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About Me

The Beginning:

I began playing Runescape back in 2007, when my cousin, "5555251" (retired), first introduced me to the game. At least I think it was 2007... :???: Anyways, I was drawn to the game, first, because it seemed like an nice community. Second, I needed something else to do besides reading books all day. You could say that when I first started the game, I spent hours on end trying to perfect my character, Sonora260, and make it the best it could be. I mean, hasn't everyone at least no- lifed on their character when they first began?

Four hours were spent achieving my first goal: 4,000 GP. The reason I wanted that 4,000? Because I thought it made me rich compared to the measly 25 GP that I received after completing Tutorial Island. I also wanted to buy my first ever item: an amulet of power. Some girl was selling one for 5,000 GP, and I did everything in my power to get that 4,000 GP (I had other junk items that I would also give to her in exchange for this amulet of power). Though I felt completely rich at this time, as I was purchasing this amulet of power, she showed me all of her money, and I overpayed her for the amulet, unaware of what I was doing. Of course she accepted my offer, being the type who takes advantage of such "noobs".


From that recent ripoff, I began to improve my character, setting goals such as: 5 Woodcutting to 25, 30 Fishing, and so forth. But the skill that I was really drawn to was Firemaking. It calmed me and took away, from my mind, the fact that I didn't have a single person on my friend's list. Slowly, when I took the time to actually look at the Runescape guides, I figured out that 99 meant the overall achievement in a skill, so I vowed to get 99 Firemaking as my first 99 (I never did until 2 years later, when I actually had the money).

Over time, I gained friends: F Center St, being the first. Together we leveled, racing each other daily: quests, skills, combat levels, and first to 500 songs (we achieved 500 songs, both, yesterday, on July 8th. 2010 :) ) When he stopped playing over time though, I experienced my first Runescape slump. I didn't log in for 6 months, and by the time I'd logged back in, everything had at least changed. The new Quests mostly caught my attention though, and, much to my delight, my friend, F Center St, had returned. He had a goal: 99 strength. So, like the old days, we raced for our 1st ever 99s.


I was able to get my 99 Firemaking on the 26th of December, 2009 (much, much later because I was pure F2P. I did get members after having gotten my 99 Firemaking, though). Cooking followed approximately 2 months later, when I desired that trimmed cape. It was achieved on February 25, 2010. I also became a member, once again, after having gotten 99 Cooking. When I came back over to the F2P side, I decided it was time to get a 99 melee skill, and so Defence it was. Many days and nights were spent at the Giant Spiders down in the Stronghold of Security. Running around and attacking the spiders myself, as Summer had arrived and it was so much more crowded than before. Countless hours I spent cooking and fishing for my fish, when all of a sudden, one month later, when I first began this training: I achieved my most prized skill and goal: 99 Defence, in F2P, on July 3rd, 2010.

Posted Image December 26, 2009: 99 Firemaking
Posted Image February 25, 2010: 99 Cooking
Posted Image July 3, 2010: 99 Defence
Posted Image April 18, 2011: 99 Strength
Posted Image April 21, 2011: 99 Constitution
Posted Image May 26, 2011: 99 Magic
Posted Image November 04, 2011: 99 Attack
Posted Image Sometime soon
Posted Image Sometime soon

Clan Life:

Elite Assassins | EA: My first clan ever... (I was the 19th member to join) :thumbsup: . Life with the Elite Assassins was fun, in all truths. They were practically family to me, with the nice community and the somewhat helpful people. But as more recruits starting coming in, life became more and more hectic: the Leader left for vacation, and fights began to break out. Ranks were given out like candy to newcomers: some, after only having joined for 3 weeks, would sport a newer, much higher rank than members who'd been in the clan for a long time (since the clan first began). Some people would quit then come back, multiple of times, and still be able to get their ranks back. Much to common, there was a fight between members, 2 to 3 times a week. So, after months, nearly an year and a half, of having been an loyal Elite Assassins member, I decided to leave.

Archangelz | AA: Again, similar to the EA story: fighting, "candy ranks", and overall, too disorganised. People who were favoured by the staff, once again, like EA, got ranks 3 weeks upon joining, and that created hatred amongst the clan members (especially those who had been part of the clan much longer than the newcomers). I left before it became a team, instead, and a lot of people were apparently kicked off the clan, according to my friend who was a member of the clan.

*-P.K.Masters-* | PKM: My LAST and FINAL clan that I'm EVER going to join (unless circumstances change, that is :mellow: ) Overall, a great community! You should join! Click here if you're 100+ (or 95+ for FAs)! :-D

I feel it would be a shame if I were to change my previous *-P.K.Masters-* Clan Life excerpt. Just don't click on the link no more...

Where to begin...
Back in April I was tired of being clanless. Now, I was the type of person who enjoyed being around people and conversing with them. So, I decided to do some homework: picking clans that seemed suitable for my personality and Runescape character (requirements). The choices were narrowed down to three fitting choices: The Wilderness Guardians, Legendz, and *-P.K.Masters-*. I perused each of the requirements and acknowledge my likes and dislikes. It's funny to say this now, but *-P.K.Masters-* was my least tempting choice. Now why did I end up joining *-P.K.M-* you ask? I mean, I disliked PKing to the nth degree, some of the "Fun Events" didn't appear fun at all, I usually joined clans with more members, and ultimately, I was scared of committing myself to a clan all over again (my life with clans haven't exactly been "to die for"). What drew me to *-P.K.Masters-* was what happened on this date: April 29, 2010. I happened upon *-P.K.M-* during one of their Clan War events, and the clan already welcomed me though they did not know me. I was asked about my day, how I was doing, and treated as if I was already a part of the clan. One of the members, the Leader, Dbzruler72, went out of his way to thank me for taking the time to fight with the clan, and we added each other as friends shortly after. Over the course of the next two days, I was given a decision: would I like to join *-P.K.Masters-* or the other two? I weighed all the pros and cons. Yes, the clan had amazing people and the community was mature like I wanted. No, I did not like PKing or... or what? There were no other major cons to speak of.
On May 01, 2010, I became a -*P.K.Master-*. No other clan choice has ever been as major as this one. Even as I type this, on September 07, 2010, I feel a part of me that does not wish to let go of the experiences -*P.K.M.-* has given me. A part of me is sadden to see this great clan close, but then again, you may never know what will happen in the future.

*-P.K.Masters-* Member, September 07, 2010.

Posted Image Moderator | Council: Former EA Member

Posted Image Event's Manager: Former AA Member

Posted Image Early Veteran | High Council: Former *-P.K.Masters-* Member | September 07, 2010 - *P.K.Masters*- End

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