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#5584916 What happened to these forums?

Posted by Fallstar on 16 February 2016 - 07:15 PM

For me personally, I stopped playing RS a lot, spent another year or so playing in bursts and then stopped playing completely. Even after I stopped playing completely I stayed around on various community sites/irc and kept up with a couple of youtube channels etc. but that dropped off over time and nowadays I just have sporadic contact with the closer friends I made from RS.


The game feels completely alien even from when I used to enjoy playing, which wasn't so long ago... and I won't be playing RS3 again. For those of us who did mostly use TIF for the RS related side of things rather than off topic, once you stop playing you obviously check the site less and less and get out of the habit of doing so. I'd guess it's mostly the OT guys who are still around now?


I don't see reddit as a replacement for forums, I use both mediums differently and very, very rarely contribute anything myself on reddit. But I can see how people would focus more on subreddits than community sites nowadays.

#5557941 Behind The Scenes: May 2015

Posted by Fallstar on 03 May 2015 - 12:56 PM

Even with the xp waste/200m all mindset getting into full gear in 2010/2011, competitive castle wars and dungeoneering were still extremely popular, you can blame eoc for the death of both of those.

#5549677 My Little Brony: Friendzone is Tragic

Posted by Fallstar on 20 March 2015 - 11:09 PM

Even though I barely played for months, seeing those effigy pics still makes me want to log back in and slay all weekend, just for the warm feeling of seeing that teddy bear on the ground. I think I need help.

#5521445 Recent trend to include PvM into Comp Cape, i.e. Rush of Blood [Split]

Posted by Fallstar on 01 October 2014 - 06:05 PM


It all comes down to whether or not you're going to put in the effort to achieve your goals.




Please, 'learning' to kill a boss is not something worthy of "put in the effort to achieve your goals." The people who are complaining about this requirement (of which I am not one) have no problem with putting effort in - they've already obtained the comp cape several times with the traditional requirements, which required far more effort than a little rs 'pvm'. Most of these people are complaining about the nature of these latest reqs, which are dissimilar to what the comp cape used to stand for.


To be frank, those people have a stake in this discussion - do you? If not, maybe you should think twice before putting them down by suggesting they are not willing to put the effort in.

#5498245 200M in all Skills

Posted by Fallstar on 31 May 2014 - 07:47 PM

SC/SH boots/General loss of value of account progression -> http://puu.sh/8OjHW

#5492964 Behind The Scenes - May

Posted by Fallstar on 01 May 2014 - 08:02 PM

Honestly the ninja team has done more things that I value than the main content teams have.

#5492551 200M in all Skills

Posted by Fallstar on 29 April 2014 - 03:28 PM

When Drumgun, Fors and some others are all 5.2b, the race to 5.4 (assuming they all go for 5.4) will probably be the most interesting time to be following the top players since Elias & Telmo's race for rank 1.

#5492546 Post all RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!

Posted by Fallstar on 29 April 2014 - 03:14 PM




#5492545 Master Skillcapes & Combat Improvements

Posted by Fallstar on 29 April 2014 - 03:12 PM



Honestly some of you guys talk so much shit about some stuff. If I decide that I want a firemaking cape, and I buy the logs for it, then at what point in that process did someone force me? I set myself a goal and decided to work towards it. And no, just because Jagex put the goal there does not mean I was subliminally manipulated into getting it. There's no conspiracy. Maybe I just wanted the bloody cape.



#5492498 Vorago/ROTS

Posted by Fallstar on 29 April 2014 - 05:44 AM

If you have gear + know how to do speed kills duo nex is the best gp/hr pvm atm.

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#5492035 200M in all Skills

Posted by Fallstar on 26 April 2014 - 12:45 AM

Decided to do a quick Top 15 update seeing as we haven't had one in so long. However it turns out these things take bloody ages so this is most likely a one off from me, but we'll see.

1. Suomi - 5,020,000,000 (+0)
Still not gaining any xp, which will likely remain the case for the forseeable future. Curious as to whether he intends to ever finish off divination and the new skill, perhaps when a new player has taken rank 1 and a little of the spotlight?

2. Drumgun - 4,870,296,676 (+7.1M)
Drumgun has started training smithing, having all the bonus xp for 200m banked. Expect him to blow the previous record out of the water. Additionally, some moderate gains in slayer and agility, as well as farming which likely comes from a mix of farm runs and warbands. Having now overtaken Suomi in tt200m all, he is likely our future rank 1. I expect he will also be the first player to 120 all skills, as he plans to obtain smithing (his last) a few days after 120 capes are released.

3. Jake - 4,735,379,587 (+7.9M)
Slightly increased gains compared to recently, Jake continues to do warbands, switching focus back to mining with a little smithing. The bulk of his gained xp comes from fishing, which he will hit 200m in early next week, so early gratz to Jake m8.

4. Jdelacroix - 4,623,197,596 (+6.7M)
Jd continues with his consistent, moderate xp gains, although he has been doing a lot of BA recently so he is making more progress than the trackers show. He has also completed all of his warband skills, so other players have an easy 2.2m weekly boost in comparison. Most of his gains come from divination and agility, with a favourable agility ratio.

5. Forsberg888 - 4,542,356,546 (+52M)
Strong gains in smithing make up the bulk of Fors's xp, as well as the agility that comes with that from SH boots. Book of char and warbands round out his week. Given his impressive progress this past year, he will likely be a strong contender for the first player to 5.4B xp.

6. Dragonseance - 4,376,038,516 (+15M)
Has been working on his true completionist goal this week, aiming to complete his yaktwee stick. This has resulted in good progress in hunter and agility. Book of char and warbands provide the standard daily xp, although he has somehow gained a little extra mining xp, perhaps using up some bonus via geysers? Tree runs round off his week. Nice to see another top player join Jake in streaming too.

