fearful they were of fighting the legendary pirates in hand to hand combat. The fleet scoured the waters for survivors and killed them before returning home.

Except, you did not suffer death, but something much worse for a pirate. Poverty. The fine clothes and fine wine and fine women (or men) seem like a distant memory now. Instead, the only thing that you wear are bloody rags, the only thing you've had too much to drink of is sea water, and the only thing getting in your pants is sand.

Out further along the beach, someone is waving to you. Could it be...another survivor? You stumble your way towards them.


Hopefully that provided enough background information for the most part. This campaign is set in the inner sea region and part of the Arcadian sea. Further details can be found on the Pathfinder wiki or by asking me. The general cultures are the same as in the Golarion setting, but the actual area that this takes place is my own creation.

Creation Rules:
Level 6
1st party Pathfinder SRD sources + Dreamscarred Press Psionics allowed (case by case for other things)
1 bonus skill point per level to be put into either swim or survival skill
25 point buy
2 hero points

It would also be cool to add backstory, to help me and others to get to know your character better. Some possible questions that you might answer:
Where did you come from and how did you end up with Captain Frega?
What position on the ship did you hold/what was your role?
How did you manage to survive and get to land?

And any other information that you'd like to add, but I'm sure that we will get to experience your character's personality first hand once we start. The only thing is that you are PIRATES. Given that, it is probably not wise to attempt and play a paladin, as you will probably lose your powers pretty soon from looting and pillaging (or letting others pillage while you stand by and do nothing to stop them). Also, if you would like to play an unusual or hated race, that is fine by me. It may poison your interactions, but you are already murderers and that will probably lead to some prejudice already. In a society where strength is the only thing that counts, maybe it wouldn't be as much of an issue to be an orc.

Also, the captain was an undead monstrosity, so you're probably in the clear there.

The Mark of Das

07 May 2011 - 08:03 PM

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Earth sat on the edge of his seat, wringing his water bottle and imagining the death of a goblin that his character on the tabletop was grappling. Grim and Wyvren looked on the scene impassively, waiting for their next chance to spring a dramatic monologue. As her turn approached, Retech sat with trouser wetting excitement, waiting for the exact moment to unleash an avalanche of rules from the mountain of DnD books that she carried around. Even though he knew what was going on, Spork continued to shout at inoppertune moments, "WHAT THE F IS GOING ON HERE." Nex was ready to smack Earth over the head, but he noticed something from the corner of his eye...

It was Archi, writing and writing...and writing. Nex wondered if Archi ever went to sleep. With a knowing smile, Archi looked up and looks at Nex, "Not really." There was a knock at the door, and Retech, being the closest to the entrance, went over and opened it. She closed it as if she was under the effects of haste.

"Guys, we have a problem. There is a shambling hoard of zombies coming right towards us. Even with twice our current level of optimization, we will be unable to hold them off for very long."

A rusted and splintered spear passes through the door with a thundering crack and impales her in the stomach.

"Well, this should save some supplies," she says, before falling to the floor.

Now for rules and guidelines:

1. This is a Pathfinder game, starting from level one. The characters that you make will hopefully be reflected (not necessary, as I will never be able to know) on your own self in real life. Think of your strengths and weaknesses and try to apply them here.

2. Use the guideline that 10 on the attribute scale is roughly the human average. We will be using a ten point buy system, to keep it so that we are not superheroes, yet strong enough not to be utterly destroyed.

3. Each character will start with 4,000 gp worth of items, your choice, to help balance out the lack of point buy. Just keep in mind that the setting is dystopian an many of your supplies will not replenish for a while, so bring what you need. Travel light! There is a lot of movement in this game, and escaping from zombies in a cart is not so easy. Bags of holding are recommended.

4. There are a LOT OF ZOMBIES. Zombies are immune to sneak attack, so keep that in mind.

5. As this is a homebrew setting, the existing gods for other settings do not exist. Clerics receive their powers from ideals only, not gods. If there is something that has a pre-requisite of a god, but that is unavailable, we can work to modify it so it can be used.\

6. Non-uberpowerful classes receive 15 point buy at the beginning.


Also, trying to work out a time for this.

Tempest - No Playwrights allowed

04 April 2011 - 10:43 PM

So Archi introduced me to this very fun game, called Tempest. Now it is essentially real-time chess. One can move any piece that they would like at any time, but there is a cooldown following its movement before it can be moved again (varying on game type).

Now the great thing about the game is that all you need to learn is how chess pieces move. After that, it bears no resemblance to chess strategy whatsoever. Of course, I am pretty horrible at Tempest, when I tried to apply real chess openings and strategies to it.

So how the pieces move, if anyone is curious:

Pawns - Move forward one square usually, but can move two squares if it hasn't moved before. Only moves forward and can only capture directly diagonally
Knight - L Shaped. Two squares one way and one square another, making an L shaped. They can also jump over pieces.
Bishops - Move as diagonally as far as they want
Rooks - Move as far horizontally or vertically
Queen - Can move diagonally, horizontally, or vertically as far as it wants
King - One square in any direction

Now I was thinking it could become a fun tavern game because no one has basically learned the theory or have any idea about the game, it is relatively fast and easy to set up, there is an existing server that is free, and it is really easy to learn.

To find the site, search "tempest chess"

Thoughts, questions, comments? Please post if you are interested! This does require a small download, but I am pretty sure it is safe, seeing as it is essentially the hub for this game.

The Tale of Lone Cities

30 September 2010 - 12:02 AM


Thread under construction. Another post will be made when it is completed. Please refer questions and comments to the the Hegemony Questions thread. :thumbup:

Also, anything that I didn't mention in the ruleset, please tell me on the Hegemony Questions thread, so I can add them. Requests for cities are welcome, since the world will probaly only have the largest cities, and I may miss the one you want.


The blasts came sooner and more suddenly than most expected. The sky remained clear blue until the purple glow of the shields flickered on, moments before the missles struck outside the city. The ground shook feverishly and suddenly the world outside the city turned to darkness. While the food stores remained, the inhabitants of the city remained docile. After a week had passed, the dust began to settle, and the shields began to fail.

The population began to shrink as famine struck. Top scientists had created a procedure for reclaiming wasteland into arable farmland, but the process was inefficient and labor intensive. In some places, fuel was still common and allowed the use of machines, but in other places, work began using shovels and [garden tools]. The largest problem for intensive farming, depletion of nutrients, was solved in a simple and elegant way using an abundant resource: human corpses. They were carried or trucked to the outskirts of the city, where they were used as fertilizer. More died from the backbreaking labor and were buried in shallow graves near where they died.

Eventually, the amount of arable land could support those who remained, though in that respect, famine helped more than cultivation ever did. Even the largest cities only had a few hundred thousand inhabitants. Though the human race had suffered more than any other time in history, bitter rivalries still remained. With the nuclear arsenal depleted, mankind had to turn to an old friend: the gun.

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Sitcoms of the 80s and 90s

31 July 2010 - 01:49 PM

I was watching a rerun of Seinfeld yesterday and it made me wonder. What did people feel about the show when the new episodes were being produced?

So my question to the people of Tip.it is, were you alive during the time when these shows were being produced and what was your (and your family's) reaction to it?