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#5515249 Is it too late to train summoning?

Posted by Tui on 27 August 2014 - 01:40 PM

Yes, it is too late, sorry. They just closed the skill about an hour ago. You could've trained it had you started yesterday, but it's too late now :/

#5473038 Dg for Dummies

Posted by Tui on 13 January 2014 - 03:19 AM

The guide now has puzzles, except polter. Expect a few minor updates over the next few days. Please give feedback if you notice a mistake, this guide is really long and it's hard to get everything. 

#5461812 Dg for Dummies

Posted by Tui on 10 November 2013 - 03:34 AM

Dungeoneering for Dummies
By Tui
Huge special thanks to: Chu Dsl, Warfare52, Corrupt Idea, and El Bomb
Last updated on: 19/05/2016
The puzzle portion of this guide was ported to Tip.it's main page, located here.
Need a dungeoneering clan? Check out DGS

I'm Tui, ex-admin of DGS with well over 200m xp gained in the skill. I've spent hundreds of hours teaching the skill and experimenting with it. I was in charge of resolving discussions regarding efficiency in DGS for well over a year. I authored various dungeoneering guides and it is my hope to pass on this knowledge to future generations of dungeoneers. 
This guide is intended for anyone who considers themself lacking in some aspects of the skill. It somewhat progresses from the absolute beginner to the experienced. My other guides are primarily targeted at the expert, though you may wish to read them once you've got a good understanding of these "basics". 
Feedback or pointing out mistakes is appreciated. Even more appreciated is quoting with your own wording/correction provided. 
@ Tif staff, you are free to edit this guide. I'd appreciate it if you pm me any edits.
I hope you enjoy that I suffered through hundreds of 20 minute floors so you don't have to. Good luck, and most of all, enjoy it: this skill is addicting when you play with friends, compare times, and even forget your goal. If you're interested I'm sure you'll improve quickly. Even my first time keying was a disaster  ;)
Table of Contents
  • Introduction [INTD] 
  • Getting started [GTSD]
  • Prestige [PRST]
  • Familiarizing yourself with Daemonheim [FYWD]
  • Low-level training [LLTN]
  • Skilling & Rushing [SKRS]
  • Binds [BNDS]
  • Class Rings [CSRG]
  • Floor choices [FLCH]
  • The Map (Part I) [TMP1]
  • Critical path [CRPT]
  • Abilities [ABLT]
  • Monsters [MSTR]
  • Puzzles [PZZL]
  • Miscellaneous [MSCS]
  • Bosses [BSSS]
  • Credits [CRDT]
Dungeoneering is a safe skill. Dying inside Daemonheim only has an xp penalty (-13%).

