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Zerker who left when EoC hit looking for advice.

10 March 2013 - 04:27 PM

As the title states, I left when EoC hit due to the belief that it would ruin all the work I put into the account. I'm open to playing again but I kinda have no idea what to do. I can't even wear items that I worked pretty damn hard for etc. So what should I do. Preferably if some of you could give examples of what other zerkers have done and the like. The most obvious idea is just to get 50 def and roll with it, but I'd like to hear other options.

Posted Image

Those are my stats. I'm a fully quested (item wise) zerker who got all def through quests and all that in the most efficient way.

So yeah, help a brother out. Please don't just come in here and go 'GET DEF LULZ H4H4' though :P


03 August 2012 - 10:02 PM

I made a small list of fanfic recommendations on another forum, so thought that maybe this forum may appreciate it/be remotely interested. I imagine there must be some people here who like fanfic other than me anyway. Maybe if the thread takes off I can beg to get an official fanfic thread. But anyway, here is a small list which is based toward anime as the list was for an anime thread on other forum. No rs fanfic because... just because.

Naruto - My most recent fandom, and a very good one at that once you body swerve the yaoi.

Team 8 by S'Tarkan - http://www.fanfictio...731239/1/Team_8 - In my opinion one of if not the best Naruto novel-length fic out there. Deals with an AU - what if Naruto ended up on a team with Hinata and Shikamaru. S'Tarkan is very well know for being a fantastic writer, and indeed he will have another fic in this post. If you only read one Naruto fic, it should probably be this.

Better Left Unsaid by Kenichi618 - http://www.fanfictio....er_Left_Unsaid - Written by a pretty well known (And hella prolific) fanfic author who is in the business of writing bad-ass Narutos. (He has crossover fics with pokemon, one piece, MGS and FMA iirc). Simple idea - Mizuki doesn't manage to tell Naruto about the Kyuubi. Very long, but very good (twss :ninja[Image blocked; please upload at an approved host.]

Freedom in the Eyes of Another by Oroburos69 - http://www.fanfictio....yes_of_Another - A short story (20k words) which is written from the point of a half mad Sakura as she rescues Naruto and Sasuke after being captured during the wave mission. Very well written and interesting.

He Had No Fingers by Gleam - http://www.fanfictio..._Had_No_Fingers - A terrifying short fic written in a wonderful style that seems wasted on fanfiction. Read it, just not before bedtime.

The Girl from Whirlpool by SilverShine - http://www.fanfictio....From_Whirlpool - A prequel fic about Naruto's parents. Was made AU by later chapters but a wonderful story. Well worth a read.

Candlelight by DrerrRedclaw - http://www.fanfictio...5/1/Candlelight - A oneshot about Shikamaru and Temari. Saying any more would spoil but a nice little fic.

Code Geass - A surprisingly smallish fandom with more Lelouch/Suzaku than anything else, but oh well..

Lelouch of Britannia by Cal Reflector - http://www.fanfictio....h_of_Britannia - THE Geass fic. One of two fics on this list with a similar premise. This one is, Lelouch immediately apologises after shouting at the emperor, and thus isn't exiled. Amazingly well written and very interesting and realistic.

Dauntless by Allora Gale -http://www.fanfictio...861/1/Dauntless - My personal favourite fic, this has Lelouch spotted by Clovis before the start of the Series' timeline, and he is forced into serving the emperor, while planning to destroy him. Not quite as well written as the above fic, but almost nothing is. Well written regardless, interesting, and very long too. 600k words and still going strong.

Evangelion - A few of you know my love for this series, but the fandom, while not as strong on ff.net as others, is still pretty damn good.

NGE - Nobody Dies by Gregg Landsman - http://www.fanfictio...NGE_Nobody_Dies - A story where the premise is... Well noone dies at the start. For example, Ikari Yui is still alive. It's a rare fic which manages to straddle the line between crack and serious and somehow work. Featuring a psychopathic but hilarious Rei, at one point a cognizant Eva called Go-kun, and much much more. Very famous and for good reason within the fandom. Brilliant. About 600k words of insanity.

Orchestrating the Silence by SerialRavist - http://www.fanfictio....ng_the_Silence - A Post-Third Impact fic where Shinji and Asuka are the only ones left. Very, very immersive. I've always been more of a fan of the Shinji/Rei pairing, but this is a very evocative fic, one of a few where when I read it, I really could feel as if I knew the places. Well written also. About 80k words and complete.

Shinji and Warhammer40k by Charles Bhepin - http://www.fanfictio....d_Warhammer40k - Oh boy. The only crossover on this list, but it's nuts. It's basically a fic about a God-Mode-Sue. If you know what that means you'll probably be going 'Aw heeeeeeell naw'. Well trust me, it works. Basically, as a child Shinji finds a box of Warhammer. And then GOOD THINGS happen. Absolutely insane. It reads like a Crossover of Eva, 40k, Gurren Lagaan, and a few more things I can think of. It's insane, stupid, and brilliant. Well written, though currently being re-written as the author disagrees. Currently at about 725k words.

