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Member Since 04 Feb 2011
Offline Last Active Feb 19 2013 02:53 PM

In Topic: Looking for some normal guys to DG with

24 October 2012 - 06:59 PM

I'm also looking to get my first chaotic; I'll add you next time I'm onine. :)

Currently level 77 Dungeoneering, combat 129, ~2200 total if that makes a difference to you.

In Topic: Old Rsc kills [Lovinkarol] ~ 56k warning - Lots of pictures.

24 October 2012 - 06:55 PM

i misssssssss rsc.... my first (and only other char) i had from 01-05, and i loved it...

the 2H's.... the skirts..... the chestplates..... ugh it was wonderful.

i used to pk alot before my char was stolen, but that person who said "crap loots evem though i didnt play rsc"
back then full addy pk was pretty good =P, but really, all that back then was quite ridiculous... it's kinda like 100+ bandos pks nowadays.

oh that nostalgia

Remember when you had to stay in combat for a minimum of 3 hits? :)

In Topic: Your Favorite Outfits?

24 October 2012 - 06:53 PM

Matching the Halloween Masks looked cool back when they only covered the front of your face. I used to wear the blue mask with rune armor.

Leather armor looked decent too back in RSC; kind of had a toned vest look to it.

In Topic: Respect To These Old Scool Players?

12 October 2012 - 04:18 PM

Thank you for having The Old Nite on the list.

I'll always remember him as one of the best, but also one of the nicest.