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Member Since 24 Oct 2011
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Episkey | Pride In Skilling

24 October 2011 - 08:42 AM

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This thread is made on a 22" wide screen monitor and is proportioned to fit that, if it looks odd on your screen i apologize.

I am incredibly lazy when it comes to typing properly so if you see any mistakes (there are 100's) just let me know please.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLXt3yh2g0s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEd4NfmMI6U&feature=related
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gujB7A5ycew http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaIZ0mUJzr0

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Episkey, previously known as Pixel Tamer, is my main that i created in 2006. He started out as a pure that progressed pretty well to at one point having 85 att 99 str and 1 defence but then all the trade limit stuff happened so i decided i wanted to get my monies worth out of the game so i became main and since then have progressed to what i am now, i have taken many many breaks and i thought i had finally quit the account for good in late 2010 when i was hacked and i had my entire bank taken and all of my untradeables dropped, including 5 chaotics.

I have chosen to start him up again as i was over being so limited on fiend, all i could do was stake. Episkey well be very heavily centered towards PvM as that is my very favorite aspect of the game. I will be setting a variety of goals all towards becoming the perfect PvMer. I Have since stopped playing on stake fiend for the time being as im enjoying rs so much more on Episkey, ill will still keep his blog up as i feel its a good read for viewers and a nice rags to riches story.

This blog was also orignally posted on another fansite which is why i have blogs dated from awhile back :P but this board looks alot better and seems to be very active and doesn't have delete happy mods (:

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The 27th of October 2011
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2400 total! :-D , never thought i would ever get this. I am progressing very nicely with 81 total levels until i max cape the majority of which being buyables. I attained this total level through still doing my daily farming runs and i also grew 1k torstol so going to just hold onto them until the market chills out because i am pretty certain they will rise as the value of gp being to increase (DERP).

Also got 99 firemaking a quick and easy 99 which i did with mainly yews because i cbf with maple xp/rate, also 96 woodcutting afking so will probably just go straight through to 99 as i still have some uni assignments to finish + just general browsing and watching movies + tv shows, recently attained first 3 seasons of dexter so that should be amazing.

I have been trying to do theiving but i just cant get into the mood, i have about ~10 hours until 90, i also mentioned i might try do some quests but hey.....i didn't as usual :P. Im also a bit concerned with construction atm as well, im hoping mahogany don't rise to much :S[

The 19th of October 2011
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I have done quite a bit of skilling since 99 slayer and might even forget all that i have achieved so bare with me :P. Gotten a fair few stats to 90 these include : Smithing, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Farming and Crafting along with aldo finishes both the ardy elite diary and the freminik elite diary. I still however have not done all the quests and i know i am going to regret it if i dont finish them by the time dominion tower comes out....but what the heck.

Now onto how i trained the skills, Smithing was done doing ceremonial swords at the artisans workshop up until 88 and then switched to addy plates until 90, i thought i liked smithing but have found out i really dont and 99 is going to be a bit of a struggle, certianly won't be able to do it all at once like some people (*cough* nyu :XD:). Woodcutting was basically nothing, because i basically did nothing, i just sat at ivy for a few days while doing uni assignments and next thing i knew i was 91 woodcutting, such an easy skills and i now know longer wonder why i was ranked 700k at 80. Firemaking......oh how i hate it, Will NEVER understand why is it classed as an "easy" skill, it is not easy so much clicking. But anyway im currently 93 firemaking and did it all with yew logs because they are like 2gp/xp lmfao also got my adze which i have always wanted.

Farming just happened really, started doing tree runs with magics and palms but have since moved to palms and maples (yews and magics same cost, dam spines!) because i really cbf spending the money on magics.Also throwing in torstol farming when doing skills i cant stand ( smithing, firemaking), think i farmed about 2k torstol so nice profit there. Finally we move onto crafting which i did mainly when i wanted to watch a movie or something because they only buy 1k every 4 hours so had to wait a bit for them to buy in mass amounts, i think i cut around 30-40k of them probably more. you lose about 400-500gp per emerald so its not that bad considering there speed (up to 5k cut an hour).

I think thats about it besides doing the diaries which i will probably try and finish all that i can tommorrow, i think they only one i cant do is karajma with its rc requirement.I'm also going to try and do some quests but no promises.....Might wait until runefest happens and see what they say about the tower. 24h should be more then enough time to complete the quests needed.

The 4th of October 2011

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Again there was a long time between updates but this is mainly due to me not having anything to inform you of!. But now i do i have achieved 99 slayer! something i never thought i would achieve and is definitely my favorite achievement to date. I used the effigy slayer lsit which i will post at the bottom of this for anyone who wishes to read it follow it. Its basically just a lsit to maximise effigies per hour and brings it down to about 1 effigy per 90k slayer xp.

