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#5603933 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 08 November 2018 - 07:46 AM

I don't know if you guys remember the girl i mentioned a few weeks ago. So long story... We started talking about 2 months ago or something. Maybe a bit longer than that, i really don't even remember anymore. After a few days of us talking i found out she had a boyfriend. We still continued talking, but it was mostly just friendly conversation here and there. One day i get a message from her boyfriend on IG saying something along the lines of "If you send [insert her name] one more creepy message, we're going to have problems. I'll come down there and settle it another way if you have a hard time understanding words. As if you have a chance anyway." (1. she lives right above me, 2. he obviously wanted to fight me). I just found it kind of humorous cause i don't think he realised how much older i am than him. But, not wanting to deal with the highschool drama, i stopped talking to her. About 3 weeks after that she randomly sent me a message one afternoon. We talked a bit, i told her i was actually surprised to hear from her, she explained to me that she dumped her boyfriend because he was being a douche and basically sending the same message he sent to me, to every other guy she was talking to (this included friends she knew from highschool, and people in her class she had to talk to for projects and such). 


Anyway, so i think she might be into me. We've hung out a few times over the last week. This afternoon she came over. We hung out a bit. Watched The Office a bit. I finally found my balls and decided to kiss her. Not even gonna lie, but the fact that she's 8 years younger than me never really even crossed my mind. I don't know if that makes me a perve or if that makes me normal, but she's hella cute and hella fun to hang out with. It's probably a generational thing, but apparently "guys don't talk to her the way i talk to her anymore". I don't think i've ever been called romantic, but apparently she thinks i'm very romantic.


I don't know... after the shitty month i've had and how stressful things have been it's kinda nice that things are going my way with this. 

#5603491 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 17 October 2018 - 01:29 AM

Thanks for all the input guys. I went to a judge today and she told me that because it's a class 3, or charge 3, or category 3 (whatever they choose to call it) family violence charge, i will not have the option to get a court appointed lawyer. My only option is to get one myself. Additionally, if i choose to plead guilty or no-contest, the charge will basically be nothing more than just a ticket. If i choose to plead innocent though, and i'm later found guilty, then i could be charged in a more serious manner which means i lose the privilege to ever own a gun, i'll most likely get deported, and i'll most likely never be able to get a VISA again. So i wanna talk to a few lawyers and see what they say. I believe strongly that there is no substantial evidence against me. The only way evidence will exist is if he bashed his own head in before he called the cops, but even then it would look odd that he has bruises all over his head and i don't even have as much as a red spot. I made sure that the arresting officer took photos of my forehead to prove that i had no markings or bruises after i allegedly head budded him. I'm uncertain if they took any pictures of him though. But i don't think they did. I haven't seen the police report yet, and i'm still trying to find out whether or not i'm actually allowed to see it. But i have decided to get a lawyer regardless. I did nothing wrong, so i feel pretty confident that things are going to work out just fine for me. 


And when i'm found innocent, it's time to sue his ass for as much as a lawyer thinks i can get.


Also, i wouldn't be all too surprised if he ends up trying to drop the case himself. I don't think he realises just how much shit he has made for himself. I bet he probably thought i was gonna get arrested, spend a night in jail, then go home and we were going to laugh over the whole matter. I really don't think he expected things to go this far.

#5603443 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 16 October 2018 - 12:54 AM

So i got arrested for Family Violence against my roommate on Sunday morning at 3am. We got in a heated argument, he called the cops and told them i assaulted him, i got arrested. Funny thing is, during our argument, not once did i even raise a hand pretending like i was gonna hit him. He basically told the cops i headbudded him, and then spat in his face. Strangely enough neither of us had any sort of bruising on our foreheads. Kid straight up lied to the cops. He even started crying saying he's fearing for his life. So i had to ask a friend to bail me out of jail. I have a court case in Nov, and after that i'm suing his ass for everything he has. 

#5602276 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 03 August 2018 - 07:27 PM

I started watching Stranger Things last night. Can't remember what time i started, but before i knew it it was like 10am and i binge watched the entire first season. Was actually really good. 

