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Member Since 24 May 2011
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In Topic: What should I do next?

30 September 2011 - 10:00 PM

get 70 def or sell all the stuff you cant wear and buy a h'ween or santa. I've made about 40m off my green mask in a few weeks. 99 agility if your hardcore.

In Topic: Live Concerts

30 September 2011 - 09:05 PM

Haven't been to see it, but if you like dubstep and hot chicks, look up wobbleland 2011 on youtube.

In Topic: Rate & Help Me Clean My Bank?

30 September 2011 - 07:20 PM

Nice bank. The herblore tab is nicely organized, I suggest dumping all the items you don't use and fixing your tabs up a little.
I always have the first open tab with junk so if you pick something up you know your not going to keep you can just insert it in with the rest of your junk and it wont disorganize any of your other tabs.

I tend to use this order on the bulk of my accounts.

Tab 1] Teletab- Runes, teleports, staffs, rings and glorys.
Tab 2] Skilling- (most likely the largest tab) Herbs,pots,spades,axes anything else that relates to skilling, also keep food in here raw and cooked.
Tab 3] Armour/Range/Magic- All your combat equipment for all classes.
Tab 4] Coin Pile- Rares, skill capes, clothing and holiday items, misc stuff you may wear.

This leaves 4 open tabs and makes each tab look filled but still leaving a lot of space in your bank.

In Topic: Boxing. Am I doing something wrong?

30 September 2011 - 07:05 PM

Seems like he just got lucky, this can happen on some rare occasions I rarely box, but I have a dds staker and I'm level 62 with 69 strength 83 hp, and I have won a santa and 70m stake against 85 strength and 99 hp, its all just luck really, I bet if you staked him again you would of won. If your staking someone with the same or similar stats it varies in wins, If you win 3 in a row its more then likely your opponent will win the next duel. Personally in boxing I find switching from attack to defense after every hit. Watch some videos on youtube of boxing and you should get some tips :P

In Topic: Imi's Super Happy Fun Dungeon - [OSRS] - BACK FROM THE DEAD???

21 September 2011 - 08:38 AM

10/10 for 7 weeks in, I've played for 8 years+ and never even attempted to get barrows gloves, I hate skilling and quests. I'd suggest turmoil and chaotic maul, there are so many zerk builds these days and the 30-45 def with chaotics and turmoil seem to dominate.