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Member Since 08 Feb 2010
Offline Last Active Sep 17 2011 12:27 AM

Solace vs CL

24 June 2011 - 01:28 AM

Well seeing as I was bored as [bleep] I decided to send my three minion generals to get a fight. The DI reject known as Duvasio was successful in finding one against CL. This time I was prepared, and was able to get work off for the occasion.

Solace Starting:
Posted Image

CL Starting:
[09:10:51:pm] <myronator> 117
[09:10:52:pm] <myronator> opts

We dominated from start to finish. Our calling was on fire, our binds were on lock, and I watched Bhatu snake them so yeah our snipers were [bleep]ing amazing.

At the end of the cap we met @ mg to compare ending options.

Solace Ending:

CL Ending:

Thanks for the fight CL. I'd love to do more.

GF 0k3d. Blasted the entire fight.

Solace vs Echo of Silence

16 May 2011 - 02:16 AM


Initially, several of our members were bored. After considering it, we decided to prep for a 30 minute spur PK trip. Ironically, we discovered that Echo of Silence were also massing. We walked up with 150 options after 30 minutes of massing, and we found EoS on world 20 with 108 options. They went back to moss giants and logged upon us hitting them. They promised they'd return in 10 minutes or so, which they did, with:

Solace starting:
Posted Image

EoS starting: probably 135, they did gain though - please post/confirm

The fight stayed even as EoS gained. Eventually, we gained up to peak at 65, which sent EoS regrouping for an hour. Unfortunately, we failed to keep those numbers, and we dropped to 52 active, which crippled our main pile and sent us regrouping for an hour or so. Our numbers rose back to 60 and remained there for the rest of the fight. The same could not be said for EoS, who seemed to still be feeling the pain of the rising gas prices. EoS began to regroup for a bit. They then began to mass snipe greaters and didn't leave. We maintained a pile regardless, but eventually, we realized that it wasn't quite as efficient. We began to mass-snipe EoS off us for 35 minutes or so. EoS ran out gasoline due to a level 92 Greater Demon stealing a majority of it, and, once again, EoS called off returning 4 hours into the battle.

Solace ending: 183 (61 on audio - 2 randoms were in screenshot)
Posted Image
Posted Image

EoS ending: 0

  • GMT unit, especially Oldi - 4:35 AM on a school night is no easy task
  • Fm11 for being Adelais' worst marshal
  • EoS for PK'ing and keeping the wildy active
  • KO for AC'ing CD from our fight
  • Hios for making an appearance and winning the fight for us

Cya Thursday, EoS. Enjoy Spain, Oliver :).

Was fun got like 2k6d.

Corruption+Solace vs The Titans+Collision

15 May 2011 - 01:03 AM

Yeah so Solace and CoR agreed that they would team up, TT + Collision would team up and we'd fight. The fight was pretty standard/simple in terms of rules: 3 hour cap, 25 sniper cap, team to clear crashers blah blah blah. Fight was probably pretty good back and forth the usual crap. I wasn't really there for much of it and everyone else was too lazy to write a topic so here it is (someone PM me more pictures).

Corruption + Solace starting: 340+
The Titans + Collision starting: 250+

Posted Image

Posted Image

Corruption + Solace ending: 350+
The Titans + Collision ending: 290

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thanks for the fight

Topic by Applerune. Thanks for being there for 6 minutes Code rofl. 2k0a3d.

Solace vs Echo of Silence

11 May 2011 - 12:46 AM

EoS asked us for a 1 day prep PKRI. We accepted under the following rules (which EoS obeyed this time).

- 3 hour cap

Solace starting: 168
Posted Image

EoS starting: I don't know, 129 or something? 55 on audio

(07:42:07 pm) - ¤ Anthrax- ¤ Want to remove that bullcrap from your topic?
(07:42:43 pm) - ¤ Anthrax- ¤ I'm 100% we (VR) didn't touch any eos in single.

After stalling for 15 minutes due to their TS lagging, VR mass sniping them in single, and gas prices rising, we finally got annoyed of waiting around, and we rushed EoS at spiders on World 20. We immediately gave EoS a dose of their own treatment and sent 15 snipers to their pile from the start of the fight. From there, we never looked back. We spent a bit of time clearing EoS's snipers, and we spent the rest of it chasing their main pile as they performed the grand prix. Unfortunately, due to rising gas prices, EoS ran out of gasoline and called off returning 90 minutes into the cap. Thanks for the fight, and thanks for talking all sorts of crap prior to the fight.

Solace ending: 183 (64 active)
Posted Image

EoS ending: logged

Posted Image

  • Splashy for eventually giving up on bind sniping
  • CD/BT for crashing
  • Haaki3 for coming to this fight on his birthday
  • Duvasio for being a squid

Solace - The Clan That Forgets Their Families

09 May 2011 - 03:18 AM


Solace starting: 174
Posted Image

Corruption starting: 150 (confirm)

We asked Corruption for a week prep. Unfortunately, our stupid idiot advisor Ghetto099 decided to set up the fight for mother's day. Regardless, we figured it would hinder both clans' signups equally. We walked up and got pumped in order to make our mothers proud of us. Cor came up 15 minutes late, so we respectfully rushed them at spiders. Due to the number advantage, we took control and never looked back. Cor called off returning 90 minutes into the fight. Thanks for the fight, Corruption.


Solace ending: 195 (70+ on audio; lots of randoms fell in, unfortunately)
Posted Image

Reign of terror

Reign of Terror were anti-crashing with a 4 day prep (supposedly), and they wanted a fight after we beat Corruption.

Solace starting: 195 (immediately after Cor)
Rot starting: 48 on audio

RoT quickly gained on audio, and we lost 10 people to mother's day obligations. The fight became similar to many of the other uncappeds we've had; both clans spent a majority of the fight clearing snipers. We kept a solid 15+ snipers on RoT while our pile consistently removed RoT's snipers from our pile. Eventually, Kill Orgy and Frozen Fury turned up and began crashing RoT, which forced them to regroup and have a mass-login or two. Due to not wanting a 3v1, RoT gave us the win. Thanks for fighting us, RoT. Sorry that the crashers ruined the fight for you, but we were never approached about clearing them (though we did kill a couple of Kill Orgy when we caught them camping Donuu).

Solace ending: 189
Posted Image

RoT ending: 0 since they went to kill FF/KO, 180 full apparently.
Posted Image

  • Tika191 for losing his Gravite Longsword while not even being involved in the fight
  • Indoff who kept returning to bind-snipe us for the entire time for ROT
  • Fast993 for being a noob
  • Ghetto099 for prohibiting me from making up spams
  • Rogue Sora and Pheonix 1099 for ownage
  • All of the clan-world participants that told their mothers to stink off while they enjoyed a good game of 'Scape
  • Murray 1991, you are the 2nd person to officially hit my ignore list on RuneScape
  • I'm stupid; thanks to RoT for ACing during Cor, and TT + whoever else ACed while we fought RoT.

Posted Image

Proud to have bled blue since 2009.

It's a good day to be Solace. Bleedin' blue since June 12, 2010. 6k0a3d.