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RBH v Bigger PKers [jagex Cup 20v20]

07 August 2011 - 01:45 AM

After having a no-show last night we massed up stoked for our first Jagex Cup war. We pulled a lot less than we expected but were confident we could win even if we were outnumbered. As we were getting ready to hop to the war world I realized I was still on ancients and raged but didn't tell anyone because they're all slack jawed phaggots that would make fun of me :sad: . So before the war even started we were down a binder. On the war world we saw their pile only had 17 people which gave us a large confidence boost. We got the challenge and got ready to do work.

RBH Starting: 17 after kicking some foreigner named papibaklgraf from our friend chat
BP Starting: 17

We met in the middle and engaged in battle. I silently raged as our binds slacked but we had sufficient KO power to compensate. We kept it close to start out with despite having two piles bail far, far out of bounds (same person both times). Then when it was 14-14 we ripped through their pile with transitions taking it down to 14-11 and all but securing the win. As we piled their second to last binder, I was sent to go snipe their last one and we cruised to a 12-0 victory.

Posted Image


A3f for tribriding like a hero
Dog--blue and Paul for tanking us to victory
Rob for being the only one to spam "For liquor and [bleep]" with me.


05 June 2011 - 09:53 PM

Posted Image


Posted Image

Today (Sunday, June 5th) at 4 pm est, 9 pm gmt our Warlord Sk8erpunk massed the Valiant troops of the Red Blade Hunters to have a 2 round war versus The Brazilian Knights.

The Rules that were set are as follows:

Round 1 rules:
Matched opts
Cwa classic
Center bounds
Melee, Binds, Range allowed
Dung off
Corrupt off
1 sniper cap
Rings on
North attacks

Round 2 rules:

Run in war, 30 minutes.
Turrets arena
Range, Binds, Melee on
Dung off
Corrupt off
Rings on
1 sniper cap
Attack on sight

Round 1:


We pulled 20 to their 21 so they dropped one, i didnt get many pics of this round so one of our members will upload a vid that they took asap.

Posted Image

One of their members broke bounds at the end but we didnt mind

Posted Image

Posted Image

This round ended 17 - 1 to us and we were very confident for round 2 having only lost 3 members matched.
Posted Image[/color]

Round 2:

For round 2 we again pulled 20 to their 21 and once we got the ball rolling we never looked back, due to some good binds (Shout out to A3f for being #1 binder) and good transitions from our callers we were able to rip through their fall ins and gain an unassailable lead.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

We ended on 55 kills to their 28.
Overall great performance by all Rbh shout outs to Sk8 for epic calling and A3f as stated earlier for epic binding more of the same rbh and we will have a great summer 2011.

Keep up the good work boys and samich Posted Image

Thanks for the fight, BK.
1k that I saw, 0d combined. Piled once. Tbh not much they could do with the level disparity.
FU A3f for beating me by 4 binds.
Round 2 vid will be up soon.

Recovering from Recession

27 May 2011 - 02:14 AM

I looked through the last couple pages and didn't see any economics-related topics so here goes, my apologies if I've missed one.

Basically, what's your opinion on recovering from recession? A lot of people attribute the "end" of this most recent recession to a return to Keynesian principles but others argue that those same principles created the problems in the first place. Relatedly, some countries (notably the US) have been monetizing their debt to try to get out of the recession. This has been met with criticism from other countries since devaluing your currency gives you trade advantages and could, in theory, lead to a dangerous trade/tariff/currency devaluation war. It has also been met with criticism at home from deficit hawks, who are concerned with the debt and see something as bold as quantitative easing as leading to massive inflation, and libertarians, who view virtually any government intervention as bad.

Considering that some conservative economists are coming around to quantitative easing, do you think we're close to reaching a consensus for anti-recession measures?
Considering the risks of several economies flooding the market with currency, are there better ways to deal with global recessions or are the rewards worth the risk?
Should central banks respond to increases in demand for money balances and their respective home currencies (demand for dollars in the USA, pounds in Britain, euros in Germany) with initiatives like quantitative easing, even at risk of commodity booms and inflation?
Today CNBC discussed Glass-Steagall and whether its repeal was to blame for the recession in the States. Would you support the reinstatement of the Act or is it better as it is now?

Don't know how familiar you all are with this so here's some background:
*Overview of Quantitative Easing
*Larry Kudlow and Senator McCain talking about Glass-Steagall in December 09 (video)

Bonus: for those interested you may enjoy these

Note: I purposely left this open to take any number of many directions (banking reform, macroeconomic policy, economic models, whether the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus bill) helped, etc.) but the overarching point is: What is the best way to prevent and/or recover from a recession?

Rbh v LE

14 May 2011 - 08:36 PM

Posted Image


Posted Image

A couple days back LE approached us looking for a war and our intoxicated high council Jack_Atack accepted with the following rules:
  • Cwa classsic
  • Melee, Binds & Range
  • Matched
  • Corr off, Dung off, Rings on.
  • Time 3pm est / 8 gmt

RBH Starting: 30 opts
LE Starting: 30 opts (dropped from 33)

The war started off slow for us as they dropped their first pile quickly for an early 1 kill lead. Eventually we were able to take advantage of them having a strong range unit at the expense of binders and were able to drag circles around the map. The war was very close throughout but our superior tanking and the fact one of them forgot food ( :shame: ) eventually gave us the 2-0 win.

Posted Image

Dem pics:
maybe some offensive stuff blahblah

inb4"grats rbh blnt le"x238

First Republican Primary Debate

06 May 2011 - 07:06 AM

The first debate of the 2012 presidential election cycle was tonight, although without many of the big names leading most of the polls. Participants were Ron Paul, congressman from Texas, Herman Cain, former Kansas City Fed chair and CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota, Rick Santorum, former Congressman and Senator from Pennsylvania, and Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico. The debate was held in South Carolina and as such included a lot of social questions, despite fiscal issues being at the forefront of the campaign.

Personally, I thought Herman Cain "won" the debate from a nationwide perspective. Entering the debate with the lowest profile of any of the participants he answered very confidently and concisely, a refreshing change from most politicians who dance around issues. Rick Santorum probably did the best for himself in South Carolina. He's been at the forefront of conservative social issues for much of the past two decades and wasn't shy about saying that. With social issues a big deal in the Bible Belt, his strong record and answers tonight will probably give him a big boost in the South Carolina polls. Considering no Republican has ever won the nomination without winning the South Carolina primary that could be huge for Rick Santorum, who also reminded everyone that he's beaten three high-profile Democratic incumbents during his political career.

The two libertarians, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, turned some heads for their answers regarding gay marriage, drug legalization, and abortion which probably won't help them in South Carolina, but is consistent with their records. Tim Pawlenty came in as a rising star, someone who governed a primarily Democratic state fairly successfully for two terms, and made it out without helping himself out too much but also not hurting himself. He still seems kind of robotic, as if he's trying to remember all the coaching he's receiving for the campaign. I think he'd do better to look more at ease and be himself like Herman Cain did.

Overall, nothing too big happened. I wish some of the higher profile candidates had been there, especially Donald Trump. That would have been some television.

Who would you like to see win the Republican primary? Who do you think will win? Who has the best/worst chance to defeat Obama in a general election? Will Ron Paul finally emerge from the fringes after all these years?