The purpose of this skill is to open rooms to get to & kill the boss to go to the next floor. The more rooms opened the more xp gained.
Getting Started 
Required items:
None (but must be able to bank all items)
Getting there
At the arrow click Sail Fremennik shipmaster.
At the question mark talk to the dg tutor to receive a Ring of kingship (ring). You can now teleport to the yellow square where the Rewards Trader is. Bank all your items except for your ring. 
Click on your ring. This will open a Party Organizer tab, allowing you to venture into daemonheim.
Click form a party. Click “Change” adjacent to floor to select the floor, right now only 1, so click confirm. Click “Complexity” and click confirm. Clicking confirm without selecting a number will choose your highest. All portals in this area are useless. Click Climb-down Dungeon entrance, marked on the map above by the arrows. You are now in daemonheim. Right click and select bind on the battleaxe or the bow and arrows. Armour doesn't matter much now but at 20 dungeoneering you will be able to bind a body to wear. Right click the NPC “Bind-setup Smuggler” and click this arrow:
There are 6 types of doors in dg: a regular enter door, a skill requirement door, a guardian door, a key door, a puzzle door and the boss door. Key doors require you to pick up keys from the floor (up to 1 key found per room). Guardian doors require you to kill all monsters in the room. Puzzle doors require you to complete the puzzle. The boss door is a 1 way door, as you cannot exit the boss room in combat without the use of teleports.
Open doors and watch the minimap for red dots so you can pick up keys. In the last room you will fight a boss, kill it and click End-dungeon Dungeon ladder. You will now see an interface showing how much xp you earned. Click the arrow in the top right of this interface and then click the [1]. You can also right click the [1] to leave. 
You will need to continue doing another 4 extremely similar floors to unlock complexity 6 (c6).
Open your party details by clicking your ring. View the floors available.
b94Cus3.png If every single floor has a check mark beside it, click the reset button b94Cus3.png
Failure to do so will cause a dramatic decrease in xp. Clicking the reset button without having all your floors checked off will also cause a dramatic decrease in xp.
Your party details also tells you how many floors are checked off (Current Progress) and how many you checked off before resetting last time (prestige/previous progress). The order you do your floors in does not matter. If you check off more floors than you did last time your prestige will go up without resetting for the remaining floors. Eg. I did floor 1-3 before resetting last time and am therefore 3 prestige. From doing floors 1-3 I unlocked f4, so I do that and get 4 prestige for it. All floors are now checked off so I reset and now have 4 prestige. 
IlgJm53.png Floors in dg are split into themes. You can complete any floor of a theme to count for another. For example, if I've done floor 11 and do it again it will check off floor 10 with no xp penalty. Floor 12, being a different theme, cannot count for floor 11. Doing a lower floor to count for a higher floor (all lower floors of that theme complete) reduces your xp, although sometimes it is worth the decrease in xp to avoid certain bosses. The Bosses section suggests which floors to do in each theme.
Familiarizing yourself with Daemonheim
Your starting room is your base where you can loot your starting items, purchase supplies, process resources, and home teleport to.
Anything unmarked is useless and should be ignored unless crafting a specific item to bind. You can find details on how to make those items elsewhere.
The first thing to get used to is which fish to take. Usually, the answer is Salve Eels, but you can examine any item or resource in daemonheim to find out what tier it is.
At the start of each dungeon you will probably want to loot a little food, pick up an expensive item to sell to the smuggler to purchase feathers and rune essence, and then go to the rc altar and craft cosmic and law runes. Be wary of keys that hide under the smuggler and create and lay a personal gatestone at the base.
Any time you run into a room that you don't immediately understand how to do refer to a puzzles guide on how to complete the room quickly. Your first time in a room it may be worthwhile to kill all monsters in it to get used to the puzzle.
Should I kill all monsters all the time?
Only kill monsters in rooms that are necessary (guardian doors and some puzzles). You will get much faster dg xp/hr and survival is almost never an issue. In fact, survival is so easy that you can go through many dungeons without eating a single piece of food, making it inefficient to pick up excess amounts.
IlgJm53.png Survival trouble? Completing the easy Daemonheim tasks gives you 1 consequence free death per day. 
Low-level training options
Resource Dungeons
Every 5 or so levels you unlock a new resource dungeon located somewhere. Visit each new one for xp.
Daily Challenges earn a large chunk of xp in the skill and gives a free Squeal of Fortune spin. Dungeoneering challenges are always to complete a single floor on c6 of any size. You can toggle all maxed skills off to prevent that skill's tasks being assigned by talking to Captain Haskell just south of the bank in Burthrope. You turn in your daily challenge to him. 
Recommended D&Ds
  • 2164.gif
Tears of Guthix
  • logo_penguin.gif
  • logo_sinkholes.png
Sinkholes is a 5 player D&D only doable twice a day. You slaughter all monsters and bring their loot and resources you find back to the base for 7 minutes. I find this D&D very boring so I haven't researched it, but apparently it's good xp. 
Other D&Ds for XP
  • 12021.gif
Troll Invasion
  • soficon.png
Squeal of Fortune
  • 12064.png
Rewards from Quests or Tasks.
Leeching floors
This is where you don't participate and others do the floor for you. You have 2 main options. 
There is a free leeching friends chat requiring 90 cmb in which generally 1 high level player will solo a large low floor # in around 20-30 minutes where you only participate in emotes, levers, and portals rooms. For more details, look on the rsof.
Your other option is to pay gp for someone to do floors for you. This is a trust trade and you can find lots of groups on the rsof that do this. The most trustworthy ones will have a big friend's chat.
If you are f2p and minimum combat level you can join many dg teams and leech for free. F2p is much worse xp than p2p. You can try the themed world (7) or look on rsof. 
Things like multilogging training dg, having friends let you leech, and buying floors is against the spirit of the game. Dungeoneering is by far the most in-depth skill and while there is something to be said about the efficiency of leeching, in the long run you're the one who loses out.
Teams make the skill a lot more fun, but you need a decent (~59+) dg level for majority of teams.
And your other training option is... daemonheim! As described in detail throughout this guide.

