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#5382186 200M in all Skills

Posted by ImDustinHoffmanIRL on 19 March 2013 - 12:25 AM

People can't be trusted to remember who they are, man. SUOMI seems so much different now than he did a year ago. He needs to watch the wonder years, you know, so he can get back to his roots. That show is a godsend, an absolute masterpiece. There are many doctors that.. Okay, I don't want to generalize. A few decades ago I had this fascinating conversation with a Cardiologist and he said that it isn't him who saves people's lives via surgery, etc. He said he could feel the holy spirit flow through him. He said it was God who saved them, and God was just using him as a tool. Well, call me crazy, but I think sometimes the same phenomenon applies to artists. I think a true masterpiece can be a glimpse of God. And there is NOTHING that fits that description better than "The Wonder Years." Every episode reduces me to tears almost. It's about life, growing up, love, and baby boomers. Aside from baby boomers, those were the three big emotions/entities that I associated with SUOMI, which is why I wanted to see him succeed so damn much. (When he started playing again a few months ago, I did a jig when I heard the news.)He had so much passion, and I would've donated to him (IF I DIDNT GET MY 225k GRENWALL SPIKES HACKED. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.) Today though, those qualities have dissolved from SUOMI's personality and I hope it's just fatigue and not a case of "growing up" gone wrong.

#5377496 200M in all Skills

Posted by ImDustinHoffmanIRL on 08 March 2013 - 01:47 PM

This entire universe we are in is in a single atom in a fingernail of a person, so I heard somewhere. Similarly, there is also a massive tiny universe in one of the atoms of my fingernail.

I'm just kidding. That is just silly.

BUT, there truly is a massive universe inside the pixel of SUOMI's last xp point. They've been hiding there, assuming they'd never be surfaced, but SUOMI has chiseled away at the marble of runescape potential like Bernini sculpting "The Rape of Proserpina." SUOMI, at the height of his narcissism, still thinks it is all about him at this point.

And you inhumane bullies said it was "negligible." Just reprehensible. There is an entire universe full of life, wonder, and architecture separating SUOMI from 200M all and you're saying it's "negligible", thus trivializing an entire dimension of existence. Why don't you tell the fine fellahs living on the planet of Saradomakite, a planet very similar to Earth, that their existence is "negligible."

#5374340 200M in all Skills

Posted by ImDustinHoffmanIRL on 02 March 2013 - 07:12 AM

This thread has had the most depressing ending ever. It would be like if the Super Bowl concluded on a 100% objectively wrong call, on the very last play of the game.

#5371596 200M in all Skills

Posted by ImDustinHoffmanIRL on 23 February 2013 - 07:02 AM

I got 99 cooking for nostalgia purposes. When I played on my first account 10 years ago, my highest skill was like 43 strength.. But then cooking was 69! Then I got it up to 70. And that was without ever actively training cooking. So I felt like I was a heavy duty expert chef. So later, after maxing combat, I realized I wanted to revitalize that FLAME for cooking.

All the combat 99s I got so I could kick ass. I got almost 30M ranging experience, because I started as a range pure and as I got more and more range experience I really felt like my character was becoming a super expert at archery.

Actually, all my 99s I got because I really enjoyed feeling like I was making my character extremely well-rounded and talented and powerful.

I hope these anecdotes aren't off-topic. I'm just trying to give a perspective as to why some peppe might get 99s for reasons other than recognition. Though as an actor, I might get a tiny bit more emotionally invested in my character than some others do. (I'm not really buying that. I think just about everybody gets emotionally attached to their character. I mean you spend so much time with it, how could you not?)

#5365169 200M in all Skills

Posted by ImDustinHoffmanIRL on 11 February 2013 - 05:35 AM

I'm not sure about awe. I'm stunned, yes, but I find it all a bit nauseating really. I'm not taking anything away from what many other RuneScapers would see as an achievement, and it is an achievement. Nor is it my place to judge his life or how much he plays the game. However, this is a guy who said five months ago that he hated the game, but because he was such a perfectionist, he felt he had to go on. I can't really know what that feels like, but compulsively doing something against your own free will... that must be a such a horrible place to be.

