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Member Since 08 Dec 2004
Offline Last Active Nov 03 2007 03:30 AM

In Topic: The 'You're Banned' Game (over 38,000 banned!)

08 November 2007 - 11:57 PM

banned for posting on the 871st page of this tupic

In Topic: Senior High School Year Pranks

08 November 2007 - 11:55 PM

Back from the dead?

Well since it's back, I might as well keep it back. I was thinking, it would be great to cement the doors to a bunch of the classrooms shut, and then grease the floors in front of the doors :P . That way when they try to pull the doors open they slip on the ground :D :lol: .

amazing, you could also put a plank of wood behind the doors, guaranteed not to fail

In Topic: Parents..Making me lose..everything

03 November 2007 - 03:22 AM

You do all that extra school work and your grammer is still that bad? :shock:

Hahaha. I sincerely hope your joking, my friend. Don't critique people on their grammar if yours isn't good either either. I find it funny when people are ignorant and tell people to correct their grammar, and then spell grammar wrong.

This is how it should be written:

Hahaha. I sincerely hope you're joking, my friend. Don't critique people on their grammar if yours isn't good either either. I find it funny when people are ignorant and tell other people to correct their grammar and then spell grammar wrong.

In Topic: Senior High School Year Pranks

03 November 2007 - 03:07 AM

there is a grad prank every year at my school but so far when ive been there they have all been lame (hand cream on the door handles, t-ping the office), but there was one good one last year. Someone stole the janitors keys, got into the principal's office and people put paper cups filled with water on the floor in her office, if she knocked one down, down go all the others. im gradding next year and have some good ideas, the best of which is duct-taping cans of axe open and leaving them throughout the school so when you walk in, one breath and youll walk right back out again... coughing.

unfortunately my school has a pretty good relationship with the police, my school is also where they train the police dogs (german shepherds) yikes!

In Topic: Player Made Guide - flooded

03 September 2007 - 04:24 PM

how can anybody be that ignorant? teh cabbage guide was not a joke... it is very helpful if you want to join teh ooc. a lot of people are flaming tripsis now lol =p