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Member Since 03 Apr 2011
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F2P's Fastest Large Floor (Dungeoneering)

20 June 2011 - 01:33 AM

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Nuffbutmage - 100% F2P

06 April 2011 - 10:12 PM

Hey there Tip.it, My name is nuff, and I decided to get maxed out F2P stats, excluding 120 dungeoneering :). I started as a Strength Pure and PVPing, but as a few of the little amount who do not think the wilderness reinstallment was a good decision, I stopped PVPing and since February I am training my Stats.

I have started playing in April 2010 and since February the 10th 2011 I am skilling.

Current Stats:

84 Attack
83 Defence
99 Strength
95 Hitpoints
91 Ranged
99 Prayer
99 Magic
99 Cooking
95 Woodcutting
96 Fishing
99 Firemaking
99 Crafting
90 Smithing
91 Mining
89 Runecrafting
110 Dungeoneering

The skill, which I train currently will be highlighted in Red.
Beside 99 Strength and 60 Attack and 70 Dungeoneering all my other Stats were 1 or less than 30 at maximum 2 months ago. I try to get a fast speed.

My part time goals are:
99 Prayer within the next 15 days :P.
After 99 Prayer doing 99 Cooking with wines from 87-99 in 1 day.
After 99 Cooking to do 99 Smithing with adamant platebodies and rune items from 88-99 in 2 days.
After 99 Smithing i want to do Crafting from 70-99 with cutting Rubies in 3 days.
After 99 Crafting I plan to do 99 Firemaking with Yew logs from 74-99 in a week.
Then I will max my Combat stats, which will take me like a month.
I might switch between the remaining non buyables skills, but guess woodcutting and fishing won't be much of a problem :D.
Mining will be done when I am awfully motivated, I'll try to get 99 mining within a month from 85.
Runecrafting will be the hardest skill. I plan on Spending 50m or so on Body Talismans, so I should get a bit over 20k exp/h.

I will occassionally dungeoneer, I will try to get 99 within April, but I am not sure if I can do that. But I wont stop at 99 but just cant think of getting 120 as we speak :S.

A side-goal of mine is to continue merching and eventually achieve a Phat Set and maybe a Cracker.

All in all I think I can get 99 in all stats within one year :P.

Wish me luck! :thumbsup:

Also you can track my daily gains on Runetrack, just click my signature :).

I will update this thread with my progress everyday.

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Posted Image

F2p's Daily Records: (If you do not agree with it or have proof of higher xp gains please post it and I will quickly remove it of course [if people wish to get removed also let me know, i find such a list quite interesting])

Attack: 909,119 XP by Pilotlucaseo (Runetraxx)
Defence: 696,890 XP by El Popo1 (Runetrack)
Strength: 1,446,984 XP by Water (Runetrack)
Constitution: 480,975 XP by Water (Runetrack)
Ranged: 770,032 XP by El Popo1 (Runetracker)
Prayer: 1,083,570 XP by Nuffbutmage (Runetrack)
Magic: 2,479,278 XP by Water (Runetracker)
Cooking: 12,462,400 XP by Varro182 (Runetracker)
Woodcutting: 1,384,762 XP by Nuffbutmage (Runetracker)
Fishing: 1,306,720 XP by Drack4ever (Runetrack)
Firemaking: 2,799,967 XP by Missoverflow (Runetracker)
Crafting: 8,381,847 XP by Water (Runetracker)
Smithing: 3,353,200 XP by Water (Runetrack)
Mining: 686,960 XP by Water (Runetraxx)
Runecrafting: 720,466 XP by Nuffbutmage (Runetrack)
Dungeoneering: 10,106,515 XP by Tezaki1 (Runetrack)


Best wishes,

Heya, can you do me a favor?

03 April 2011 - 04:50 PM

Hey, I used to read a lot in the tipit forums, and finally registered, I also would like if some of you
Just click on my signature so my name appears and I will be tracked by runetrack :P,

Thankiessss :)