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tip it favorite video or pic!

08 September 2010 - 05:06 AM

here i would like to give you something that i found its interesting

now when some post a picture or media where ever the link was from like youtube or dailymotion or any other videos

so you can put some more options on do you want to add this to your favorites

now you have your favorites pics and vids on your profile you can have options that you want to show them to people or not show them to people

just incase you like a video so you dont search for it as its in your favorites already ^^

i find this very very intersting idea!

and so like this you can make ur own playlist!

like anyone can be free to edit his favorites making playlists

if he fav a gwd and skill guides and other mini-games

he can be free to make playlists and list every video wat the right section for it if he wants!

so it evens make it easier and easier

atm that what i have.. but i dont find this is hard to do :)

as i know after i add this thread its all up to the mod-admin-website crew ! :)

hope you like this idea

leave good comments plz

ranks discuss

07 September 2010 - 05:51 AM

i got few questions about how ranks works in here??

like first you start a chicken feather

then rat meat

and continues like this!

but in question i dont find any sticky thread about how this things works and in what it depends to lvl up?


lisn im sorry i dont know if this is the right section for the thread but i didnt find any forum help here :o

so i thought forum discuss is the best section for this thread or maybe :rolleyes:

but incase its wrong i hope any mod can change the topic to the right thread

~~ thx for reading ~~ + ~~ sorry to bother ~~


07 September 2010 - 03:52 AM

yo everyone!

how is your day ^^

i just wanted to get some advice from everyone who can help!

im at the momment 91 fishing!

as im going 91-99 for now im doing monks

but do you think its good way and very incredible nice xp to do rocktails to 99 fishing??

as i dont want those other methods salamons or any other im just asking rocktails or good or not if there aint better than monks then ima continue monks

tysm for reading i hope you can help me ^^

dungeoneering - how to use binding items my way

06 September 2010 - 05:00 AM

first i guys i want to say that its my way after all im not so experienced im just 57 for now but everyday i lvl 1 or 2 lvls in dungeoneering somedays no lvl ^^

i hope i dont get bad comments since im just giving you wat i know so far and wat i guess the best advice to bind!

----------------- here we start --------------------------

things here might depend on your current melee stats..

but i always prefer

for lvl 1-50 to bind an weapon that they can use to finish first doors fast then they might get warriors which drops them armors or there is ores to mine or money to buy and smith !

from 50-99 : i prefer binding pl8 and 2h from the best tire u can!

so u can have a great deffenece and good weapon to kill monesters fast then they might get ores or forgotten warriors or like this...

99-120 : im not in this stage yet but i believe they should bind legs and pl8 and 2h from the best tire they can!
because helment and boots and gloves are not big deals since their just a 4 ores or their a common drops by forgotten warriors! and this gives you chance to get like better hatchet and better pickaxe by smithing them instead of smithing one of the binded items you did

120 : you can now bind 4 items i dont think its worth it after 120 lol but some people might be hungry for 200 mills :)
then its so simple just bind 2h and helment and leg and pl8 of the best tire you can! lol gloves and boots first not very useful second u can get them in 2 ores or common forgotten warriors drops

as for some informations its good to have high smithing since like u need to get gorgonite pl8 to bind you can wear but this is rare drop and yet you cant smith since its 89 and ur like 76!

then there is 2 ways : eiither try to lvl your smithing which gona cost you millions lol or just when you go with a friend who is so strong and can do it ask him for this favor i dont think a friend might not agree because freinds for friends

---------------------------- apologize-----------------------

im very sorry that i guess i might have some bad grammer in the topic i tried to check it but in the end im not so good in english as i try my hard!

tysm for reading my first topic-thread in tip it forums!

money guide

05 September 2010 - 07:07 AM

i need help in making money really..

i find rsc 10 x times harder than normal runescape!

+ i got lots of problems from the first i start first the map and places god thx to google i found a map i can use it for some helps

and now making money

im lvl 7 i dueled for around week to get 50k lol after losing dieing and more of this..

i want to get another better way to get money if someone can really help? :ohnoes: