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Member Since 30 Jun 2011
Offline Last Active Aug 12 2011 12:22 AM

[bleep]ing noobs at bandos

08 July 2011 - 06:30 PM

why is it all the high levels are complete [puncture]s?
was doing a ffa split with my clan and this goon comes in and tries crashing
high level [cabbage] good gear, bandos, maul, cls, elysian, claws. and he comes to leech of us?
ironic name...........

Posted Image

shame to him.

Runescape tools By G E 3 K

08 July 2011 - 04:08 PM

Hey guys! some of you may or may not know me and hey to all those who dont :D
I've been playing runescape for about 6 years and programming about 5.
Ever since i started playing runescape i've always thought about making programs to help me, not bots but things such as a ge look up etc(more explained below)
I've made several smaller programs for runescape but my source codes have been lost/deleted over time.
I use to program for websites and have had an accumulative download base of over 30,000 downloads.

I like the idea of swiftkit, its a very popular program and has alot of neccessary tools that help players in many ways.
However, there are drawbacks. For instance its an in-form browser utility. i dislike this because you can't access the features of it when using full screen etc, which to me defeats the purpose of using it.
One thing i did and didn't like about swiftkit was the IRC.
IRC servers proove a threat to system security, however i do liek the many functions the IRC server provides, such as !Commands, eg: !GE amulet of fury, would display the fury prices and 30, 90 and 120 day changes.

What i would like to achieve over time is a small, in-game accessible button in which you can open/hide the tools for quick accessibility and ease of use.

Screen sizing support: fixed, resizable and full screen, With access to the software utilities.
Adventure log notifier ( also would like to add some sort of adventure log logger, logs all noticable drops on alog and adds there current ge value )
XP/Rank gain tracker (such as runetracker)
Grand exchange
Quest guides and/or links to these. Information displayed via the utility would be better rather than having to open a browser.
Treasure trails, all guides + locator
One-Line commands eg. !ge item(grandexchange), !hs NAME(hiscores), !Adv NAME(adventure log) etc.

One thing i would like to know is where should i display the information? User chatbox or interface/


This is only the first stages of it:

note i am using the old logout icon: Posted Image to open/display and close the utility. ( due to change upon graphical rework )

Out of browser in an unfixed state:

Posted Image

In Browser(fixed) :

Posted Image

The above applies for resizable and full screen at the moment however it isn't full coded yet.

As you can see this needs major graphical rework which will be done, but only once the hard coding has been done first.

This was just a first preview of my ongoing development of my project.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions and faqs appreciated.