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#5427445 Future Update Discussions

Posted by Alaz on 11 July 2013 - 03:47 PM

The more we learn about how 'effective' the edicts were the more I doubt Guthix.

His edicts that 'banished' gods from the world:
Zaros already left to save his spirit and managed to directly commune prior to guthix's demise.
Zamorak wandered down to Daemonheim and secluded himself just outside the world - seems like he had time to do this rather than an immediate booting out.
Armadyl had already left at the sorrow of his aviansies being dead.
Seren chose to explode herself instead of leave
Tumeken went to sleep rather than leaving.
Demi-gods and 'Factions of gods' were never blocked at all.
So basically he kicked out Sara and Bandos and that's about it. Everyone else left on their own or just stayed put.

The Edicts were more of a "don't mess with stuff" than a "go away." There was an alarm system built in. If gods returned and tipped the balance, then the Guardians were to reawaken Guthix who would "erase" Gielinor.

Although tbh it seems they've done away with the whole punishment for violating the Edicts. I can't believe someone that planned to wiped the world clear if gods interfered would let himself die, knowing it would cause gods to return.

Let's all be honest. Jagex wanted to get rid of the Edicts as soon as they could. They were preventing prime content. :razz:

#5416439 Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

Posted by Alaz on 13 June 2013 - 02:17 PM

If Jagex wants to mute for that kind of thing, I'm glad. It is kind for the betterment of humanity if using words in such context can be curbed as a habit in people.

You mean, when they have no clue why they were muted, because you don't get evidence, so the entire point is lost in the fact that the player is confused why they were muted? Yep, that'll curb the habit! Because you don't need to know what habit it is, to curb it.

#5415641 Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

Posted by Alaz on 11 June 2013 - 05:34 PM

The automute system for offensive language has now been disabled.

I guess it's because of the number of people complaining of "false" mutes... of course everyone is going to say they are falsely muted if the mute is labeled incorrectly and with no visible evidence. Someone didn't really think this one through...

Meaning we can swear in our PMs again? If so, is there any J Mod confirmation? Or am I misunderstanding your post?

Yes - can we get a source on that?


1. A change in policy (and yes, it is a change in policy since it's never been enforced) should be communicated before it is enforced. Otherwise, people are going to be upset and the purpose of the mute in the first place will be forgotten.

2. Jagex needs to stop focusing on after-the-fact reactions and create some modern-day intervention programs. Mutes only serve to enrage most people that either a.) don't believe their mute is warranted (especially if they receive no evidence or message from Jagex) or b.) don't give a flying flip in the first place. Perhaps if they did a better job of WARNING before muting, we would see better results. How about instead of using ChatWatch just to mute, it also popped up warnings IN GAME giving the player feedback that their language is bit over the top or is likely to offend others? Maybe mute after 3 warnings or such. I believe this feedback would do far more good to curb the actions than a flat out mute.

3. We have no idea what this system actually catches. Jagex is so secretive. They just say 'trust us, we know it works.' Then when it fails, everyone knows they messed up, but of course they would never admit it (okay, maybe 2% of the time). Again, communication. Jagex acts like it's perfect so the smallest of imperfections stick out like a sore thumb, serving as a beacon for ranters and griefers to latch onto.

TL;DR Jagex really needs to work on how they communicate their policies and CHANGES to players.

#5415388 Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

Posted by Alaz on 11 June 2013 - 06:14 AM

We’ve added a new feature to the old chat filter, now renamed as the profanity filter. Its default function is still to be turned on to filter out all the words (and URLs) on our blacklist, but we’ve added the option for you to turn the filter off. We recognise that RuneScape has a maturing player base and, as such, wish to give you the freedom to choose for yourselves, while also still keeping the filter for those players who do not wish to see swear words and the like.


In the end, this probably isn't a big deal. However, I have seen countless threads lately on the RS forums asking why they were muted for no reason with no evidence and no message. These people have no idea why they've been muted, and that's a problem on Jagex's side a good portion of the time. Once again Jagex suffering in the realm of communicating what they're thinking to players.

I don't like potty mouths as much as the next person, but I'm a grown person and can deal with it. I have an ignore list and a profanity filter if I want to use it. That should be plenty, bar only the MOST offensive of language. And even then, I can't see a time when private chat between longstanding friends should be moderated. If someone PMs me something I don't like, I add them to ignore. Their messages disappear. End of story.

#5414103 Future Update Discussions

Posted by Alaz on 07 June 2013 - 11:51 PM

Perhaps this is just how I interpreted it, but I believe Mod Hew merely meant that the key rewards would be the only possible way to get either a dragon pickaxe or a dragon hatchet. As in, you have a chance of either/or from the same reward. I don't believe he meant that the drops would be removed from their current monsters, merely that chaos monsters don't drop hatchets and the DKs don't drop pickaxes.

We'll find out next week.

#5411532 Behind the Scenes: June 2013

Posted by Alaz on 02 June 2013 - 04:53 AM

Ohhhhh I was confusing the 'key' with the 'signet.' Haha, my bad. :oops:

#5410576 Silver Feedback (June)

Posted by Alaz on 30 May 2013 - 09:36 PM

I respect that there are vulnerable players out there. However, there comes a time when those players need to see that the internet has scary things on it. Trying to hide that ... it's only going to lead to a worse situation later on. At least this is only a game; what happens when they move into more "important" (loosely used) things? I'd rather they experience these facets of the internet here, where there's little potential for harm, rather than the "real world" side of the internet.

I'll include this tid bit here, quoted directly from the RuneScape Terms & Conditions.

6. Safety and abuse

Before using any Jagex Product you should read Heath and Safety information and Safety and Security information. Parents of those under 18 should also review this information.

We are under no obligation to (and do not) monitor User Content. You should be aware of the potential risks of using a service which includes extensive User Content. User Content may be inaccurate, out of date or otherwise inappropriate. We cannot guarantee that users will comply with our terms and conditions, rules or otherwise behave appropriately. You should not assume that a person is who he or she claims to be. In your own interests, you should not attempt to contact any other user outside a Jagex Product.

If you are the victim of offensive or inappropriate behaviour or receive any other unwanted communications, you should use the built-in blocking facilities (as detailed in the Chatting and staying safe online section) to block the messages. You should report all inappropriate behaviour to us via the in game "Report abuse" button as well as seeking appropriate external help, for example from parents or law enforcement authorities. If you continue to suffer problems, or are not satisfied, then you must stop using the relevant Jagex Product(s).

Jagex knows their PMods aren't a suitable guarantee of a safe gaming experience; that's why you agree when playing to use their built in functions (ignore list, report abuse) when faced with a dangerous or potentially harmful situation.

Also, I'll just add that I used to be a kicking rank within one of the penguin FCs that you mentioned. At no time were we crippled due to a lack of in-game muting abilities among the chat. We took full responsibility of protecting the chat, often communicating between ourselves as ranks to make sure there was someone (if only idling) in the chat at all times. In my opinion, it is the group coordinating the service, who holds the responsibility of keeping that chat safe. If they don't, everyone is free to find another service. There is no applicable need for PMods to use that service for the purpose of serving as a moderator. If anything, their ability would usurp those serving as leaders in the chat, oftentimes causing more confusion. (I was accidentally muted by a PMod while kicking mass-spammers from a penguin chat. But that's a story for a different day. :? )

All in all, we players have the ability to protect ourselves from harmful content, and we are expected to do so (as per reading the T&Cs). There is no need for PMods, they are merely a sour convenience.