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Grand Lord Dan

Grand Lord Dan

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Ideal Nex Set Up, The Numbers

14 February 2011 - 09:19 AM

This is mostly a copy/paste of a thread on the RSOF my friend wrote up that him and I compiled data on concerning which we thought would be best for killing Nex, posting it here since the only forum he uses is RS, and I figure we'd get more useful debates here at Tipit.

Yes, I have his permission to post this here.

QFC: 17-18-319-62393313

There has been continuous discussion and massive change in what is considered the "best" way to gear up and kill Nex, but now that FT has occurred and her drop table is worth in excess of 15b, it has become realistically profitable to kill her once again. (Assuming a little more GE movement, or very trustable teammates)

Therefore I feel its time to really start culminating real information instead of hearsay and wishful thinking.

For the purpose of the thread we're going to discuss elite gear, since the idea is to get as small of a team as possible while still being efficient.

Many things must be discussed;

1)Bolts, Ruby vs Diamond
2)Special Weapon
3)Gear, many many many options
_a)Hybrid, Karils + v-helm + divine with c-maul
_b)Hybrid, Void range + melee helm + divine with c-maul
_c)Range Only, Void Range + Divine
_d)Range Only, Void Range + Pernix Body + Deflector
_e)Range Only, Full Pernix + Divine


I've tested this a decent amount personally between me and a few friends. We've worn very similar gear and we're similar in skill level based on how many Nex kills we've ever done (to try to get as close as possible in number of ticks wasted due to skill)

So far we've seen no difference in the xp per kill between ruby and diamond bolts. That leads me to conclude pure diamond rather than ruby then diamond on zaros phase is better. Damage is a toss up, but why hurt yourself if you don't have to for faster kills?

This seems doubly certain if you decide the superior gear is range void as well due to the fact that ruby specs would still hit 500 white diamond specs would gain the damage boost. I have yet to test this theory personally but the math supports it.

Conclusion; Diamond if in void, Toss up if in karils/arma

2) Special Weapon

Claws for everyone except lurer regardless of gear, even if in range only set up. Dark bow for lurer appears the best and the consensus. I see no reason to dispute this at this time. Even pure range set up dark bow is not worth it due to the extra pot you'd be giving up for the dragon arrows and the extra complication of switching between ammo.

Do not use enchanted excal. Fumus must die as soon as humanly possible for the kill to be successful.

Conclusion; Claws

3)Gear, many many many options

By the numbers,

a)Hybrid, Karils + Verac Helm + (Barrows) Gloves + Divine with Maul

Range Attack (Accuracy Guesstimate) : 206 (352)
Prayer Bonus : 11
Melee Attack/Strength Bonus : 28/20
Inventory Slots Open (Brews and Super Prayers) : 50
Pot Mix : 17 Super Prayer / 33 Brews ( 30925 Lp )
Max Hits : Diamond (e) : 390 (449), Maul : 576
Unicorn Lp : 5328

b)Hybrid, Void Range + Void Melee Helm + Divine with Maul

Range Attack : 149 + Void (325)
Prayer Bonus : 16
Melee Attack/Strength Bonus : 16/8 + Void
Inventory Slots Open : 49
Pot Mix : 15 Super Prayer / 34 Brews ( 31863 Lp )
Max Hits : Diamond (e) : 469 (540), Maul : 600
Unicorn Lp : 5328

c)Range Only, Void Range + Divine (W/ or W/o Void Melee Helm for Claw Spec)

Range Attack : 149 + Void (325)
Prayer Bonus : 16
Melee Attack/Strength bonus : 16/8 +/- Void
Inventory Slots Open : 51 or 50
Pot Mix : 15/16 Super Prayer / 35 Brews ( 32800 Lp )
Max Hits : Diamond (e) : 469 (540)
Unicorn Lp : 5328

d)Range Only, Void Range + Pernix Body + Deflector

Range Attack : 187 + Void (363)
Prayer Bonus : 10
Melee Attack/Strength Bonus : 16/8
Inventory Slots Open : 51
Pot Mix : 14 Super Prayer / 37 Brews ( 29304 Lp )
Max Hits : Diamond (e) : 469 (540)
Unicorn Lp : 6408

e)Range Only, Full Pernix + Divine

Range Attack : 237 (383)
Prayer Bonus : 11
Melee Attack/Strength Bonus : -4/8
Inventory Slots Open : 51
Pot Mix : 19 Super Prayers / 32 Brews ( 32256 Lp )
Max Hits : Diamond (e) : 390 (449)
Unicorn Lp : 7488

Conclusion; HARD to say, personal opinion places it between c and d based on accuracy guesstimates being guesstimates. Give up 10% of your longevity for what appears to be ~11% more accuracy seems like a decent trade off. Faster kills means you take less damage per kill anyway.

