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#5556817 [27-04-15] EoC/Legacy Mash Up

Posted by Thorgmir on 28 April 2015 - 04:04 PM

Just look at yourselves and your posts. Despite how upset everyone was when Jagex first introduced microtransactions, it seems clear that each and every one of you posting here has bought it hook, line, and sinker (literally). This is why Jagex keeps pushing more and more of these things, and why I quit.

#5544785 PSA: Jagex giving away membership to two lucky people (requires Facebook acco...

Posted by Thorgmir on 18 February 2015 - 05:53 PM



I do like the idea, but what's the point in entering?

Membership only costs around 15 dollars a month, even if you don't have a huge outcome from your job, you'll still be able to afford it pretty easily.


more like 8 dollars/euro's, except maybe if you live in Australia, in which everything is more expensive for reasons I don't know of.



That's exactly my point, it costs 15 dollars a month at most.



Would you rather have an extra $180/year or not have it?

#5524674 How to get a bunch of Livid Farm Points fast?

Posted by Thorgmir on 19 October 2014 - 07:50 PM

I will do more than simply leave a completely unhelpful yet condescending comment and actually answer the question, in the spirit of the whole help and advice theme here.


Two guides for how exactly to get the fastest points may be found here and here. In short, Livid Farm runs on discrete time blocks, and there is a set number of points that may be earned in each time block. If you earn points at this maximum possible rate, and you can with a bit of practice, the maximum possible rate is approximately 19k points per hour. So yes, it will take a very long time to unlock the rewards.

#5521216 29 September 2014 - Patch Week & Pure resets

Posted by Thorgmir on 30 September 2014 - 05:19 PM

Introducing duel wielding in the first place was just a terrible mistake. It's a stupid idea, makes no physical sense (wielding two maces or two longswords simultaneously? it can't be done, at least not well), and unbalanced the game by essentially obsoleting shields. Defenders were a much better balance.

#5477194 7-Jan-2014 - Player-Owned Ports - The Next Journey

Posted by Thorgmir on 02 February 2014 - 01:16 AM

The rudder upgrade should actually be a low priority upgrade for most people. But, you say, I don't hit the speed cap without it, so not getting it is wasting an hour! This is a valid argument only if you play long enough hours for it to make any difference.


Here's what I mean, assuming 9 hours with rudder and 10 without, for easy calculation:


1. Log in at 9am, send off your ships!

2. Send more ships at 6pm (with rudder) or 7pm (without rudder).

3. Ships return at 3am (with rudder) or 5am (without rudder).


Unless you plan to play RS at 3am, it makes no difference whether or not you have the rudder, because you'll be asleep for the two hours the rudder saves your ships.

#5471948 7-Jan-2014 - Player-Owned Ports - The Next Journey

Posted by Thorgmir on 07 January 2014 - 05:48 PM

I'm very much looking forward to the darts. Maybe they cost more per shot than ascension bolts, but for all of us who don't happen to have 500M lying around for the dual crossbows, they're quite a bargain for increasing dps.

#5464828 26-Nov-2013 Coinshare, World Map and Tutorial

Posted by Thorgmir on 26 November 2013 - 10:25 PM



I'm sure our kings of mercantilism can handle that.


Except merchants won't touch some of it with a 10 foot pole because of how bad they are. gwd shields? A single shard is almost as much as the item itself. Drygores? Yeah....no



Oh come on, you're more intelligent than that. The shards don't go straight into the GE like coinshare items did. If I have warshield shards, I'll put them in the GE for 1k each. I don't care what the starting GE price is, and neither will the buyers. The GE price is completely irrelevant, and every merchant knows that. The price discrepancy is a non-issue.

#5445029 20-Aug-2013 - Divination

Posted by Thorgmir on 27 August 2013 - 03:50 AM

Ok so I got something on my mind. I'm about to hit 80 divination and know how to get to the level. 80 area via the BIS fairy code. So I figured that would be the best way there. But what about doing chronicle runs? Is there a stackable tele that would take me close to a fairy ring? I was thinking Varrock tabs, but even that's a bit annoying.

Tokkul-Zo to the Fight Caves, and it's just a few steps north.

#5369468 My Route To Max!

Posted by Thorgmir on 19 February 2013 - 04:23 PM

I did more or less the same thing a while ago. Here's what you should do:

1. Start farming herbs right away, and I mean right away. It's a great cash cow, and you should try and milk it as much as possible. You can get toadflax seeds for less than 1k each and turn a profit ~150k each herb run (~5 minutes of work). See this guide for more details on how profitable different herbs are. If you haven't already, do My Arm's Big Adventure for the additional herb patch and make lots of juju farming potions.
2. Train to 80+ dungeoneering to get a chaotic maul. Do farm runs every few dungeons.
3. Max slayer and combat skills, while continuing to farm herbs. You should have enough money from herb farming by this point to max prayer and summoning as well.
4. PvM for more cash, if desired. You should be making 2M/day from herbs though, so it may not be necessary.
5. Re-evaluate new stats and bank, and come up with a plan for the next phase of maxing.

