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#5374927 Behind the Scenes: March 2013

Posted by Alphanos on 03 March 2013 - 12:16 PM

The reason I have trouble seeing Dungeoneering as a skill is because it is a player-skill, not a character-skill.

With other skills (character-skills) your character becomes more proficient and learns to perform the relevant tasks better. With strength, your character becomes stronger and deals more damage. With woodcutting, your character becomes more proficient at chopping trees and can chop faster or more efficiently. With hunter, your character becomes better at laying the traps just-right. Levels in these skills represent the proficiency of your character as they learn from their experience.

By contrast, Dungeoneering is a player-skill. Your character learns very little as you gain levels; instead the levels represent the learning, experience, and proficiency of the player. The contextual meaning of the word "skill" is entirely different, because it is a different entity's skill being measured. It would be like if you listed typing speed as one of the numeric specifications of your computer.

#5371018 18-2-2013 The RuneScape Bestiary

Posted by Alphanos on 22 February 2013 - 04:50 AM

Whoever decided to make a game such as RuneScape in HTML5 was an idiot. Seriously, just do a game rewrite in Java and it'll be so much more compatible and probably faster too.

That's the kind of stuff I sometimes hear from people, but about Java instead of HTML5.

The selection of a programming language for a project has to depend upon your goals and requirements.

Originally, the Gowers wrote Runescape as a Java applet because they wanted the game to run inside a web browser window. They could have picked from any number of other languages otherwise. But they identified the ability to play the game without having to download anything as a major feature. This wasn't a mistake; it worked beautifully. For many years Runescape had a large audience of players who would not have even been able to try playing if a download had been required (i.e. kids in school). At the time the Gowers made this decision, Java was the only option if such a feature was required.

Over time, bits of Runescape have been migrated to C/C++ DLLs for a variety of reasons. I'm sure the developers might have liked to clean things up with a full-scale re-write, but there was no business argument to justify such an expense. But now, for the first time, there is: casual mobile users. This is a huge potential market, and it's worth the expense of a re-write to be able to target it. Nowadays there are a lot more options than Java out there. So which option should Jagex pick? Back to goals and requirements. The entire point of the re-write is to make the game accessible to casual mobile users. Which platform(s) will make that possible?

Apple has gone to great lengths to prevent Java and Flash from running on their iOS devices. This is in large part due to their financial strategy of seeking to get their 30% cut on all apps. Only by breaking or blocking other sources of apps can Apple achieve this. But now Apple has backed themselves into a corner. Their entire official justification for why it was okay to block those other platforms was that HTML5 would be able to meet all of the needs of users. So now Apple can't block HTML5.

So the only platform Jagex will be able to rely upon most of its target users having access to is HTML5. Neither in the original Java case, nor now, did they evaluate many options and pick the one with the best performance. In both cases they chose the only option available to them given the goals of the project. Any performance improvements, while welcome, will be incidental.

#5366219 200M in all Skills

Posted by Alphanos on 13 February 2013 - 07:03 PM

Woah, they're thinking of bringing back old servers! I guess Suomi won't be playing Pokemon.


Suomi, new challenge for you. :thumbup:

Guys, don't be cruel :P. I think Suomi has achieved more than enough in Runescape :).

#5366214 2007 - Old School RuneScape... You Vote! - [It's Here!]

Posted by Alphanos on 13 February 2013 - 06:55 PM

I'm surprised that nobody has pointed out some of the more critical updates that would definitely be missing. For example, as I pointed out in another thread recently, fullscreen and variable-resolution modes were added in mid-2008. If this old version is restored, it will be played in a tiny fixed-size window. Jagex talked about adding anti-bot measures in their post, but they made no mention of adding any graphical features like this.

Also, people claiming that you should vote for it for the sake of other people don't understand the purpose of this vote. If Jagex get 900k "Yes" votes, but 700k of those were from people who would never play it in the first place, then they've just committed to their most expensive option for a lot less revenue than they're expecting. This would drain money and resources out of the main game. If you don't want to play 2007-scape, then the responsible thing to do is to abstain.