Opinion for now: D is best gear. C is a very close second for those with only 2b and not 4b.

3) Discussion on gear set up;

Assumptions made before the below arguments and above calculations,

1)Approx 3100 prayer is required BEFORE prayer bonus to last the average length of a team starting with 11 to 13 players.

2)Every set up is using the best possible equipment (ChaoticCrossbow/Fury/Ava's alerter/RangerBoots/OnyxRing(i)) not listed and taking 3 overloads + teleport + unicorn pouch + unicorn scroll + claws

3)To facilitate extremely rough guesstimates on accuracy we are going to assume two things, that a range level and an equipment bonus both contribute to accuracy equally and that void acts the same toward accuracy as strength (double for range for some reason)

4)We're assuming a conservative 24 minutes will pass from summoning unicorn to teleporting out (36 scrolls).

a)Hybrid, Karils + v-helm + (barrows) gloves + divine with c-maul

This appears to be the current consensus due to the fact that blood and zaros phase appear to be weak to crush. Its clean, the risk is very low due to karil's being worth minimal and there's no attack malus from the karils. I wish to contest this however. For now I will compare the below options to this.

b)Hybrid, Void range + melee helm + divine with c-maul
This is a very strong set up. If the crush weakness is true to a real noticeable extent then this may be the best method. My only issue with it is just how intense things get. In order to switch for blood phase you have to click maul then melee helm then attack nex then switch to piety. Then fix everything while running to glacias so you don't get ice prisoned. Seems VERY complicated.

Plus a few other points, when melee on blood and zaros you're divine is off, I cannot quantify this, but that reduces the amount of lp I calculated above by a small but noticeable amount. Especially blood phase since you pretty much take at least a few hits every kill that phase.

If however you are all about being hard core and going for broke and your skilled with hot keys and hybriding this is definitely the gear for you.

c)Range Only, Void Range + Divine
Excellent set up as well. May be best, but I give currently a close second. Whats my beef with maul? Well your in void, diamonds hit almost 500 at 5 speed and great accuracy anyway, specing for your 500s (against shield) almost as often as maul with only a moderately higher max hit (even though any hits over 500 will only deal 500 anyway)

As any good player knows, speed always wins unless extreme measures were taken to offset it. Like INSANE defense which one must admit nex really doesn't have, or the 300 damage pray switch like tormented demons. I would much rather hit 300s-400s at 5 speed than 350s to 450s at 4 speed. THIS IS ASSUMING YOU ARE EPIC DECKED OUT IN RANGE ATTACK. If you don't have archers (i)/onyx (i), ava's alerter, ranger boots, fury, ccbow, the whole deal, maul's accuracy prolly wins out.

d)Range Only, Void Range + Pernix Body + Deflector
My favorite for a lot of reasons. Its extremely uncomplicated. When you hit 800 lp, drink a brew. That simple. No switching cept for the initial claws spec which is uncomplicated. Accuracy just seems outta this world based on the numbers, while still having the significant void damage bonus.

All things considered you will be killing hundreds upon hundreds of Nex for drops, you don't wanna burn out. I feel this set up is extremely good to balance serious longevity, serious damage, while avoiding the burning out associated for hard core hybrid killing.

Also unicorn receives a heal bonus, making this probably second in longevity after the option below.

e)Range Only, Full Pernix + Divine
Ran the numbers outta curiosity. Depends entirely on how much diminishing returns there is from accuracy. If you hit 98% of the time cause your accuracy in outta this world it may take the cake. I'm not willing to blow the 6-7b on pernix to test it atm. You'd seriously last forever and ever when you factor in unicorn scrolls healing so much. I dont think 20 super prayers cuts it, though.

(I'll edit in any additional details later on if we come up with anything to post)

For now, this is what we have and what we think. If you think you have ideas on how to change something to be more optimal or wish to challenge something, by all means post it.

Discuss. (Because everyone likes putting that here now. :P)