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Hero's Welcome - fight correction

02 June 2016 - 07:54 PM

The part of the "Hero's Welcome" guide saying you will fight an adamant dragon is wrong; I know this for a fact as I fought a mithril one when I did that section of the quest. I think the stats were pretty much the same as the mithril dragons in the main part of the dungeon.....

Carniellian Rising reward item correction - Philipe's Lamp

13 December 2015 - 12:51 AM

The following part of the no. 7 entry is wrong as of this thread posting:


"In the machine room in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. The lamp gives 10,000 XP in any skill over level 55."


The requirement of 350 QP's should be added to this section, as I tried to claim this lamp and failed, due to this requirement being in place.

Morytania legs(all levels) - info for Morytania Tasks page

03 December 2015 - 01:47 AM

On the Morytania Tasks page I notice there is no info for Morytania Legs 2; well here you go, it's:


Armour: 83

Level: 20

Type: Hybrid


Also, I feel this seriously calls into question the accuracy of the entry for Morytania Legs 1, which as of now is:


Armour: 69

Life Bonus: 360.

Task correction - ME 2 not repeat NOT required for 'Stranger Stranger'

02 December 2015 - 11:01 PM

For the task 'Stranger Stranger', your description in the Trianwinn section of the Tasks page is wrong with a capital 'W'. I just did this task, and all it requires is 'Underground Pass', 'Regicide' and 60-whatever Summoning, NOT talking to Eluned or doing Mourning's Ends Part 2! :(


Seriously, the overall quality of this place is great, but errors like this can really put people off certain things, like a set of Tasks or a mini-Quest. :mellow:

New Elite Clue location - cacti spot Southeast of Pollniveach

07 November 2015 - 10:37 PM

I found an unlisted Elite Clue site; it's at the group of cactus just Southeast(or maybe South by Southeast) of the magic carpet guy in Pollniveach, or almost due West of the Nardah magic carpet guy. Dig at the Southwest corner of the group, just West of the second, smaller ball cactus.


I have attached the following image to help with this.





Also, since I can't edit this topic's title for some stupid reason, the scanning orb clue about Wyson the gardner's house is wrong, it's actually just West of his house door, not East of it as the clue says at the moment...?