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Guide on how to craft nature runes using the graahk method

21 May 2011 - 12:27 AM


THIS IS MY GUIDE. This was on another site but I am bringing it here too. So before you go and search this thread and think it's plagiarized, notice who the owner of the thread is, and the previous RSN.

Hello and welcome to my *first* ever guide for RuneScape. I love Runecrafting, so I want to show you one of the best ways to train it; Using Spirit Graahks! This thread is 98% made by me, I made almost all the pics, and typed just about all the words you are reading now. :P

As this is my first guide, all criticism welcomed!

I use ALOT of pictures in this guide, so I don't know if that will annoy people. I have it hidden though, to avoid possible lag when getting in this thread.

Some notes before we get started


The guide to Runecrafting via the Graahk Method!


I'm abit confused by this.

21 January 2011 - 04:02 AM

Unsure if this is the right forum, but I couldn't find a better one.

Tip.it says that General Graardor is a Goblin, and Commander Zilyana is a Humanoid. I was talking on the RSOF and they said that Tip.it made a mistake and that General Graardor is an Ourg and Commander Zilyana is an Icyene.

Is tip.it incorrect for labeling them as they did? Can I have some feedback on this.

I'm sorry if this is spam, abit new to these forums. :S

My goal in progress - 99 Runecrafting

05 January 2011 - 03:23 AM

Hello everyone! Before I start, I thougt I would tell you just alittle about me.

My name is David, and I am 14. I like sports, don't like school but understand the need for it, yada yada yada ok there. lol now on with the thread.

Over one year ago I had a real big desire to get a 99. So I started with Woodcutting. I then decided I want a less nooby 99 as my first, so I went for Hitpoints (Constitution), so I headed to Soul wars for a couple months (Soul Wars Prod ftw) and got to 91 HP. I then changed my mind yet again, I wanted a reaaaaally rare skillcape as my first. Runecrafting. I only had 48 RC at the time. Ever since then, I had a weird desire for Runecrafting, I actually liked the skill. So here I am, with almost 83 RC, pushing on for 99. :twss:

48-50 I did airs (:s) and then I got an omni-tiara. I then got 57 Summoning and graahked to level 70. At level 70 I ZMIed to where I am now, almost 83. I will continue to 91, then use effigies I get from Slayer. If my Slayer level or any other combat level gets too close to 99 (before I get 99 Runecrafting as my first), I will stop Slayer and just graahk to 99. So basically, I will ZMI to lvl 91, then use effigies for 91-99. I suppose I will edit this thread; updating my Runecrafting level etc etc. Maybe have statistics on fastest run, exp in a day etc? Who knows, I'm just starting out with the basics.

Oh yea this is my first thread, so sorry for the newby thread.