#5359671 11-Dec-2012 - Player-Owned Ports

Posted by Thorgmir on 28 January 2013 - 03:27 PM

To me this probability math has a few flaws in its considerations.
1) It ignores the factor of time - a failed voyage doesn't just mean less resources it comes at a high time cost.
2) It ignores the practical resource cost of failure - ship repair charges and dead crew costs impact on overall outcome, especially when you consider a crew death not only costs resources to replace it has an ongoing negative effect whilst that replacement is levelled up.
3) It is all very well in theory, but as with most complex probability/statistical odds theory and reality rarely conform taking thousands and thousands of interactions to trend towards the expected; so for a singular user this model is unlikely to play out correctly. It could work out much better than someone using no merchant BUT it could also end up much worse.

I'll address these points in reverse order:

3. You vastly underestimate the power of the central limit theorem. The variance of the mean result is extremely small after, say, 100 voyages, which is a rather low proportion of the total you will have to do. I can very confidently say this will work out better for you, and no, you do not need thousands and thousands of trials to "trend toward expected." In any case, there is variance with and without merchants, and you could end up worse than expected without a merchant, too. Please do the math before making bogus claims about probability theory.

2. While it's true, I ignored this, the effects are rather limited. While I have only my own data to rely upon, I have never lost a crew member (and if you have lifeboats, you don't even risk them), and have never been charged what I would consider a significant amount for ship repairs. By assuming my own mediocrity, I can only conclude that such serious costs are rare and not a significant factor. This would then only become a factor when you have no marginal benefit from acquiring more resources (aka, you already have all upgrades and more resources than you know what to do with).

1. The time cost is also irrelevant, and in fact doesn't exist. There are two kinds of time cost to consider: in terms of lost resources, and in terms of lost distance. The cost in resource acquisition, however, is already taken into account in the prior calculation. The cost in distance acquisition, while seemingly important, is in fact, not worth considering, because you gain the same distance regardless of whether a mission succeeds or fails.

So none of these objections have any weight. I concede that if you no longer care about resources, there's no benefit to having a merchant on a resources mission, but that's just common sense. In every other case, which is all the time until you're in the Pincers and maxed all upgrades, you should definitely have a merchant on all your missions.

#5359336 11-Dec-2012 - Player-Owned Ports

Posted by Thorgmir on 27 January 2013 - 07:34 PM

I don't think three merchants is necessary at all, you rarely get three missions you want to use one on anyway. That's especially true after you maxed your stainless steel upgrades.


If a merchant wasn't worth having on your boat, you're probably done with the Ports in the first place.

Get 4 merchants, never let them leave any ships.

Thats just no.
If the voyage is sub-100% you don't want a merchant, better to have a different unit for 100%.

I can see Quy's point though I would be of the opinion when you have basically 'finished' ports presumably you'd be able to 100% most trade good missions (which are kinda the only reason to still be there) so surely you would be wanting a merchant on most voyages at that point.

Absolutely not. Let me give you probability 101 right now. Specific lesson: expected value.

Our goal is to maximize the expected return of each mission. There are two factors contributing to the expected value: the probability of success (p) and the amount returned if successful (x). The relationship between them is simple: the expected return on a voyage, E(V), is equal to the probability of success times the amount returned when successful. Thus, E(V) = px.

We have two scenarios to consider: one with a merchant, one without a merchant. Without a merchant, suppose the best success rate we can get is P, and the expected return is X. With a merchant, the return given success increases to 1.3X. How much does p decrease due to the lack of a merchant? Well, suppose you lose 2k of unit stats (conservative overestimate), and the mission has requirements of 16k (roughly typical, though it doesn't matter much if this changes). Then that changes p from P to 0.875P, and thus E(V) = 0.875P(1.3X) = 1.1375PX. This is a roughly 14% increase in expected return by using a merchant.

Note that as mission requirements increase, it actually becomes more beneficial to use a merchant, as the decrease in p becomes smaller while the increase in x becomes larger.

TLDR: ALWAYS use a merchant, on ALL your voyages, except for voyages for 3 or fewer trade goods, where the effect will be rounded down to nothing.

You wouldn't want to use a merchant if it decreased your success by more than 30% (roughly, 1/1.3 to be precise), but there are no such missions.

#5304017 200M in all Skills

Posted by Thorgmir on 07 September 2012 - 11:45 PM

You guys are seriously debating if Suomi is best or not? wow

He will be fist to "beat" the game, EOD

Nobody is debating that. It's the methods he used to get there.
I honestly doubt he would have been ahead of Elias, Elvis and maybe JD if he hadn't received donations.

According to the last time calc update, SUOMI is more than 7000 hours ahead of all those players. Even if he spent 4000 hours bossing to make the 20B or so all 200M costs, he'd still be hugely ahead of them. Come back when any of those three are even halfway to 200M fishing, mining, or agility. kthxbai.