I ended up getting 30 effigies from slaying along with the 21 i got from glacors so i used all 51 to get me from 97-99 slayer in about 10 minutes :D. Passed a few milestones while slaying currently at 36m hp xp and almost 30m str xp which is pretty impressive imo, oh and i almost forgot i did power slayer with cannon turmoil etc but my slayer tab ended up at 45m from 93-97 so i think i made a bit of money (:. Also been doing a little bit of fishing and i am at 97 at the moment so close to crossing another goal of the list :P

I will probably be getting the quest cape back in the next couple of days as i have a hunch it will be useful for the upcoming update dominion tower. I think i have about 8-10 quests to do or so so wont take me to long, oh and wow i almost forgot i got 99 fishing lmfao.

The 19th of September 2011

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Been awhile since update, lacing the motivation and these forums seem pretty inactive these days :( Anyway onto what ive been up to. I have gained a fair few levels including some farming crafting but msotly fishing. At the moment i am 96 fishing and would already be 99 but Rotm came out so i had to do that and then camped at glacors until i got 100 shards which took a few days.

Along the way i collected 21 effigies and received 2 boot drops; Ragefire and Steadfast which sold for 6.5 and 20.5m. Getting the staff took me 45-50 hours of killing as i was not doing the fastest killing method was just doing it chilled. As of now im trying to sell the staff but its plain sttupid with price manipulators etc so just going to wait and see.

Now that i have done the staff i will most likely continue fishing until 99 with a little bit of dungeoneering, once im finished fishing i will move onto rc. Want to get the slow skills out of the way :P Oh yeh and livid farm, im about 300k produce from finishing it so will have to complete that at some point.

The 24th of August 2011

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Well i think im back to this game after all :P i have updated my goals to include and extensive list that should keep me going for quite some time. Since stopping this thread i have gained 99 Mining and Agility! two skills i thought i would never get.

Also done a bit of minigaming when the temple trekking revamp came out and attained the full constructors outfit which will come in handy. along with this had some slight gains in skills including 83 Thieving an 85 Fishing along with 81 farming. Also being doing a bit of livid farm i currently have 100k produce so only 750k to go......yeah its gonna take me awhile going to do 5k astrals at a time.

Thats all for now going to be mostly concentrating on Fishing with a bit of livid farm and some herb runs. Oh yeh and with the herb runs using farming juju potions which omfg took me 400 kills of jadinkos in order to get ONE ugene seed like fml, but since then i got 2 more and my scroll of life has given me 3 seeds back while farming them so pretty stocked up


The 22nd of May 2011

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Basically just been spending all my time at nex and i have pretty much got it down now, havn't died in awhile :P. Managed to get 5 nex drops; Virtus Mask, Virtus Top, Zaryte bow, Torva platelegs and Pernix body. So my bank has got a nice little increase and should keep increasing now that i will be doing smaller teams as im better at nex.

Havnt really been able to nex with pid yet beause of the team requirements, full pernix and div o-0. i dont think so haha. So just been doing void teams so i bought a pernix top for them (880m -.-). Once i cna afford chaps im going to dg for a eagle eye kite shield then i should be good for pid teams (:

The 13th of May 2011
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Finally (: I know in my goals i only need 96 summoning but PID updated their reqs and 99 summon is now required so i had to get that. I got 96 Magic and Summoning at rock lobsters, it was at this point i decided i was never going back there even again. So i slayed for 99 summoning, 90-93 slayer got me 15 effigies + 98 summoning i then used all the effigies on summoning and ended up 350kish from 99 so i went to td's and got the remaining charms/effigies needed for 99.

I did magic at soul wars because imo its the best xp over 300k an hour most of the time making it very fast, 99 magic makes me truly maxed 138 combat which i never thought i would get but i have got it (:. All that i need for pid now is ardy 3 which is 2 hours approx so wont take long and the cape will be good for ffa corp. From there i need to learn how to nex at which point i can start joining pid teams and get the 4 referral i need to join and i will of finally achieved my goal of being in the top PvM clan.

The 2nd of May 2011
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Haven't been playing that much but still managed to get some stuff done, 94 magi and summoning. All ive been doing when playing is bursting lobs which is one of the most boringest things this game has to offer. First trip that i bought super prayers on i managed 1.6k crims which is pretty decent but then on my 2nd trip i forgot my barrows gloves + onyx ring(i) but everything else was the same and i managed to get 2.1k crims, So i have no idea what made the difference but im hoping for another 2k+ crims my next trip.

I think ive got about 4k crims to go until 96 summoning but im hoping i wont need to get all of them and that i can use my blues,golds and greens even though the latter of the two are awful xp i just really dont like bursting and it kills my motivation to play.

The 26th of April 2011
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Wel.......I didn't want to burst so i bought 99 prayer :P, it cost me 118m for 6.6k frost bones which got me from 95-99 in about 5 hours, incredibly fast xp. I always planned on getting 99 prayer because i needed 98 for 138 cmb (with 96 summon) so i figured why not get 99 + i like the cape alot.

