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Mechanists of Aiur

30 October 2011 - 03:57 PM

You little buggers can look at this now, and then ask questions.<br />
Now it's finished.
<br />Questions?
Also, Sessions will be on sundays, 3pm EST. We'll see how that works out.

The Tavern Entrance

17 July 2011 - 08:49 PM

Alright, this is basically, in Nex's words, the Tavern Profile. Note, that there should be, preferably, ONE POST PER PERSON. Unless this thread remains unstickyed and we need to bump, in which case, post a Bump every time you edit in something major. Sound good? Also, this Idoesn't count as my post since I want to see if people actually like this.. If enough people post I will too.

Thing to Remember:

Glory Days.

22 June 2011 - 07:20 PM

You wake up.
All you have left, out of a staggering empire that lacked nothing (Or everything, but we don't care about that now) is a simple shell, out of armies of thousands (Or hundreds) of them, and yet it is the most important one you could ever want: A worker. So, lets begin making that empire again, eh?

Okay, very short and terribackstory aside, this is the new game I was thinking of. You are a Spirit, one of the 'gods' of the realm, feared or reveared by the people of the realm. Your armies, workers, and general populace will be made up of 'Shells', magically created vessels with tools, weapons, or skills that caused them to be made. Unfortunately, there was an.. Accident.. during the golded age of your, and other Spirits, rule, sealing all of you away for a time and disintigrating most of the Shells. When you woke up, wherever you were, your vast empire was gone, all the buildings looted and decayed. The only thing even remotely resembling a usefull object for you, would be the Worker. It is basically INDESTRUCTABLE, but can be injured and will, if that happens, be pulled out for repairs. IF YOU LOSE THAT WORKER, IT'S GAME OVER. Unless you can make another one, and until then your industry will grind to a halt, because you need that worker to keep everything going.

Now, this game is a blend of Hegomony and D'neering, but in a different way than Space. Later on in the game, you may get minion spirits, or make them. These little buggers can inhabit Shells, but aren't terribly bright.. They can help you do your dirty work with a little less effort on your part, leaving you to keep plotting and working on schemes. Them being stupid and all, they could screw up whatever you wanted done, so it's a dcision of whether to get the job done right, or let it have more risks so you can do other stuff.

Other things will be made apaprent as the game goes on, but this WILL take place on the IRC chat client.

Session one Results:
Session one


14 December 2010 - 06:33 PM

This, basically, is where people can post their ideas and we can put a vote on them, current vote would be in the poll and on the first post (Here) to make it so that if it gets to over a thousand pages with only 10 pages worth of ideas, we don't need to delve into the other pages to find them. If you want an idea voted on, so there isn't a whole thread back up with things that we aren't going to use anymore or wouldn't in the first place, give a basic desc. of the game, it's name, and what type it'd be (Ex. being either hegenomy style, D'neering style, Zombie style, or a combo.) and i'll put it up here. So fire away taverners, and make it your best shot.

Fallen Rising Results, Yes.

IRC dungeoneering.

06 November 2010 - 02:59 AM

Aight, i said i would do a new/semi new section of Dungeoneering, the game we loved so much. It's been close to a year. I have some propositions to make before we start this..
A mini class system: You get better exp, but suffer from prejudices, fears, and limitations on what you can practise. (Ergo, a Holy mage can't practise necromancey, and cannot work with Necromancers.) They will get bonuses however of a logical sort. (Necromancers get mega bonuses at night against Holy armies/peoples, and Holy peoples/armies gain megabonuses during day stoof against NEcromancers. very very small bonuses given during day and night scenarios against other factions/peoples/thingies.) This does not mean the "Start from scratch" thing is elminated, tis just a n option.
Maybe more stoof with suggestions.