Skilling & Rushing
Some skills are efficient to collect while dungeoneering simply for the fast xp it provides. It is very frowned upon to do with teammates because it is never efficient for dg xp / hr to skill.
The only skills that you should train while dungeoneering are:
  • Fishing 
  • Mining (mine all rocks in a Mining cross room)
  • Woodcutting
  • Firemaking (if training woodcuting)
  • Summoning (if you have resources)
  • Thieving
You should only collect resources of tiers that are close to your level. For example, at 90 mining I would only bother mining tier 8 and higher resources; Katagon, Gorgonite, and Promethium. You can see what tier a resource is by examining it.
Thieving chests do not show tier upon examine. Loot all if you value thieving xp.
The gatherer class provides extra resources while skilling but you do not get xp for those resources. 

Rushing your low floors
Most people with ~50+ dg opt to rush through their low floors because of the low xp received from them. This is always done on C1 with the party designed for 1 player upon entering. Doing your C1s as a team makes it marginally faster. There is no group gatestone in c1s but casting the spell will teleport you to the party leader.
Another option if you value skilling xp is to do these rushes as a complexity 2 or 3 so you can fish, woodcut, firemake, and/or mine. Having your ammo bind as cosmics is helpful. You can buy feathers from the smuggler.


You may keep up to 10 binds stored. These can be managed from the Smuggler. You may have one separate active ammo bind and may not store any. Throwing knives and their off-hand versions are stored as if they were regular binds up but with up to 125 (or 225) kept.

The quest Salt in the Wound allows your ammo bind to store 225 instead of the regular 125.

Ammo includes all arrows, runes, and the now useless celestial surge box. Staves, wands, and orbs provide infinite elemental runes allowing you to cast any offensive spell without the use of an ammo bind.

The toolbelt contains all the necessary dg tools by default. It does not provide feathers for the fishing ferret puzzle. Like binds, you can replace the hatchet and pickaxe with a higher tiered version by selecting “Add-to toolbelt Primal Hatchet”. If you add a higher tiered tool than you can use it will act as the highest tiered tool that you could use. A higher tier tool will cause less failures on skill doors and is vital for skilling described in the previous section. 
You can obtain items to bind by either collecting the resources and processing it or by killing certain dg bosses for the items. Tier 11 (level 99) equipment is only obtainable as drops by bosses. The friend's chat “Dung Smith” is a good fc for requesting items made. You can sometimes find hunts for certain items in themed worlds or organized by friends. It is recommended you do a boss hunt as follows.
T11 Item hunts:

