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#5320816 Aten - The Road to IFB/MOA/5.4/True, May '01 - Dec '12 RIP || June...

Posted by Aten on 24 October 2012 - 04:55 AM

apply brute force to problems, as its a surefire way to solve them

doesn't always work with women though :|
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#5319937 Professional Skiller - 50M Farming, 60M Rcing, and Re-Comp!

Posted by Aten on 21 October 2012 - 03:19 PM


haters keep hating

#5319527 Aten - The Road to IFB/MOA/5.4/True, May '01 - Dec '12 RIP || June...

Posted by Aten on 20 October 2012 - 11:46 AM

LMFA0 irlscape time, anyways last couple days I've been doing vigilante work (somewhat?)

Anyways bit of background about Taiwan... traffic here is basically a living hell. Nobody has any manners, any concept of "right of way", and they certainly don't give a shit if they hit you. Basically, as a pedestrian, just because you see a green light doesn't mean you should go on ahead. Plenty of retards disregard the law so if you value your life at all, the order goes trucks > cars > motorcyles > bikes > pedestrians. Don't yield based on right/left/straight/green light/red light, yield based on the outcome of you hitting the other dude.

Youth and seniors have the absolute worst behaviour/manners/concepts...

story 1:
So yesterday my mum and I were leaving the train station and I round a pretty tight corner right behind mum to step onto the escalator. Somehow this dude that was probably like 12 or 13 manages to squeeze between the corner and I, boarding onto the left lane of the escalator right behind my mum (idea behind TW escalators is like with cars, left = fast and u must be moving, right = slow and u can stand still).

LMFAO k so this guy pops out of nowhere and I just think to myself, "what a disgusting disregard of other people"... Unfortunately this forces me into the right lane (standstill) but then I suddenly see the escalator dip and the kid doesn't step forward quickly enough and now there's a space between him and my mum

AND BAM IN THE SPLIT SECOND THE SPACE APPEARS I DECIDE, [bleep] YOU IMMA TEACH YOU HOW TO DISREGARD ETIQUETTE and before this kid could blink I'd cut right into his lane just as he was stepping forward and with my shoulder jammed between us I hopped to the stair right after mum and I hear the kid get crushed into the side of the escalator.

L0000L what a great feeling. When I reach the bottom, I turn around to see where the kid has gotten to and I see him whimpering in the right lane beside his mum l0l. Hopefully that teaches him not to randomly cut across people.

TL;DR: Cut some nerd, he mad

ok story 2:
so me and my dad both love biking, anyways we decide to take a long trip today... bit of background, my dad sold my bike a while back because I don't come home often so I'm using this heavy ass thing I borrowed from my aunt with a basket in the front (coz she uses it @ supermarket l0l0l). But I consider myself a decent biker so npnpnp

The biking paths in our city are narrow af tho and filled with tight turns. Starting out I can already see a bunch of [wagon]es weaving all over the lanes like they own the place, eventually we get to a tight corner and this dude in his mid 20s is swinging around like a top. I passed to right behind him and his girlfriend (who was actually being quite respectful and sticking to the right side of the road) and I'm repeatedly shouting at him to keep right. Like a [bleep] though he continues to behave dangerously so at this point I'm like [bleep] it, we're at a tight corner that also goes uphill and I don't feel like braking for this idiot.

lmfao so I accelerate and take the right turn pretty much as far outside as I can, then immediately I swing back and BOOM THIS [wagon] CRASHES RIGHT INTO MY BACK WHEEL. I'm already hugging the corner quite tightly and it's one of the most vicious on the route cuz the path turns left almost instantly so it's basically an S shape.

Anyways buddy smashes into my back wheel, I stutter a little but pick off the ground and don't really lose that much speed... so I decide to turn around right as he tries to navigate the corner and I yell CYAAAAAAAAAAAA... then I hear him crashing into the fence on the side of the route though and BAM suddenly the sound of somebody crashing into him (presumably his girlfriend lmfao)!! And they're both swearing at me by this point but I'm offfffffffffffffffffffffff.

I wonder how mad they were that they got shredded by a nerd with a basket? :DDDDDDDDDDDD

TL;DR: Cut some nerd, he mad

Interpret these stories in 2 ways ;d

1. Aten: #1 police officer since 2004
2. Aten: #1 douchebag since 2001


#5318846 League of Legends

Posted by Aten on 18 October 2012 - 03:05 PM

She can pick up and throw Tibbers, though. That's worth the IP cost in itself, just for the reaction of the enemy Annie.

omg, stop picking on Annie :<

#5317406 Sally's Insane Goals and Random RS Blog -350/369 Clue Scroll Items - Item...

Posted by Aten on 14 October 2012 - 02:12 PM


#5317160 It's Super Effective!

Posted by Aten on 13 October 2012 - 05:12 PM

I would like to post a picture of my penis on the Internet.

May I post it in your blog Bobby?

#5311963 Aten - The Road to IFB/MOA/5.4/True, May '01 - Dec '12 RIP || June...

Posted by Aten on 29 September 2012 - 01:45 AM

>sell dung
>"moving up"


#5307235 99 Firemaking #3.

Posted by Aten on 17 September 2012 - 09:42 AM

does the title mean this was your 3rd 99, or the 3rd time you're getting 99 fm? If the former, grats on 99 fm, if the latter, grats on 39m fm wow

#5304832 M

Posted by Aten on 10 September 2012 - 01:35 AM

how's lithuania