#5601634 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 13 June 2018 - 02:46 PM

I don't think i've ever met a Dutch person who wasn't way too arrogant, and just thought his shit doesn't stink. I don't get it, are they actually raised to think they are a superior nation, and they should go out of their way to let everyone understand that they think they're superior? So i'm sitting at the US embassy yesterday. What a [bleep]ing nightmare. Getting into that place is harder than escaping Guantanamo, i'm sure of it. Anyway, so i'm waiting for my appointment to number to be called, and ahead of me was a Dutch guy and his wife/partner/whatever. I think they were applying for some sort of long term VISA, because they were talking about buying a house, putting kids in schools, etc. (this guy clearly thought the entire building wanted to know what he was saying too, because he was talking as loud as he possibly could without shouting). So he gets asked a few questions, answers them, and with every answer he felt compelled to give some sort of snide remark. One of the best ones being "yeah my kids are gonna go to a Dutch school, i don't want them getting a shitty American education". There were a few more that just left me thinking: Dude, you're applying for a VISA to this country. Maybe it's not in your best interest to do absolutely nothing but shit talk the place? Yeah? I don't know. His VISA got denied though, so [bleep] that guy. People like him deserve it.


In related news, my VISA got approved. ~2 weeks from now i'm headed to Texas for 6-8 months, and hopefully longer. I'm excited. 

#5600877 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 10 April 2018 - 12:11 AM



It's a thing.

#5600845 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 05 April 2018 - 12:29 PM


Nice looking Honda though. I'm guessing in the 2006-09 era?

Yeah, 2007.

Lol last night I had a scare. I noticed some liquid under the engine after idling in my driveway for a few minutes (was figuring out the stereo dash) after I got home. It wasn't oily, but because of pollen and lighting I couldn't make out a definite color. It was odorless, too.

I went over to my neighbors (the husband is a mechanic) and it turns it was just condensation from the AC because of the humidity. They both found it funny.

Growing up, when we did have a car, it never had a working AC, so it's something I'd never seen.


Don't even worry about that. With my first car i was like this too. Had the same thing happen to me. Called my dad in a panic telling him my car was leaking something. Ended up being the AC. It's better to be safe than sorry. Rather ask the stupid questions instead of paying the stupid prices.

#5599642 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 01 December 2017 - 06:28 AM

There might be a client setting, like turning off some lighting and grass and all that, that makes character models super obvious


or they might be hacking

I don't want to be that calling someone a cheater just because they're better than me. That said i've seen a few very suspect things. Like one guy that literally 2-tapped me crossmap while i was running. When i say crossmap i mean i was so far away from him that my reticle covered his player model completely. I don't know if lag played any role there, whether he was just a godly player, or whether it was something else.

#5599551 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 21 November 2017 - 09:40 AM

When i was about 5 or 6 in Kindergarten me and this girl used to hide in this tunnel sort of thing on the playground and kiss during recess. With all the sexual misconduct accusations going around these days i'm kind of nervous that i might be getting an e-mail from her lawyer soon. Every time my phone's e-mail sound plays my butt clenches a bit. 

#5599498 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 14 November 2017 - 09:17 PM

Ex sent me a message on Snapchat today. Was kind of confused when i first saw the message, since we haven't spoken in months, but when i opened it i really wasn't surprised at all. She needed something. Apparently her mom got out of surgery today and she wanted me to take her some flowers. I'm surprised how long i had to think about it before i said no. She was shocked i said no, because it's something i was very rarely able to say to her in the past. She asked me why i said no, and i just straight up told her that i didn't want to. Few minutes later she called me, in tears. She used to do this all the time, because she knew that it was an easy way to get me to do what she wanted. I paid little attention to her tears, but somehow we ended up having kind of a deep conversation. She told me she misses having someone who'd do anything for her, take her out, buy her something nice every now and then, make her feel special, etc. All the guys she's dated since we broke up either ended up cheating on her, or dumping her after they had sex. So i reminded her of a conversation/argument we had a few weeks before we broke up. I'm not sure how the argument started but i remember her telling me that she could go out to any club/bar right now and find a number of guys who would want to be with her more than i want to be with her (which was doubtful, because at the time i was so blindly in love with this girl). I told her it was possible, but they'd really only want her for one night. Wasn't trying to be a dick, despite how it sounded, I was really just being honest. Most guys here aren't interested in relationships, they want one night stands. 


