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Tell me what you think of these!

08 September 2010 - 06:47 PM


1 Day of Free-to-Play 'Scaping

21 May 2010 - 04:25 PM

Well I made a new account about 1 month ago (I have played a total of 23hours on it),
but since I don't play very much my stats aren't that great,
but here you go anyways. Rate/10 Your choice. :twisted:

First off, here is my stats and a picture of my account:

Posted Image

Ok now to the next thing, quests. Here are all of the quests I have left (36 quest points total):

Posted Image

Ok now for the bank picture:

Posted Image

Lastly, here is my combat:

Posted Image

NEXT GOALS: 50 Mining and 43 Magic (for superheat)

Thanks! Please rate!

- Jesuspur3 is now The Devian - 91 Cooking!! 8 more to go!!

01 March 2010 - 10:58 PM

Posted Image

.: Table of Contents :.

I. Introduction
  • About me
  • Favorite things
  • About my Account

II. Skills
  • Combat
  • Achieving My 3 Free-To-Play 99's
  • Achieving My 3 Pay-To-Play 99's

III. Level up of the Week

IV. Music/Video of the Week

V. Conclusion

.: Introduction :.

About me: Well here it goes..

Hi. I am Nate, Nathan, Jesuspur3, or any other strange name you would like to call me. I was born on June 22, (You choose the year). I have been playing Runescape for many years, but I don't get to play for long periods of time so over the like the 8 years I have played I think I have only played like 1000hrs. maybe. I have a bunch of hobbies, but you can just look in my favorite's section to see those.

Here are some of my favorite things:

Favorite Foods: Mushrooms, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Shrimp, and Basgetti (Sphagetti for the non underground people XD)

Favorite Bands: Switchfoot, Breathe Carolina, Family Force 5, RED, and 30 seconds to Mars

Favorite Music Genre(s): Indie, Punk, Rock, Screamo, Electronica, and Classical

Favorite Movies: All The Lord of the Rings, All The Harry Potter's, 27 Dresses, The Dark Knight, and Aladin (yes the disney version)

Favorite Books: The Whole Harry Potter Series, The Lord of the Rings Triology, The Inheritence Cycle, The Screwtape Letters, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Favorite Games: Call of Duty 4 (PC), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PC), Assassin's Creed (PC), Hearts (*card game), Kemps (*card game), and Poker (*card game)

Favorite TV Shows: Psych (USA), White Collar (USA), House (FOX), Heroes (NBC), and Community (NBC)

Favorite Sports: Soccer (oh yeah!), American Football, Snowboarding, Skiing, and even some Tennis

About my Account:

Well I guesss this part is supposed to be about how I joined Runescape and how I got to the point I am right now. Well here it goes. In the year of 2004 I was about 9 years old and I became friends with one of the kids at my church. After about 2 weeks of a pretty good friendship this kid showed me Runescape. From there I was hooked. I played for a good 3 1/2 years before I first quit. The reason why I quit in the middle of 2008 was because my first and best account was hacked. I never recovered this account. So after about 3 months of not playing I made this account The Devian (used to be known as Jesuspur3). I started this account as a pure getting my strength to level 20 in the first day along with 20 fishing. After that I sort of just let it go and got 20 attack and 20 defence. After that I stopped on combat for a very exstencive amount of time. During this time I achieved 40 fishing, 41 woodcutting, and also 35 mining. After this I had about 120k on my account and I decided it would be really cool to get my cooking to level 50 (that would be my highest level) and so I did. After this point, I became a cooking addict and every time I would get enough money to get a substanal amount of levels up in cooking I would cook (and I still do). After that I slowly worked on getting my money making/skiller stats up and not making my account a pure, but keeping my strength at a substantially higher level than my defense and other combat stats. So enough with that. Now the recent stuff. During July of 2009 I quit Runescape for a second time. This time for a much longer time. I quit all the way until about Janurary of 2010. When I first logged on in January I found out that during my time away from the game my account was hacked. So after about 3 days of working on getting it back, I received my good ol' account back. There was one small delema. When I had quit in july of the previous year, I had a substantial amount of money (around 2.3m), but when I logged on, my account was vacant of any money or worth while item leaving me to my own levels and skills to bring myself back to my original spot. So here I am working my way back to about 4m of cash so than I can complete my biggest goal of all time. 99 cooking.

.: Skills :.

First off, I would like to say that I have goal for just about every stat and just because it is not in here doesn't mean I don't work on it.

My Combat

How it is going to work:

Well ever since I started this game I have never really liked combat. It does really ever seem fun to me. But I will make goals for it anyways because It can be helpful later on for certain things. There are only two levels I want to get up, Range and Magic. I also do not want my Combat Level to go above 50. So I calculated that I can get my Range to 40 and my Magic to about 60 before I go over level 50.


Magic -

Starting Experience: 25,345
Current Experience: 25,345
Finishing Experience: 273,742

40 Magic [Incomplete]
45 Magic [Incomplete]
55 Magic [Incomplete]
60 Magic [Incomplete]

Range -

Starting Experience: 5,234
Current Experience: 5,234
Finishing Experience: 37,224

30 Range [Incomplete]
35 Range [Incomplete]
40 Range [Incomplete]

Combat -

Stating Level: 48
Current Level: 48
Finishing Level: 50

Here are my stats as of 3.3.2010:

Posted Image

Achieving My 3 Free-To-Play 99's:

Posted Image

How it is going to work:

Well I have loved cooking ever since I began playing Runescape, so it has always been a goal of mine to get 99. The plan is to get 2m cash from 80 Woodcutting and get my cooking to 92, then I will become a member and use the rest of my money from 80 Woodcutting to get 99.


Starting Experience: 2,519,644
Current Experience: 5,902,877
Finishing Experience: 13,034,431

82 Cooking [Complete]
92 Cooking [Incomplete]
99 Cooking [Incomplete]

Posted Image

How it is going to work:

I like woodcutting a lot because it has helped me complete all of my expensive skills. I will woodcut till 80 and then from their just to get money so that i can improve other skills. I have no date that I am expecting to get this skill to 99.


Starting Experience:1,274,937
Current Experience: 1,336,537
Finishing Experience: 13,034,431

75 Woodcutting [Complete]
80 Woodcutting [Incomplete]
99 Woodcutting [Incomplete]

Posted Image

How it is going to work:

I have always liked Crafting, but the only problem with it is that it requires money. Usually lots of it. So most likely after I get 99 Cooking I will work on this as my sort of break stats (to get away from the daily grind). So I just put my progress. I know I am no were near achieving it, but I will get there sooner or later.


Starting Experience: 166,636
Current Experience: 166,652
Finishing Experience: 13,034,431

55 Crafting [Complete]
75 Crafting [Incomplete]
92 Crafting [Incomplete]
99 Crafting [Incomplete]

Achieving My 3 Pay-To-Play 99's:


.: Level Up of the Week :.

Posted Image

.: Bank Picture of the Week :.

Posted Image

.: Music Video of the Week :.


.: Conclusion :.

I would just like to thank you for reading and all my good friends who have helped me get thus far,