Went on a bursting trip but it was short lived, got 320 charms before my friend asked me to go duo armour so i couldn't say no, we didn't have the best setup, neither of us have yak's and only i have the unicorn but we did alot better then expected getting 45 kills so that was nice, we also got an arma helm drop but only 1.6m each....-.-

But rest assured there is litterally nothing else i can do but burst (unless i start buying 99's.......but i will try my best not to). I discovered i still have my hati paws at 100% so that's definitely an unexpected bonus and should bring up 90 mage in the next few days.

The 24th of April 2011
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300 ma rank and 96 herblore done. 96 herblore was pretty fast but a little bit tedious as i made 1k overloads from 95-96 and when you make 4 per invent.....yeh it can be very boring and slow and requires constant attention.

Herblore hwoever was nothing compared to 300 rank, i already had 105 rank from when ma came out and i no lifed it the night it came out but stopped straight away. If i had of started from rank 0 i may not have made it to 300, i did make it however after many hours of suiciding because i could not be bothered actually trying to play it when i was already getting to the cap (12 ranks per hour) every hour. Its probably the most annoying thing about ma and a dominate reason why it snot very popular, i would of lost 20-25 ranks because of it, for some reason they dont warn you before the game that your at the limit, it instead waits until u finish the game and gives you no rank for it.

Only one more thing left on my list and that is bursting lobs for summon and magic, it is easily the biggest goal on my list and will take me about a week IF i play everyday and spend all my time bursting while logged in, im going to try and do this but i can make no promises. It will more then likely take me around 2 weeks because i really really hate bursting..

The 19th of April 2011
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2 More goals i can cross of the list :D Chaotic Maul and Rigour, so thats dungeoneering for the time being although i will probably go back in the near future simply because its fun and there are a few more things i would like to buy. Also did some herblore now at level 95 so will be 96 by next update, making overloads with ales and its incredibly boring and painful, 4 potions an invent is not fun...got about 500 or so to go until 96 herblore.

Probably gonna delay bursting until 200 ma rank :P which i estimate im about 8 hours away from so will be doing that over the next few days then i will burst. Making good progress with my goals might be done all a bit ahead of schedule, really just depends on how much time i dedicate to bursting per day. Oh and almost forgot turns out you don't need chaotic maul for nex anymore but i bought it anyway, pretty fun to bandos/td's with :P

Death update also came recently so will be interesting to see what happens to the economy if its effected at all, also the easter update which i was pretty dissapointed with...but at least the emote is nice.

The 18th of April 2011
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Got my chaotic crossbow, my firecape and did a little bit of herblore. Dungeoneering tokens are coming in at rapid rates..im already 100k tokens into my chaotic maul so i met get that today if i don't go on a bursting trip (which is very likely....so boring). As you can see in the picture (look at the time) its possible for almost 40k tokens an hour (on warped). The average dungeoneering time is about 25 minutes but sometimes you get a really good layout like the picture to the left and its incredibly fast. Im 103 dg at the moment will be 104 when i get my maul and rigour prayer.

Also got my firecape, took me 5 attempts, kind of sad haha considering my stats. Takes me about 45 minutes to get to jad so its not to bad, but on my first attempt i failed hard, 2nd attempt i killed all the healers only for them to come back and start healing again so i got them all tanked on me again and they were still healing jad so i was like umm wtf...This whole time jad was like 1/5hp coz i was out hitting the healers but then i died coz healers were stressing me out. 3rd time was a failure died on like wave 45 because of i somehow hit my quick prayers and didn't realize until i died. 4th time i got to jad was going good but then i switched wrong and bam 890 dead. BUT fifth time i did it! woot.

Also did alot bit of herblore, 93 atm with 95 banked at which point ill have 2k+ of all the extremes so plenty of supplies for ovl which i will make by using ales.

The 16th of April 2011

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Got a little but done over the last few days. Got my full void with elite top and bottom and both ranger and melee helm, completed seers 4...ive never liked achievement diaries and i never will they just seem so tedious. Also went on a bursting trip and did some dungeoneering.

Bursting is going to definitely be the longest goal on the list ive never been there before and thought it would be a little bit faster then it was but oh how i was wrong, my trip lasted about 5 and a half hours and i got 850 crims but it felt like 3 days its just so boring. The invent i bought wasn't the best like i bought 4 xtreme magics because i somehow managed to forgot about vecna's skull.... With a few changes i think i should be able to get my trips to over 1k crimsons per invent pushing them up to around 8 hours.

Onto dungeoneering, it has improved greatly since i stopped doing it all that time ago. 3 binds only is amazing and 30 minute larges are considered average these days, Getting my 2 chaotics should be pretty cruisy as i have already got 90k tokens and it felt like nothing.

I will probably just be bursting in offf peak times and doing dungeoneering in peak times as theres so many teams in peak times, when i finish dungeoneering ill move onto ma.