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In Topic: Long Service Leave?

Yesterday, 12:10 PM

Thanks for clarifying on urns. I think the problem is a bit of a bug on Jagex's end. When you have a runed urn in your inventory, it seems you need an empty inventory space, and otherwise it will not start to fill. The game needs an extra inventory space to "create" the partially filled urn before it can delete the runed one, and since there's no inventory space, it can't do so. I am fairly confident this is the issue because Jagex has had this sort of bug in other contexts. The best suggestion I can think of it to leave one inventory space open and that should resolve the issue. I'm not sure what's going on with fishing or mining, though.

Chopping onions, as well as a bunch of other miscellaneous small tasks, were given a nominal amount of xp in a patch at some point. Since it now awards xp, it will contribute to filling your urn, albeit very slowly.

Lesser demons still drop accursed ashes (I just checked) and they have the option to scatter. It seems likely that you have some sort of drop cleaner with you using up the ashes before you can get to them - for example, a demon horn necklace or one of its lower-tiered variants. These consume the ashes in exchange for prayer points, so there are no ashes left to be put in the urn.

I'll see about adding info on the fragments when I have a chance.

Catablepons do drop eyes of newt, and are probably your best bet at the moment. Sources for unicorn horn are more limited. Other than unicorns, a few monsters that drop them are unicows (if you have creature creation unlocked), Commander Zilyana and her minions, and celestial dragons.

I don't know about the frequency of gems. I suppose it's possible they adjusted rarity behind the scenes but from a general game knowledge point of view it seems unlikely to me. And yeah, signs of the porter don't work on gems. There is a gem bag available as a Dungeoneering reward to hold a large number of gems in one inventory space, which you might find useful.

As far as I know the rune platebody has always required Dragon Slayer to wear (though not buy). Here's the update post.

Hopefully that helps.

In Topic: Today...

21 July 2018 - 03:02 PM

Yeah I ran into that a lot when I was job hunting.
Companies definitely weren't looking for fresh grads at all. Its either interns or 5+ years of experience 
All I can say is don't give up keep the pipeline rolling and you'll start getting 1-2 interviews a week and its eventually it will happen

It seems more like the other way around - they seem to feel I'd just be bored there and whatever they would have me do is too low level.

In Topic: Long Service Leave?

21 July 2018 - 02:59 PM

Hi BobbieK! Sorry to hear about your frustrations. To make a long story short, we have a very finite amount of time/resources these days and we do what we can, but unfortunately there are times when content and updates can pile up faster than we can get to it. For example, these days I'm more into learning more bosses so I can eventually write up guides for them. I will endeavor to help you out with some of your questions as I can though.

With regard to urns, I believe they should be there and up-to-date. For example, a Divination urn or Farming urn should pop up under items if you do a search. I am not sure about your infernal urns - did you use a rune to activate them? Scattering ashes in your inventory does not fill infernal urns - the only way to fill them up is when you have the urns in your inventory as you kill creatures that drop them. And finally, to start filling a new urn when the old one is finished, the new one must be in your inventory. Urns in the bank can't fill up from skilling.

New Varrock is an area in which a quest, Dimension of Disaster, and an affiliated task set take place. You can see our quest guide and New Varrock task guide for more information.

The fragments can be constructed using Invention to make outfits that generally provide benefits in training that particular skill. For example, the shark suit (put together from three shark outfits) will give a chance to get double fish for catches, and the option of auto-consuming your fish. Here's one piece, for example.

Memory shards are used for a distraction and diversion "Memorial to Guthix," from which you can get some passive buffs for Divination and other things. Click on your memory strands in your currency pouch to teleport to Orla and she can explain/take you through the tutorial.

There's a bank chest at Lumbridge combat academy but you probably knew about that already. I am not sure if there are others that they added recently, but usually it's for convenience if it's near a new activity for which you need to bank.

Ecto-tokens now reside in your currency pouch, yes. I'm not sure if any banked tokens were automatically placed there or not.

As far as I know, the dragon platebody was always tied to Dragon Slayer rather than Monkey Madness, along with the rune platebody. The dragon chainbody doesn't have any quest requirements.

What resources are you trying to get? Updating the drops for every monster would be a mammoth undertaking, but maybe I can suggest a few that would be helpful.

In Topic: Today...

21 July 2018 - 01:50 AM

I'm being flown in next week for an interview at a company doing consulting. So I tried getting back in touch with the other company that didn't give me an internship because I was "overqualified" to see if they might have worked out a more permanent position as they were suggesting. I was told they were not able to accommodate my level of expertise at the moment. *facedesk*

In Topic: Today...

17 July 2018 - 06:39 PM

Had an interview for an academic role at a top uni in the UK. I think it went okay - we will see though. Would be a massive step up from going from the bottom 50 to beyond top 5. Probably won't be able to browse reddit as much :D!

Didn't get the job - second best candidate. Onto the next one.

Sorry to hear that, but second best is still a pretty solid accomplishment.