I just hope that of all the emotions he feels when he finally does get 5B, a sense of personal freedom and liberty is the one that will be most prominent.

I'm a huge Ravens fan. Last season, the Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco led a last minute 80 yard game-winning touchdown drive to go to the Super Bowl, but the game-winning pass was dropped. Then, the field goal kicker missed a 32 yard field goal to go to overtime. I was so disgusted that I almost stopped watching football forever. I'd been waiting 11 years to go back to Super Bowl, but then two morons who weren't even part of the nucleus of the team screwed up all that hard work and heart of the rest of the team. But eventually in July, I realized that would be weak of me to give up on football. Well, now I'm pretty damn glad I never stopped watching football, because the Ravens just won the Super Bowl and Joe Flacco tied Joe Montana's playoff record.

#5337921 200M in all Skills

Posted by ImDustinHoffmanIRL on 06 December 2012 - 05:21 AM

For starters, I've kept my eye on the Hunt scores ever since the skill came out six years ago (it was my first 99). I pretty much know who everyone is that's on it.

I stated a while back on this thread (page 665 to be exact) that you can tell that they're all bots because they all have only Hunter ranked and have little to no quests done. Some of them also have similar names, like a four letter word followed by a four digit number. Some of them just blatantly have something along the lines of jgjklkl (that's an actual bot with 200M lol). It gets pretty obvious if you start looking all these people up and notice how it's almost as if the person making these accounts just ran their fingers along their keyboard until a valid account name came up.

If you wanna check them all out yourself, I recommend using this in lieu of the official RS hiscores as it's a lot less verbose and easier to navigate.


I'm friends with Paperbag and Elias, Bear was a known high level player back in the day, Carcass is known from his 5b xp goal, and I recently found out who Tiistai was from browsing through the pre keybag DG records list. (That being said, a lot of good DGers botted 2496 on their accounts lol) I think he's in Jebrim's clan or something though (I just checked his a-log once) so I'm sure he's legit.

Only a select few people can deal with the skill, it's probably one of the most hated as it's hard to find worlds to train it at and a lot of people just hate its constant clicking and repetition. The only way in hell that Hunter out of all skills in its current state would be the skill with the 3rd most amount of people at 200M (after Cooking and DG, I believe) is if it was completely infested with bots. That being said, I enjoyed getting 200M and it had nostalgic value to me as it was my first 99. Very few other people would legitimately enjoy doing it and that's why there are so few actual players with 200M. Hell, almost all of my maxed friends can barely even get 20M xp without ragequitting the skill.

So yeah basically I can 'tell' because I've dealt with this scenario before, know what your average bot name looks like, how their Hunter xp relates to any of their other RS achievements, been a hiscore junkie for a really long time, and know of mostly everyone entering the playing field, so to speak. Also, if there is monetary value to be obtained (red chins, not as much anymore though) and no rules are even remotely enforced against people who chose to do it, there will be chronic abuse of such activities which is exactly what you see here.

Hunter left me emotionally damaged. I got like 27 million hunter exp, which for me is an outrageously high number. I hunted grenwall spikes the whole time. I was ecstatic to finally be rich in runescape after playing for 10 years. I got to 230k grenwall spikes. With every muscle in my being, I resisted dumping them when I watched them plummet from 2k to 300 gp because of bots. Then BAM, they went up again. I was going to sell them at 1.65k each on the weekend. But then on Thursday my account got hacked. So now, I think of the song "God" by John Lennon when I think about hunting. "I was the walrus, but now I'm just John." "And so, dear friends, you'll just have to carry on. The dream is over."

And now grenwall spikes are apparently 300 gp again. So screw hunter. You used me. You spit my bones out, man.

And it almost made SUOMI fail in his mission. Thank goodness he's back. I read the news today, oh boy.