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Envy collides with Collision

27 April 2011 - 08:29 PM

Jake approached Coll for a weekend fight, in which he was given the response;

[16:27] <wynkster> Care for a Sunday fight?
[16:28] <G0d-0f|Laurent> Fight us now?
[16:28] <G0d-0f|Laurent> 20 minute prep?

We massed up and went to mossies on time, to find that they were trolling us. We saw TT at mossies at the world we were supposed to be fighting on, and no Collision to be seen. We PM'd their officials but were mostly ignored, with blank answers, and them giving us locations and worlds which we went to but they weren't there. Clearly trolling us, and we just walked around ACing VR's fight for a bit, in which our numbers dropped as an AC isn't always in everyones best interest. We'd been out for an hour doing nothing, before coll gave us their world and location, and we headed over to hit them. We hit them and within a minute they had logged, with the response;

(23:28:46) <Gokuu> you done?
(23:28:51) <Dass> no
(23:28:55) <Dass> ill pm u in 5 mins

Coll Starting: 57
Envy Starting : 57~

So we waited yet another 5 minutes, and then soon were rushed by Collision. This time the fight was pretty even, with both clans having the upper hand at different points. The opts were pretty even and there were quite a few randoms sniping both sides, but we kept going, and our main pile just kept getting stronger, as more people joined TS. After about an hour and a half of fighting, Coll decided to call it a day. At some points in the fight we felt our styles and transitions were unstoppable, and once we sent out snipers towards the end it was always going to be ours.

Coll Ending : 0
Envy Ending : 57

Posted Image

Pictures of the Fight

Apologies about the flames, but that was cheap to make us mass and just make us wait around.

Fights that just go on and on and on

03 April 2011 - 04:47 PM

Basically whats ur opinion on fights that drag on for 10+ hours.

Recently im only aware of 3 clans fighting for more than 10 hours, DF (twice), ROT and TT. To me it seems like a waste of time but i want to know what others think of it.

Is it something to be proud of or ashamed of?
And would you be willing to take part in one?

Personally I would be rather ashamed that ive wasted so much time for just a little ingame rep and i would never really wana take part in one for any more than a couple of hours. My clan could for all I care but spending that much time infront of a computer is nothing that apeals to me.

Envy defeats TBK

28 March 2011 - 03:17 PM

[quote name='Scampinator' date='27 March 2011 - 10:05 PM' timestamp='1301263502' post='13886822']

Posted Image



[center]Well earlier in the week TBK had asked me for a fight. So we decided it would be a great fight for sunday to get ourselves ready for the week ahead :).These are the rules we agreed upon:

90 min cap pkri
Melee Binds Range
Spiders to Greaters
Dung off
Corrupt off
Rings on
TBK Defends

Our Starting:90 Options
Posted Image

TBK Starting:
Posted Image

Well the war started about even. We had a 3 op advantage from the start. I rushed in the start the fight as TBK was DD at east tree. We starting koing people and transitioning and never looked back. Sadly HA and CD came and crashed us as we were on world 61, so we hopped and the fight commenced again. We continued to transition throughout their pile and dropping snipers as they camped us. Again the pathetic crashers showed up again and we hopped to w 93. After restarting the fight CD decided to come pay a visit to TBK again and after they took out Wl earlier, we decided with TBK to clear CD. However TBK was not seen helping clear CD and we cleared them till they ran Back down past chaos dwarves.... typical sad crashers. We kept fighitng and this whole fight was ours and we never looked back. Envy controlled the fight the entire time. Great job today to our binders and our returners for stayin loyal the whole time.

The Results of the fight were as follows:

Envy Ending: 105 options (one spread fell in after pic)
Posted Image

TBK Ending: 84 options
Posted Image

Envy v Collision

21 March 2011 - 04:10 PM

Posted Image
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Earlier in the week Collision officials approached me looking for a fight for Sunday. After some discussion, the fight was set accepted with the following rules.

  • 90 Minute PKRI
  • All Styles
  • Spiders > East Tree
  • No Corrupt or DG
  • 3 Sniper Cap

This was on pace to be just another regular fight when an official from Collision made a sign up video to pump them up, but it it doesn't appear he succeeded in his goal. At around 5 EST both clans met up on World 61 to compare startings.

Envy Starting 90
Posted Image

Collision Starting 90~
Posted Image

As the fight started, we felt as though we had Collision on the back foot. Binds were perfect, Collision was pretty easy to tank, and our audio was booming. This went on for about the first 30-40 minutes. About 40 minutes in our binds were slacking a bit and Collision was picking it up with some solid spams and kept up the momentum for about 20 minutes until we pulled it even. The fight went on even until the cap came up and we stood south of spiders to compare endings.

Envy Ending 114
Posted Image

Collision Ending 93
Posted Image

Thanks Legolas for the extra motivation, and thanks Collision for the fight.

Any Envy caught flaming, baiting, or any of that dramatic stuff will be striked!

Random Pictures

Clan Envy Vs Gladz

03 February 2011 - 06:55 PM

Envy vs Gladz

Pvp Pkri - 60 Minutes
Dungeon Off
Corrupt Off
No Cape Switch
All styles
Fansite Post ON
Spiders-East Tree
Sniper Cap = 3

Envy Starting: 102 opts (39 in teamspeak..DAMN YOU LATES!)

Posted Image

Gladz Starting: 84~ opts

Posted Image

The Fight

The fight began with Envy defending east tree with 102 opts and Gladz rushing in with 84 opts. Envy quickly used the numbers to our advantage and with our fall in leaders on form, we quickly transitioned through their pile left right and centre.

10 minutes into the fight Gladz called off returning and left the battlefield, leaving us all lonely up at members gate :no:

Thanks you for the fight Gladz! Hope we can do it again sometime :hi:

Envy Ending: 114 opts (40 in teamspeak)

Posted Image

Gladz Ending: 0 opts (Cleared from battlefield)

Posted Image

Pics of Fight:

Loot was made:

Posted Image


(00:37:00) < Red_X-> I got koed by 4 level 90s while returning

And a special shout out to Rune_0wner7 and his amazing acing skills :wub: