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The Overhaulled Slayer Guide - Couple of minor things

11 October 2015 - 07:52 AM

Was just giving this a skim and spotted a couple of omissions/errors that could use addressing:


In Slayer Aides - Toolbelt you fail to make mention of the super explosives shaker, just the normal one.

Morytanina Legs should probably mention you have to wear them for the boost.

Why no mention of slayer helm (the non-full variant) or a forward reference to the ability to upgrade it?


For Kuradel you've put Shilo Village as a requirement, really this should be Barb Training.


Alternative monsters seems a bit weird to have included all the clearly in the name alts for the likes of blk drags, banshee and bloodveld but have skipped over Baby Blues and Brutal Greens as well as Grotworm and Ganodermic variants


Also side-bar all the slayer toolbelt stuff in item database links to a loverly website section about the toolbelt which hasn't actually been updated to include the slayer belt.

Fish Flingers Tracker Tool

27 July 2015 - 11:16 PM

So I was bored doing some fish flingers grinding out that comp trim req and was in the mode to do some codingy stuff.
So I sat and looked at my scrawled on piece of papered used for keeping tabs on the combos when doing fish fingers and thought I could tech it up a bit!
It may not be the most elegant of things, but it does the job done!

And it only took like 2,500 lines of javascript to make it work *eye twitches*
Update 28/08/16
Since Google drive decided to get rid of the website hosting feature I came up with two ways to get it:
Zip File
Android APK
Basic Instructions:
Load the html file from zip in your browser or open the app on android device.
Show/Hide Vague Hints give you access to markers for when you get one of the 4 non-specific hints (non-metal hook, near mid, far distance) which gives highlights.
Show/Hide Quick Summary gives a text overview of options selected.
All the other stuff tap the thing you want - it will hide the unusable options.
Tap again to undo
Reset clears the whole lot.

Laptop Recommendations

25 December 2014 - 06:16 PM

So my current 2010 macbook is beginning to give up the ghost and at first I thought I'd save up and replace it like for like (well new model, but y'know)


But then I started thinking and I don't really use the macbook for anything, well, maccy (ie video editting etc)


So I started bouncing around the idea of getting some else, but my laptop knowledge is limited and I thought'd I'd ask for some ideas.


I was thinking a gaming laptop might be a good move since, aside from rs which runs atrociously on mac, I do like some pc gaming (mainly minecraft and sims) so something with the power to get them running well would be nice. But that aside my laptop is just a general day-to-day browsing the net and writing tool.


So any suggests for a good buy to get that gaming experience without breaking the bank (ie similar price range of macbooks)

A question about dg journals...

02 May 2014 - 12:32 PM

It's been bugging me lately that I have a few holes in my dg journals.

Some are simple enough - the end of bilrach, last few misc and the 5th kalger pertain to floors I can't reach.

But notably I am missing 5 and 8 in Marm and Thok despite having 1-4 6,7 and 9.
Does anyone know if these are tied to specific floors/bosses?

The content of 5 certainly would imply its tied to Lexcius, but I've bashed him in so many times now it seems odd I've never seen it.

Anybody got any sage wisdom on where I should be looking to get these missing parts or is it just blind luck (and mine sucking)?

Anybody got any suggestions to fix this...

20 April 2014 - 08:48 PM

So I'm fairly certain my account itself is bugged at this stage because everytime I log in since ~2pm BST I get this...

A few things like cutscenes and dgs will 'pop' it back to normal perspective, but they don't fix the render distance which is so short I can only see half way across then room I am in in dg; but it reverts once I log out and back in.

I have checked for any missing/recent updates to revert - none are waiting and none happened that coulda coursed it midway through the day.
I have cleared my jagex cache twice, reinstalled the client twice, booted the game in safe mode, tried every world on the world list, restarted my router, fiddled with graphics settings etc. etc.

To add to the mystery I get this exact issue on my macbook, win 7 laptop and win 8 desktop across all browsers I tried but it ONLY happens on my main, some noob accounts I tried and one I even created to check all have perfectly normal display.

So anybody got any ideas of wtf I could try to fix this? Kinda running out of options and its annoying me cause it makes rs basically unplayable. Did send a tweet off to @jagexsupport and thinking I'll send a tech support ticket and spam some jmods if it's still like this tomorrow.