In addition all hunts should be done with Guide mode on. The box in the bottom right of your party details does this. Guide mode highlights required doors on your map so you can get to and kill the boss for the item quicker. There is a glitch that the guide mode box stays checked off when you exit a c6 guide mode floor, but is not actually enabled. Clicking it once enables it.
Boss hunts:
Your binds will be dependent on the combat style(s) you choose to use and your levels.
A 2 handed sword > Maul > Spear, but only of the same tier.
*Hood = Shadow silk hood
For magic and ranged dual wielding is ideal but requires 2 active binds, which is only worth it once you have 4 or 5 binds.
The combat triangle is crucial when selecting your primary and secondary style. If your secondary style isn't most effective on your primary style's weakness, your secondary style will be far less effective.
Suggested primary/secondary options:
If you are using ranged or magic as your primary style consider using an offhand over hood. But with melee primarily, the hood is an important deterrent to stat reduction and binds. Dual-wield knives as your secondary to melee should only be used for speeds. Dual-wield has marginally better abilities and opens up ammo binds for rangers, but has a short attack range and deals less damage on the initial hit before abilities are used. 
If you're f2p or under 80 combat stats magic will generally be best unless you are significantly better at melee/ranged. Past 80 pick whatever is highest with melee being slightly better at even levels.
No other binds are worth using.
Ammo bind
You ammo bind should be one of the following:
  • Laws (if not using a bow)
  • Cosmics (Temporarily for solo rushing)
  • Arrows (If using a setup with a bow)
If you do not have 54 rc to craft laws but have 64 magic to cast group gatestone teleport you must bind laws. Get a friend to help you bind laws as your ammo bind. Similarly under 27 rc with 34+ magic must bind cosmics. Note that laws, cosmics, deaths, etc. do not require their usual quests or p2p status to craft in daemonheim. 
Class Rings
When in a dungeon you can right click your ring of kinship and select “customize”. This allows you to spend tokens to get a boost in a certain class. 
The only rings worth using are as follows:
  • Berserker (increased accuracy with a 2h weapon)
  • Desperado (increased ranged levels)
  • Blazer (extra fixed damage splats)
  • Gatherer (only useful for making items to bind)
Your ring of kinship can only use one class at a time unless you've done the dg task set. You can have a secondary class that you can switch to in combat by right clicking your ring. This is called your quickswitch.
If you've done the task set you can perm Blazer or Desperado and quickswitch between Blitzer or Sniper and your other style.  
After purchasing a ring tier you must select the class by clicking “Switch-to” and right click option “QuickSwitch” for your secondary style of combat.
Recommended Ring Tiers:
Buying the first tier of Desperado jumps straight to 55% of tier 10 and costs only 135 tokens.
Table assumes Chaotics or beyond goal.
You can also reset your ring of kinship ONCE to get back all tokens you spent on tiers.
Floor Choices
Recommended items:
  • Prayer renewals, ideally (1) dose
  • Overloads, ideally (1) dose
How to do your floors: 
If you value skilling xp in the skills recommended in Skilling & Rushing replace all C1s with solo C2s.
I.e. As a lvl 62 dg'er I would c1 rush 1-5, c2 1-11, or c1 1-11 with a team. 
You should always do some solos each reset. It is vital that you learn and practice how to do every puzzle and manage your gates alone.
Once you unlock occults be sure to key/solo some occs to get the occult-unique books puzzle.
The Map (Part I)
Read this guide instead. The images here are broken and I thought I'd saved a copy of all images in this guide, but apparently not.

Read here.
Thank you for reading my guide. Please give me a full rune if my guide helps you!!
1. How'd you grow the beard?
I am wizard. 
Original Guide by: Tui 
Special thanks to: Chu Dsl, Warfare52, Corrupt Idea, and El Bomb, Guac A Moley, Bladekill133
Thanks to: Jettrider, Obtaurian, Salazar, Teren, Thai Tong, Usa Hell Yes, Quyneax, I am Ben
Last updated by: Tui
Last updated on: 12/01/2014

#5428276 Binds @ 120.

Posted by Tui on 13 July 2013 - 11:54 PM

your body should be whatever your primary attack style is. most people prefer melee. all 3 styles are about the same dps. due to the combat triangle, it makes sense to make your secondary combat style cover your primary - eg. melee+range, range+mage, or mage+melee, in order of primary and secondary style. you switch styles when fighting something over 150cmb that you are weak against. then you stay in your secondary style until that happens again or at the end of the gd optionally.

there is research done on monster frequency and indeed 2h > maul > spear. it might be worth it to use maul in frozens.

hood is far superior to platelegs. binds/stat reduction deterrent, as well as it's effect, you can take it off when you need monsters walking towards you in gds, and survival is really a non-issue. obviously anticipation should still be used after dehood/when you spot a mage.

