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Aten - The Road to IFB/MOA/5.4/True, May '01 - Dec '12 RIP || June '18 rebo...

09 September 2019 - 12:51 AM

SONG OF THE WEEK: [Week of December 17th, 2012]

Previous SOTW


I LOVE ANNIE !!!!!!!! wub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gif

Attenuation: The diminishing of any flux or wave while propagating through a medium, particularly important in telecommunications with regards to the amplitude loss of signals through optical fiber

About me:
My name is Kevin and I'm currently employed in a major telecommunications company. I write FPGA code for network cards, transponders, etc. I live in Canada but I'm originally from Taiwan (immigrated here when I was 5). I used to have a bunch of interesting hobbies throughout high school and university but nowadays I don't do much other than play pool. I'm an 8 ball barbox prod Just kidding I play 9 ball on Gold Crowns now and I suck at the game but such is life. I don't really know what else is worth saying about myself, if you guys have any ideas let me know because I've always been bad at "tell me about yourself". ("o lol i'm dis cocky azn boi m8 and i'm gud @ math")

For the record, I'm not really good at math nor do I really enjoy it lol.

About my RS career:
I started in 2001, I think I was 8 or 9 years old. This was back when my parents used to be really strict about my computer usage so I literally played no more than 30 minutes per week (yes, my father had a stopwatch just to time my playing time lol). I only really played for about a year or so and got to around level 49. I quit for good around early 2003 after some on-and-offs but came back in November 2010 when a friend of mine made me play scape with him again. He bought me a 3 month sub card so I felt bad saying no. As expected, he stopped playing after a week but at this point in my life I wasn't playing any other game so I just stuck with RS to pass the time. I'm kind of an anime geek, and I usually dual monitor while I scape so I can marathon some episodes while I'm xping...

Also, I play Minesweeper.

Current Minesweeper X (Official Client) personal bests ([3bv]): 5.66 [11] / 31.33 [50]/ 101.00 [135]
Official Total Score: 137.99 [1.42 3bv/s]

Current animes: Nichijou
Other shows: Community, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory


Short Term Goals:








Overall555m / 800m

~ Just a nice milestone I'd like to hit

Cooking32m / 100m

~ Mix of wines and summer pies

Firemaking18m / 50m

~ Bonfiring magic logs with ring+gloves, occasionally doing jadinko lair

Fletching14m / 50m

~ Broad arrows while idling around

Thieving16m / 50m

~ Duo pyramid plunder in w118, the goal here is to get full Ibis along the way

Slayer16m / 30m

~ Lapalok for 8.5m xp and Kuradal for the other 8.5m... max melee (steads too), cannoning, titan, ovls, turm, nips for miths/black drags

Runecrafting24m / 50m

~ Runespan w119 node-hunting with Master RC robes

26m base3 / 25

~ Standard efficient procedures I think, nothing particularly unorthodox (a bit of agil through FPF I'd imagine)



Everything above this point was held intact from the beginning of this blog, in November 2011, until when I was banned in December of 2012. I will keep it unaltered for the sake of posterity.


Old Thread:: https://forum.tip.it...june-18-reborn/



Goals / Progress / Milestones:
Basically a list of long term or major goals that I have in RS, as well as some updates on my day-to-day progress. A lot of the goals are pretty unrealistic, but they'll keep me from getting bored of RS. I might add a data section one day and dump my charm/drop logs.

My goals:


Current Boss Log work:


Telos - Road to 4K True Warden:


Maxing out:


Master of All:


Insane Final Boss Requirements:


Boss Collection Logs:


Slayer Collection Logs:


I didn't really take screenies before I started this blog, and I'm still pretty bad at making sure I get all pics l0l... I'm missing a ton of pics of drops, a few level ups are missing, etc.

Level up pics


05 December 2012 - 05:47 AM


All I know is that apparently fire surge works best on her and to use rocktails.

What gear should I use and what should my invo look like? I'm maxed with access to basically everything.

Full List of New Items?

21 November 2012 - 02:44 AM

I'm curious if there's a list anywhere that displays a comprehensive listing of all the new items that were released with EOC. I can't seem to find anything on tip.it nor RSWiki :S

Keepsake Items - Combinations?

07 November 2012 - 03:54 PM

yah I'm thinking of buying either 3 or 6 keys, but I'm not sure what items I should use them on :((

Suggestions? So far I've considered: primal plate, primal legs, primal full helm, dragonbone platebody/legs/helm, black dragon mask


26 September 2012 - 03:35 AM

So I never knew this game was so serious, anyways I recently got addicted to sweeper (not sure why lol but it's quite fun). Anybody else play a bit? What are your best times?