Matters of Faith by jclong - http://www.fanfictio...atters_of_Faith - The premise is that Gendo, while being a *******, isn't evil, and is trying to do some good. Also features a Rei who fully believes she is a scientist and thus analyses everything. Doesn't sound great but has surprisingly well written content and a decent story. Around 340k words.

Fullmetal Alchemist - A smallish fandom dominated by Yaoi - only one or two decent fics in here.

Don't Forget by Giant Nickel - http://www.fanfictio...0/1/Dont_Forget - A decent fic set 5 years after one of the films of the series. Pretty well written with an interesting plot. Nothing special really.

He Who Searches for Himself by Yuuki Hikari - http://www.fanfictio....es_For_Himself - Another decent fic set post series. Has an interesting plot, and the writing gets better the longer it goes on. Again nothing special, but has a charm that makes it worth reading.

Bonus- this little section will feature either non-anime based fics or fics from very small fandoms.

Clannad - Vive Vale Gaude by Haggarth - http://www.fanfictio...Vive_Vale_Gaude - A fic that follows Ryou as she sacrifices everything so her friends can be happy. A fantastic and heartbreaking fic with a criminally low number of reviews. Read it if you like the series.

Haruhi Suzumiya - Meet the Suzumiyas by JonBob0008 - http://www.fanfictio...._the_Suzumiyas - the most famous Haruhi fic out probably, premise is that Kyon's family moves out, and thus he asks to live with Haruhi until he can sort out somewhere to live himself. Well written, interesting plot and OC's (Haruhi's Family) and overall worth a read.

Harry Potter - this gets it's own section because it's the biggest fandom out there, and is also the one I'm most familiar with (been part of it since about 2000)

Cauterize by Lady Altair - http://www.fanfictio...700/1/Cauterize - a one shot about the scars of war amongst other things. No other way to put it, beautifully written.

Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past by S'Tarkan - http://www.fanfictio....f_Futures_Past - the only author to feature twice on this list (Team 8) and with good reason. This is widely considered to be the first and best Time Travel type HP fic. Has a 30 y.o Harry who has finally won the war, but realises he has nothing left going back in time and merging with the soul of his younger self. Amazingly written.

Mud, Blood, and the Sound of Guns by chase glasslace - http://www.fanfictio...._Sound_of_Guns - One of the most famous HP one-shots, this one is about the muggles getting involved in the conflict between Voldemort and the Ministry. Very well written, with interspersed elements borrowed from poems (Including one of my favourites, The Burning of Paper Instead of Children by Adrienne Rich). Worth reading. Won't take long, do it.

Alexandra Thorn and the Thorn Circle by Inverarity - http://www.fanfictio....e_Thorn_Circle - A rare thing - a fic set in a world but not being part of it. In no way will any characters from Harry Potter be involved in these stories. Ask most fanfic fans, and many will say they hate OC's. This is ALL OC's, but is utterly amazing. This is the first of a 7 part series (4 released as of now) about the exploits of Alexandra Quick. Probably my favourite series, potentially tied with the next fic.

Living with Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow - http://www.fanfictio....ng_with_Danger - A totally AU fic which has an OC named Danger (Hermione's much older sister) as one of the main characters. While this sends off alarm bells immediately, the series (whose author published their first actual novel this June) is wonderfully written and has a wonderful plot. The first of a 5 part series (number 5 is being written now). This series is amazing and I cannot rec it enough.

Prince of the Dark Kingdom by Mizuni-sama - http://www.fanfictio....e_Dark_Kingdom - an AU fic where Voldemort managed to take over wizarding britain around the time Harry was born. Follows Harry's life and experiences. Can't say much without spoiling, but has a wonderful plot, good characterisation, and is well written somehow. Why somehow? Because this fic is a just under a staggering 1.1m words. That's right. For perspective, War and Peace has under 600k. Amazing.

So uh, enjoy and discuss.

Imi's Super Happy Fun Dungeon - [OSRS] - BACK FROM THE DEAD???

01 September 2011 - 12:07 PM

Yo.  I'm Paul aka imi aka PpJt.  Some of y'all may know me, some may not.  I quit RS a while ago, when EOC was introduced (you can see by my RS3 stats I gave it a slight effort before leaving).  Despite having managed to get out, like herpes the desire to play runescape came back.  I discovered the existence of 07scape, and decided I'd give it a go again.  God damnit.


Spoilered the stuff below, as it was suuuper out of date.  Maybe I'll update it soon, but for now just go to the end of the blog...



'Stuff that I never update

First 99 :D

01 July 2011 - 05:32 PM

My first 99 evar.

Here is the pic.

Posted Image