#5398478 I need a video or screenshot of someone selling law runes for 1k each

Posted by Tui on 28 April 2013 - 06:34 PM

I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that "5-6 + years ago" does not mean 9 years ago either. Ignoring the given information and calling someone out on that assumption that they weren't around in a different time frame is tad unreasonable, though. There's nothing wrong with giving that information, but acting as if you are somehow superior based on when you joined the game or the forums is unjustified arrogance. He didn't necessarily mean it that way, but the implications are there. I was parodying this rather than straight up saying so. I have a slight bias in that personally I'm on my 3rd tif account and I think I joined originally sometime in 2005. I don't believe most people register until they actually want to post something.

#5398467 I need a video or screenshot of someone selling law runes for 1k each

Posted by Tui on 28 April 2013 - 05:47 PM

I don't remember anyone ever selling laws at 1k ea...people would buy them at 1k ea if they only needed a few right away.

It's because your join date is 2009.
Laws were 1k each for ages back in classic/early rs2 before law altars were released on 24 August 2004

Your join date is 29th August 2004, clearly you can't have been around before 24th August 2004.

#5394479 Rushing dungeoneering (solo)

Posted by Tui on 19 April 2013 - 12:04 AM

You should probably rush the lowest 50-60% of your floors (iirc Grimy once calculated rushing up to 35 was worth it for people at 120 dungeoneering? idk). So that's 1-20ish for you.

Regardless of what is efficient, it has become a tradition to do any floor from abd2 and up as large (the rest as c1/c2), as it's fairly efficient across a wide spread of dungeoneering levels. If you are doing rushes with a team, they'll often go up to 29.

5:5s are much more efficient than solos so i would suspect the % is much lower
i think his number was up to f37 at 120

i want to look into this further since i am trying to make my guide efficient, will get back to this topic if its not too late!

#5389207 Dungeonering Solo

Posted by Tui on 05 April 2013 - 05:18 PM

#keyraceme [bleep]es xd swaggermuffins

#5387643 Dungeonering Solo

Posted by Tui on 02 April 2013 - 09:35 AM

You should read the rswiki puzzles guide and maybe the xp-waste puzzle guide.

Even if your gatestone placements are awful as long as you keep moving you should never go above 15 minutes. Get the hang of other things more before you worry too much about optimizing your gates.

#5387355 Joelle Longo's F2P blog

Posted by Tui on 01 April 2013 - 08:53 PM

u just found a link to the past!

#5386966 Rares in 2007scape- A necessity?

Posted by Tui on 31 March 2013 - 11:11 PM

I'm going to ask this again: why does it matter if your GP loses value if you already have all the items you want and you refuse to spend it on skills?

You legitimately think people aren't allowed desire wealth past a certain point? What the hell is wrong with you. Some people like to collect big cash stacks to impress people, part of the appeal of rares is to wear them around to show them off. Ok - so your goals are all skill related, good for you. Doesn't mean everyone has to share that play style.
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#5386555 Old soup (eww)

Posted by Tui on 30 March 2013 - 09:32 PM

So earlier I was killing Basilisks and i was juggling a mithril kiteshield. One of my fellow compatriots to the extermination of all monsters then stole it. I told him to: "lol, now equip the shield u stole :P" and now I have lost a friend.

LATER ON, in the future. Which is the kinda-present for me, but more like the immediate past:
I am killing jellyfish. I am wearing void top/bottom since it's mage def is comparable to black dhide. And people keep making jest of my void without helm. I see through their runitium barriers and I am not impressed.

#5383944 Killing everyone's joy since 2001

Posted by Tui on 23 March 2013 - 03:57 PM

Hilt is 1/7??

But you shouldn't expect drops like that - that's an average that will only be make sense over a very large amount of kills. I don't like to hear people [bleep] about how they deserve a drop when they haven't gotten one in 70 kills.

#5382599 Reading a book to Jad

Posted by Tui on 19 March 2013 - 09:36 PM

It is titled Reading a book to jad part 1. There is also a part 2 titled reading a book to jad part 2.

Sub Rate Subscribe.

#5382273 Old soup (eww)

Posted by Tui on 19 March 2013 - 04:53 AM

will anyone donate to my i'm-eternally-broke-because-of-cannoning-but-will-spend-money-on-booze-anyway fund? it's a registered charity