So anyway, i reminded her of this. She fell silent for a while, then told me she [bleep]ed up. And she's been realising it more and more these days. She sees my Snapchat and get's a little jealous because all the things we used to do, the things she used to take for granted, are things i'm doing with other people now, and things she hasn't done since we dated. I know it's petty, but for once i felt like i actually got some real closure. She used to tell me i needed her more then she needed me. At the time, i think she was right. Today she told me, all along, it was he that needed me more than i needed her. Felt good hearing that, especially from her. Especially after all the shit she's said about me in the past.

#5599254 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 20 October 2017 - 06:54 PM

Maybe i'm just very careful with my shit, but i had an iPhone 4 for about 4 years and not once had to repair the screen. My iPhone 7 is just about to hit 1 year and i don't think i've even dropped it yet. I have a hard time understanding how people break their phones so fast. 


I got back from Greece today, and on the flight back home i realized just how much better my trip was than previous trips, because i chose to step outside of my comfort zone a bit. A couple of months back when i stopped taking my ADD medication i developed really bad social anxiety. I got so used to the medication making me so much more outgoing, that i got too used to it and basically started relying on it for any sort of human interaction with people i didn't know very well. I was never even like this before i started taking the medication, i think it's just something caused by the medication. Anyway, as a result of my anxiety i would avoid going anywhere crowded when i was alone, which made it extremely tough going to Greece alone. I would often end up just eating either McDonalds the entire time i was there, or sandwiches i bought from a nearby deli. The only reason i felt comfortable going to the Deli was because i had been there so many times before, and the only reason i felt comfortable with McDonalds is because i knew chances of finding an english speaking employee was much higher than going to a local fast food joint/restaurant. I would basically avoid any local places unless they were empty, and that was hardly ever the case. But yesterday i decided to say screw it. I was really in the mood for some local food, some pork, some tzatziki, etc. So i ended up going to a place and bought some food there, and it was great. And afterwards i'm always hit with the same revelation: "That wasn't so bad". I don't know why i get so terrified of these things anymore. I never used to be like this. But it's something i really want to start working on changing a bit.

#5599157 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 09 October 2017 - 08:57 AM

After everything is completed and done, this is the end product: https://imgur.com/G4Lqx6g


Extremely happy with how it came out!

#5599076 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 02 October 2017 - 02:29 AM

So i was talking to a friend earlier today. Told him about the PC i bought and how much the shipping was. So he asked me why i didn't just buy one pre-assembled here, or import the parts from the UAE. I explained to him that the same build would have cost me at least $1500 more pre-assembled, or $1000 more if i bought the parts from the UAE. And that's if you can even find the specific items. So now we're actually thinking of importing parts every week, and selling the PC for ~$1200 profit. There's a pretty big market for it here, and the finished product will beat store prices by like 20% or more, while outperforming them. Just import, build, sell online. Should easily be able to sell it within a week too. Should be an easy way to make some extra cash on the side. 

#5598498 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 06 August 2017 - 03:36 PM

I went to the store late last night, around 1am-ish because i was craving some ice cream. The store up the road, a little convenience store, is the same one i've been going to since we moved here. So nearly 10 years. Been run by the same people all this time. Generally i go to the store at least 3 or 4 times a week, but yesterday was the first time in about 2 months i went to that specific store. Usually i only go there to buy cigarettes, and since i bought a lot of cigarettes on the airport with my last visit to Greece, i had no real reason to go there. Anyway, so last night i went to buy some ice-cream and ended up having like a 30 minute conversation with two of the owners. They just asked where i've been since they haven't seem me around in so long. And i realised something i hadn't really thought of before, and it's something i guess i always somewhat took for granted, but they're always treated me really well. I always get preferential treatment when i go there. And there have been so many times i would go to the store in the middle of the night to buy cigarettes but not have my wallet with me and they'll just tell me to pay them back next time. Small things like that.


Also realised that, apart from my parents, they're really the only other people in this country that have "watched me grow". They're the only other people that saw me go through my different phases and stages of life. I don't know why but it gave me a strange warmth. 

#5598332 Today...

Posted by Noxx on 22 July 2017 - 03:42 AM

Live in Texas was the first ever CD i got for my birthday. I remember hearing LP at my mom's cousin's house when i was 12 and i remember telling my parents "i really like this band". They ended up getting me Live in Texas a few weeks later for my birthday. Meteora came not long after. Actually one of the few bands from my childhood i still listened to on a regular basis. I think this is one of the first deaths in the past 18 or so months that really hit my generation hard since it's the first person that really had a a big impact on most of our lives growing up, in one way or another.