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28 February 2012 - 01:03 AM

Heya. :D

I posted on the Introductions thread over in General Discussion before its untimely archival, but I thought since I'm still quite new I'd post up this thread as well!


My Runescape name is Alaz, though I prefer to go by Alan. I started playing Runescape a loooooong time ago, though unfortunately not early enough for the fun scythe, party hats, and other goodies. Over my time on RS, I've gotten some decent stats and been in a fair number of clans and the such. Around 2008-2009 I took a hiatus that lasted about a year and a half, so unfortunately I can't say much about the "Golden Age" of 2008 that always seems to be mentioned. When I returned, I just picked back up, made some new friends, and did some skilling.

Over the last 2 years, I've not done much "RSing," though it's not uncommon at all to see me logged in. I spent about a year with Fast Sc as a Captain/General, and I've now been with Team Penguin (world60pengs) for about a year and a half. I spend a lot of time on RSOF, also. So some of you may or may not know of me from any of those places.

Real Life

As for me in real life, I only just started my first year of college which has resulted in a significant drop in the time I can spend online. I'm currently planning to focus my studies on mathematics (w/ concentration in computer science) as well as philosophy. I'm also very active with campus organizations, so that's where a lot of my time is devoted.

Tip.It & Me

I've been using Tip.It for at least 5 years.... My Tip.It account was created a while back as you can tell, but I never bothered to use it until recently. I'm seeing what I can do about being a little more active since the community so far seems rather enjoyable. :thumbsup:

Anyway.... That's me. Feel free to ask questions if you're interested. Be seeing you all around. :thumbup:

Rare Drop Table Group

12 December 2011 - 07:08 PM

My friend & I were discussing the Crew recruitment, when she mentioned the idea of simplifying how the Rare Drop table is incorporated into the Drop lists for each monster. How about instead of listing each item, there is a single entry of "Access to Rare Drop Table," which then links to a page that includes a list of all the items that could potentially be dropped. This would make the Bestiary pages look cleaner & more professional, in my opinion.

Possibly, add a new row to the table, "Access to Rare Drop Table?" (with "Rare Drop Table" linked to the relevant page) Then, the second column could say "Yes/No."

Anyway, just a thought to make it look more tidy. :)