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In Topic: Future Update Discussions

12 July 2013 - 03:48 PM


From all the lore we have the Edicts were two things:
1) An active banishment of the gods
2) A barrier that forcefully kept them out.

The concept of an alarm system, guardians set to reawaken guthix and guthix erasing the world are all things you have made up. We don't even know if Guthix CAN erase the world since Elder Gods made it and they far exceed him. The Alarm system seen in TWW is an alarm on his resting place, nothing to do with the edicts. Also the idea the Guardians would awaken him seem stretched in that even in the heat of battle in TWW they were doing everything they could to STOP him being woken.


You find me a confirmed source that proves what that article says, then I'll understandable accept that I was wrong. Until then, I have no reason to discredit the article based on my 5+ years of questing and lore interests.

The Edicts were always initially perceived as a barrier - but it's also possible it was a threat. And yes, Guthix could have erased Gielinor. He had the sword and the Stone of Jas at his disposal. That changed when the SoJ was stolen, but it was still available to Guthix when he went to sleep. The Guardians knew where Guthix was resting, and they could wake him up if the situation became so dire that the only option available was for Guthix to return.

In Topic: Future Update Discussions

11 July 2013 - 03:47 PM

The more we learn about how 'effective' the edicts were the more I doubt Guthix.

His edicts that 'banished' gods from the world:
Zaros already left to save his spirit and managed to directly commune prior to guthix's demise.
Zamorak wandered down to Daemonheim and secluded himself just outside the world - seems like he had time to do this rather than an immediate booting out.
Armadyl had already left at the sorrow of his aviansies being dead.
Seren chose to explode herself instead of leave
Tumeken went to sleep rather than leaving.
Demi-gods and 'Factions of gods' were never blocked at all.
So basically he kicked out Sara and Bandos and that's about it. Everyone else left on their own or just stayed put.

The Edicts were more of a "don't mess with stuff" than a "go away." There was an alarm system built in. If gods returned and tipped the balance, then the Guardians were to reawaken Guthix who would "erase" Gielinor.

Although tbh it seems they've done away with the whole punishment for violating the Edicts. I can't believe someone that planned to wiped the world clear if gods interfered would let himself die, knowing it would cause gods to return.

Let's all be honest. Jagex wanted to get rid of the Edicts as soon as they could. They were preventing prime content. :razz:

In Topic: 03-Jul-2013 - Vorago: High-Level Boss Fight

04 July 2013 - 12:21 AM

Any time a server goes offline, it can accompany a small roll back based on when the server last received your data. This definitely wasn't on purpose nor was it a true "roll back."

In Topic: Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

13 June 2013 - 02:17 PM

If Jagex wants to mute for that kind of thing, I'm glad. It is kind for the betterment of humanity if using words in such context can be curbed as a habit in people.

You mean, when they have no clue why they were muted, because you don't get evidence, so the entire point is lost in the fact that the player is confused why they were muted? Yep, that'll curb the habit! Because you don't need to know what habit it is, to curb it.

In Topic: Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

11 June 2013 - 11:05 PM

That's just banter and fun... Sure it's offensive to someone outside the clan/old EoE/friends group, or to someone who misconstrues this as an offensive attack on Draz... But why should we be scared of swearing at or with friends? Just turn your filter back on if this is that much of a problem.

Is it really ever appropriate to pass off homophobic language as "fun", even with friends? Doesn't that just encourage and reinforce discrimination and oppressive behaviour against homosexuals at a personal level?

I believe it's appropriate on rare occasions - when you know everyone around you is comfortable with the joke and knows that it is a joke, nothing more. I've witness gay individuals make such gestures themselves. There's a difference between being in jest in an appropriate atmosphere and being in jest in a rude and derogatory manner.

That said, even though I agree with you overall, I would say that muting for the behavior isn't going to do the most good - it's only going to serve as a way to enrage players and leave them to find other means to communicate. IRC anyone?