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Fixing Smithing

18 January 2012 - 10:09 PM

Problem: Smithing is universally underused and not-worth-your-time apart from quest rewards and diaries.

Solution: make high level repair items require an appropriate smithing level instead of weird bits of cash, and then bit of metal/material that you can buy or find somewhere.

Example: Barrows armour can be repaired for cash. Make it so you have to repair it, perhaps in an unusual way, with level 70 smithing and some materials: probably cursed adamant and cloth, bought from the digging man.

Chaotic weapons can be repaired for cash and dungeoneering tokens. Make it so you have to repair it with 80 smithing and some materials: probably a chaotic metal from marmaros which can be bought for coins/tokens.

Torva armour can be repaired for cash. Make it so you have to repair it with ancient cloth and metal which can be bought from Ashuelot Reis, requiring 85 smithing.

This provides a necessity for the high level to get their smithing up in a way that is consistent with the lore of the game and its structure and also makes perfect sense for the smithing skill as a whole: what else would you level to repair high level armour and weapons, and what npc would be more suited to the task than you, a near master smith?

Fishing Training

23 December 2011 - 10:45 PM

I'm currently training fishing from 65-71 and I would like to know the "best" method of training (I find fishing a bit dull and want to get it over with). Of course, best is a relative term so I'm really looking for the fastest way to go about things. However, if one method turns out to be only slightly less fast than another, but makes plenty of money, I would be happy to do that. What I mean is I wouldn't mind a bit of extra cash, even if it is inefficient.

I would like to know the xp/hr for monkfish and fly fishing in shilo village, as well as if there are any other ways of training I should look at. Everyone says shilo is the go-to fishing xp place, but I'm not so sure...

Shades of Mortton help

24 August 2011 - 11:05 AM

I'm interested in getting hold of the necromancer set of armour, but with one condition: do I need to cremate fiyr shades to do it? That would require 80 firemaking, which I don't have, but if it needs the shade below (asyn, I think), that would mean I only need 63 firemaking (which is fine).

So: do asyn shades, when cremated, ever drop the golden key?

Strength Training:

18 July 2011 - 06:10 PM

So: I want to fix my combat imbalance and improve my strength level so that I can hit stuff higher, and I also want to be able to get into masses at Bandos. What do I need? 70 Strength! Oh, and I'll be able to have all my stats in the highscores too ^_^

Now, what I would really like are suggestions of two things: the location, and the weapon. And armour etc if that's necessary.

What have I tried and not liked? Armoured Zombies (too many bots), Yaks (too many bots), Experiments (too far away from each other/generally dull), Slayer (fun, but you often can't afford to use a str training weapon because you need guthans/whip/whatever).

Posted Image

I've done a whole bunch of quests. So that's good. Just thought it was worth saying.

I'm going to get 75 attack soon in case you require that for your reccomendation (e.g. d00d totally borrow a gs they r great!).

My budget is rather limited: probably not over 2M in a pinch, but if you can honestly say you have the best idea ever that requires 5M, I'll think about it.

Dwarven Army Axe

06 July 2011 - 11:25 AM

The dwarven army axe: a member's only benefit comprising hatchet, pick, tinderbox, needle and chisel. All of which is very useful.

But I noticed something, there would be nothing to stop the axe becoming f2p. And that's what confuses me, rather than making it a tool for low-level f2ps, why not add a few extra peices that would make it useful for the low level member too?

So: the axe needs, in my opinion, 3 new features.

1. A Knife. This doesn't get much of a look-in for f2p, but the knife is used for fletching, spiderwebs, and cooking. Along with some other stuff, like setting deadfall traps and collecting evergreen: it's a generally useful tool and it's something that I find myself using a lot-very appliciable for the all-in-one tool.

2. A lockpick. This is a basic peice of equipment every low-level member should have to enter locked rooms and chests. Very useful, and it makes perfect sense on the army axe. Obviously since lockpicks occasionaly break this would have to be replaceable by using a lockpick on it again.

3. A candle. You'd have to take it out to light it, but it would be stored in the handle and this would be very helpful for the low level member encountering various caves for the first time. Evidently you'll have to extinguish it to store the thing again.

P.S. I've heard knives can be used as lockpicks. But I still think lockpicks make more sense because they'd be easier to replace on a tool like this.