7. Geel - 4,346,559,838 (+12M)
The week has been a goud one for geel, with basic daily gains in mining, firemaking and farming. He has been camping a lot of SC and BA for bonus however, so his true progress is also a lot more than the trackers show. Some small thieving gains also, probably from the occasional aura hour. As another player capable of putting a lot of hours in, expect much greater progress once he has finished banking bonus.

8. Alkan - 4,257,653,278 (+32M)
A fairly varied week for Alkan, who is closing in on 120 all skills, having hit thieving this week, and probably agility and hunter relatively soon. Moderate gains in divination, miningbands, book of char, some additional firemaking and fishing round off another decent week for alkan.

9. Almostlost - 4,099,900,122 (+5.7M)
Richard is almostfinished being late to deposit in heist every bleeping time banking thieving and hunter via heist. Book of char, smithingbands and daily rc challenges round out his week. More importantly, he gained 8 points to his aoc rating.

10. My Kingz - 4,006,406,726 (+34M)
Kingz is powering through thieving, which in addition to decent gains in boot recharging and tent clicking (or resouce clicking), give him one of the better weeks from the top 10. Strong gains recently suggest that he will continue to gain ranks and push higher.

11. Elvis - 3,919,838,015 (+230k)
Is giving everyone else a chance to get ahead, so that it's vaguely fair when he starts to play for real again. JK he's busy playing volleyball irl. <3

12. Paperbag - 3,797,535,624 (+7.3M)
Divination and agility make up the bulk of paperbag's week, who has the dubious honour of being the player from the top 15 most screwed over by SH boots. A few odd gains in slayer and woodcutting make up the rest of his week. Might be gaining bonus xp, or simply playing in moderation, I am unsure.

13. Roger Al - 3,624,371,065 (+28M)
Divination and the little hunter that goes with it makes up the majority of Roger's progress, with moderate gains in farming and dungeoneering. Most of his farming gains come from warbands, which is fair enough since he is already 200m in both mining and smithing.

14. Crystalfarm - 3,613,052,591 (+9.3M)
Moderate gains in varied skills is the story of Cfarm's week, with 500k-2m gains in Woodcutting, fishing, firemaking, crafting, smithing, mining and construction. Variety is the spice of life!

15. Buddhism - 3,546,613,344 (+33m)
A new face in the top 15, Buddhism's decent weekly gains are primarily composed of hunter, with a little farming and fletching alongside. Having sped through the top 100 in the past year, we may see him climb even higher in the future.

#5491438 22-Apr-2014 - A Shadow Over Ashdale

Posted by Fallstar on 22 April 2014 - 11:35 AM



Nice how you can see the buildings reflected in the puddles. The town looks really nice overall too.

#5491327 200M in all Skills

Posted by Fallstar on 21 April 2014 - 07:58 PM

You are looking at this from the wrong perspective, what I am merely saying is that you cannot deem someone inefficient or a bad skiller because they don't play  a lot. I would not classify someone who plays 10 hours/day at a low efficiency a better skiller than someone who plays 3 hours/day at a high efficiency. The way you are classifying people is rather unfair and unjustified. 


I understand your point but it is the wrong counter argument.


If you set the goal of skilling as to acquire xp, then how good of a skiller you are is measured by how much xp you can gain.


I'm not saying it as an insult or anything lol, I've probably logged in on about 30 days out of the past 180. My time ratio would be among the lowest. Just some observations about who the best skillers are, given the above caveat.

#5491323 200M in all Skills

Posted by Fallstar on 21 April 2014 - 07:12 PM

Efficiency is merely a ratio. Your performance / Optimum possible performance. Two variables, your efficiency ratio * your hours played give your experience gained. The objective of skilling is to acquire xp, not to only improve your efficiency ratio. This requires the time variable as well.


Since with relatively low effort you can make your efficiency ratio near 1, for the vast majority of players time is the dominant variable. So no, the better skiller in almost all cases is the one who puts more time in.


For an easy comparison you can also turn time into a ratio; your time played / Maximum possible time played. Then simply compare the two fractions. Most players will have an efficiency ratio far greater than their time ratio. This is why the best skillers generally have time ratios which deviate from the average more than their efficiency ratios do, as there is more room for improvement in that fraction compared to average than there is in the efficiency fraction.



|------------------------------------X------|  X = average player's efficiency ratio


|--------------Y----------------------------|  Y = average player's time ratio


There is a greater potential to excel in Y than there is in X.


Many years ago the average player's efficiency ratio was much lower, due to efficient methods having higher barriers to entry and a different focus in the community. So players like Zarfot could excel by improving their efficiency ratio. However as the average efficency ratio has increased over time more than the average time ratio, this is no longer the case.

#5491321 200M in all Skills

Posted by Fallstar on 21 April 2014 - 06:33 PM

Well you have to consider efficiency and time spent. Someone could play perfectly optimally, but if it's only for an hour or two a day, then compared to the top they are not very effective skillers. Just because you gain your xp more efficiently than another player, does not make you a better skiller.


Most particularly apm/micro intensive methods have diminishing returns, so there is only really a certain minimum level of efficiency required for most players - the best skillers are the ones who can hit this minimum level and put in the long hours/day.


Whilst on the subject, one common mistake is fletching broad arrows whilst doing traders. For most players (>99%) they will have enough down time where they are not doing anything in particular on RS that they could use that time to get fletching instead. Yet some of these players still add unnecessary micro to thieving by fletching at the same time. It's fake 'efficiency' for those who are not reasonably close to 200m all.