#5363254 5-Feb-2013 - Sinkholes + EoC Improvements

Posted by Alphanos on 06 February 2013 - 01:13 AM

Came first for 5k tokens + 100k xp. For less that ten minutes work, it wasn't too bad.

You know you can get 240k xp and 24k tokens in less than 10 minutes of work, too, right?

Sure, for F60 with an impressive team. But if you consider F1-60 as an average, it isn't 240k xp/24k tokens per ten minutes over that time. In fact, over that time the average probably resembles the average you would get at sinkholes.

I hate the recent RS culture where you can't do anything unless it is the very very top xp (token) rates. Sinkholes were fun, and they have decent, even if not the best, rewards. Isn't that enough of a reason to play them? And isn't it enough of a reason not to be condescending to anyone who does want to have a bit of fun?

I think the irritation was meant to be directed at Jagex, not the players. If Jagex releases a new D&D like this where you have to take extra time out of your schedule to travel to and from it, plus it's even limited to a certain number of times per day, then logically they should make it have substantially better rewards than a similar amount of time in normal gameplay. They're already limiting the use, so it shouldn't be just equal, or even less.

The real problem is ultimately Jagex's attitude that player fun should be penalized. This is seen throughout their updates. Fun activities should, in their minds, always give less experience compared to boring ones. Because the fun is part of the reward; it's substituted in place of experience. Why can't they just make the fun little D&Ds efficient as well? Would that be so horrible?

#5361726 RuneScape: Old and New

Posted by Alphanos on 02 February 2013 - 05:45 AM

Yeah, they should have a copy of a 2006 version; it would really surprise me if they didn't. They might also back up the databases with each update, but I'm not as certain about that. I guess I'm saying that it's certainly possible for them to be able to just load up an old version, but there is a very good possibility that it isn't. If they do, then I hope they never choose to start up 2006 servers. If they don't, that leads back to what you said.

It would surprise me if they didn't have it too.
Mostly because it just seems obvious to me that companies would keep their older content for archival purposes.

I'm sure that Jagex has to be running some serious source control. But that doesn't mean it's a given that they retain full backups of even 6+ year old code, and they almost certainly don't keep repeated large backups of all characters - that'd be a substantial storage expense. Even if they have all of the code saved, that doesn't mean it's as easy as clicking a few buttons to get 2006-era Runescape running again. The client would likely have to be updated due to new versions of Java. The server software would likely have to be updated to run on a new OS, new OS patches, new hardware, maybe even new architectural design for their server infrastructure. All of those updates exist in newer code of course, but fishing out only the key relevant bits with 6+ years of intervening work would be a nightmare. It'd probably be easier to re-do that work from scratch, meaning new bugs and more dev time required to perform the resultant bug fixes.

This is all just to get 2006-scape running as it existed in 2006. It wouldn't be long before players started clamoring for them to introduce "just" the most critical improvements since then, like the variable-resolution interface (and engine support). Pretty soon they'd need a dedicated dev team to re-do all kinds of things previously done for the main game, with half the community complaining that they haven't introduced the modern mining rock graphics and the other half complaining that they did introduce the modern tree graphics. It would be a lose-lose situation for Jagex to get into :(.

#5361710 RuneScape: Old and New

Posted by Alphanos on 02 February 2013 - 04:12 AM

Maybe I'm wrong about this (since I have no expertise in IT) but I'll post it anyway:

Why do people assume Jagex just has "RS06" lying around on some floppy disk inside their top slide? I mean, the decision to keep RSC was made at the time of the migration, thus they had servers with all the code and works already, it was just a matter of maintaining it. From what I understand, Runescape '06 doesn't. Every part of it has been systematically upgraded and I would be extremely surprised that they could just revert a server back to it with a click of a button. That doesn't mean they won't still have all the assets, but I'd assume they'd have to rebuild it fully, which would mean dev-time taken from actual new content to please a few dedicated people, of which I am almost certain over half would leave within a week since it means people can't train stats like they could in the actual year of 2006 (since everyone starts off lvl 1, that means no stack of food, ores, logs, runes etc to depend upon) and that the things that systematically plague the current RS will exist in the '06 server just as well (botting, gambling and [wagon], elitist behaviour).

My 2 cents.

Yes, that's true. Most people looking for 2006-scape haven't fully thought things through. For example, how many people here remember that fullscreen and variable-resolution modes were only introduced in mid-2008? 2006-scape would be played in a very tiny fixed-size window. People just don't remember it so poorly because large widescreen monitors were much less common then.

#5361577 RuneScape: Old and New

Posted by Alphanos on 01 February 2013 - 08:35 PM

What irritates me about posts like these is the obviously false nature of what's being said. Mod Mark is adopting a very conciliatory tone, and mentioning many things that players have said, but he obviously has no actual intention of changing anything about where Runescape has been headed. He wants players to feel like they're being "listened to" without bothering to do any of the listening.

Tell it like it is, Mark. If you believe that the players are wrong about what makes the game fun, then state it outright like the Diablo III team did.

#5358812 200M in all Skills

Posted by Alphanos on 26 January 2013 - 04:55 AM

As of now, S U O M I has gained 3 805 535 exp today. Meaning that, if he gets the same amount tomorrow, he will be the first player ever to be ranked top 100 in every skill in less than 24 hours!

Sorry for my english, i am a french Canadien.

No, he won't be the first. No idea when it was first done but Zezima did it on March 19th of 2006. http://www.tip.it/ru...ima_top100.png. Also Kingduffy had top 90 in all skills before Dg was released. No idea if there is a picture floating around of that though.

As for other people who have done it, no clue.

Logically, one of the Gowers was probably the first. I don't think anyone could make an account before them ;).

#5355389 11-Dec-2012 - Player-Owned Ports

Posted by Alphanos on 17 January 2013 - 10:47 AM

I think the best approach upon hitting Bowl is to upgrade all or almost all of your crew before going for the 4th ship. Arguably maybe also get the morale hull, since it's something like a +900 upgrade from the last morale hull.

I upgraded all of my crew and got the morale hull, and just now I got my 4th ship. Thus my full Bowl crew are already levels 5-7 now. For the moment I seem to be able to send out 4 bowl voyages all at ~80% or higher. 32% towards Pincers, 68% remaining :).

#5355226 14th Jan - Kalphite King

Posted by Alphanos on 16 January 2013 - 09:45 PM

As far as I could tell, the skill capes got stats for lv 99, which the quest cape doesn't require so it isn't statted for 99...

A quest cape requires about 24M experience minimum (with a total level of 1790). Compared to 13M for an untrimmed skillcape or 26M for a trimmed skillcape.

IMO, the discrepancy in stats now can only be a result of carelessness on Jagex's part. The quest cape has had stats matching skillcapes for years and years now.

#5337925 04-12-12 - The Brink of Extinction - Grandmaster Quest

Posted by Alphanos on 06 December 2012 - 05:33 AM

How come these quest bosses always have that air of "sporting fun" or "sparring" when it's me alone versus 17 enemies including the big bad of the quest? They want to "duel" me but pull such stunts as healing to full health and melting the whole floor.

I do agree that it's silly he can summon minions while we cannot. However let's talk about unfair "stunts":
  • We have vast arrays of enchanted armours and weapons imbued with ancient secrets lost to the simple folk of this age. However we don't pick just any old pile of artifacts filled with elder might, but a specific set designed, in combination, to maximize our effectiveness against TokHaar-Hok. Including the magic ring the TzHaar gave us which makes us extra-powerful at slaying TokHaar.
  • We bring to the battle ancient ice magicks devised by otherworldly war-monsters which happen to be super-effective against lava creatures.
  • We call upon direct divine favour to enhance our prowess in battle, as well as drinking copious amounts of performance-enhancing magical potions.
  • Ha, so TokHaar-Hok wants to heal damage he has taken in battle? We'll stun him and block him from doing so, all the while carrying and consuming enough magical mutant fish to heal ourselves to full health 5 times over.
  • If we should happen to lose this battle 10 times in a row, well, that's just a trial run and we'll give it another go. However if TokHaar-Hok loses even once, then obviously we are superior and he is forced to abandon his entire race's ambitions!