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#5493697 6-May-2014 - Elder Divination

Posted by Scherzo on 06 May 2014 - 10:08 AM

So this new wisp colony is supposed to be the best for training all the way from 75 to 99. I'm not sure what I think about that. Something I liked about divination was that you changed training places so often. Now - if Jagex' claim that this is indeed the best place to train for those levels are right - four of the locations released not a year ago are rendered obsolete. 


Did Muspahs get their improved drop tables now, or did they only get this new summoning ingredient?

#5488387 Future Update Discussions

Posted by Scherzo on 03 April 2014 - 05:53 PM

That helm isn't awesome.


(might just be that I don't fancy that kind of cosmetics though)

#5484191 10-March-2014 - One of a Kind

Posted by Scherzo on 10 March 2014 - 08:02 PM


Imo the quest got a bit slow towards the middle when we were just running around doing mostly the same thing over and over. The combat encounters were fun but not amazing.

Which brings me to another gripe I have with these quests: What's with all the asset re-use? The final battle was against a recolour, in a copy of another GM quest's area, not to mention that the celestial dragon dungeon area is just a copypaste of the Brimhaven resource dungeon sans Mithril dragon area. It's like their graphics budget ran out halfway or something.

If you read between the lines in Osbourne's latest Q&A, you'll be able to figure out the reason why.

I'm paraphrasing, but Osbourne said that OoK was a test to see if they could produce good quests faster and cheaper but still keeping the same quality of lore and gameplay.

The reskins and asset recycling was obviously what he was getting at. To be honest I didn't mind it at all. There were still enough new areas and characters to make it feel authentic, and most reskins were fine.




If that's the case (they're pushing for faster and cheaper quests), I'd say this far but not further. As others have said, the lore kept this quest afloat even though the graphics weren't stunning + reused a lot. The only place I thought about those were during the final battle, being in Guthix' chambre; though that could make some sense. (even though I'd like to have someone mentioning it in the quest why it was the same room). 

The nice thing about them cutting down on graphics for me is that runescape, even though it's a lot better than ten years ago, for me always have been about the lore and the story, not about the graphics - this quest is kind of keeping in that tradition. Better graphics would of course be better, but I'd rather cut back on them than on the lore and storytelling.

#5484178 10-March-2014 - One of a Kind

Posted by Scherzo on 10 March 2014 - 06:23 PM

I liked this quest a lot. Lovely to travel around in the "real" world again, instead of just being locked in a single instance throughout the whole quest. The story was nice as well, although the whole dr.mordaut part seemed a little sowed in, just as a way to be introduced to Hannibal to begin the "real" quest. I'm not sure there would be a better way to do so, but I think when he first was made a part of the quest, returning to him towards the end or something like that would make sense - The quest ends without answering his question starting the quest: Maybe there's still a dragon rider out there.


My hopes are high for the next quest, as well as future quests after that. If they work with quests about the same way as they did this one. (instead of making stuff like the dwarf finale quest)

#5468822 Up to Snow Good - Christmas 2013 (17/12/13)

Posted by Scherzo on 18 December 2013 - 04:40 PM

I think I can recall Jagex saying they would stop celebrating IRL holydays. (Back when Guthix died). Have they said anything about why they went back on that?

#5465975 Harbingers of Tuska 3/12/13

Posted by Scherzo on 03 December 2013 - 01:48 PM

The book is very fast to get. Took me maybe 30 minutes to get all parts.

#5449619 Super September is Coming!

Posted by Scherzo on 12 September 2013 - 06:17 PM

I think the expression in your sig is quite fitting, gwyn.

#5444121 20-Aug-2013 - Divination

Posted by Scherzo on 24 August 2013 - 07:05 AM

Making a skill afk'able is in my opinion just a bad way out of a bad skill design. If the content a developer is making simply makes people want to do other stuff than actually playing it while playing it, then there's something wrong. If the skill is boring now, I'd rather like to have more interaction with it, not less. That's why Q's idea with taking some damage, and actually having to respond to the enviroment is the right direction, rather than resigning and let the players game other games while alt-tabbing to play runescape.

#5442951 20-Aug-2013 - Divination

Posted by Scherzo on 20 August 2013 - 04:31 PM

It's faster to re-click the node when the xp pops up, rather than waiting, but you might want the slightly slower afk way.

Thanks for tip.

Whan I can do with chronicle fragments (orange circles)?

When you get 10 of them, you can deposit them either in Draynor, or at the Guthix shrine (teleport with your 6'th age circuit)
I think you get more xp at the shrine, but don't quote me on that.
You get some lore as well when depositing them - like small Guthix quotes.

#5442919 20-Aug-2013 - Divination

Posted by Scherzo on 20 August 2013 - 02:28 PM

Where is the Falador place?

Just north of the city walls - east of the tele hub.

#5432399 200M in all Skills

Posted by Scherzo on 23 July 2013 - 08:26 PM

The potion trick is in the borderland, in my opinion, but I didn't have a problem with people doing it, since it most definitely required more attention for it. What I do hope, is that Jagex would make a warning post about borderline game mechanic use/abuse so that people will have a chance to stop doing it before bans are handed out. When Jagex have gone so long without banning about it, and even fixed the re-drinking ovl part that were used a year ago, then it's hard for the community to suddenly understand what is and what is not allowed.

Again - I don't care too much about it being for or against the rules, as long as they're clear about it.

#5414090 Future Update Discussions

Posted by Scherzo on 07 June 2013 - 10:51 PM

It might be because it's almost 1am, but I just cannot comprehend what Osbourne is talking about in the second half of the video. Anyone got a summary?

#5323930 Behind the Scenes - November

Posted by Scherzo on 02 November 2012 - 03:10 PM

DG is a terrible skill. Finally got 120 on one of my accounts after months of frustration. I am glad they are updating the xp/h.

DG is one of those weird skills that you can't learn on your own. And with all the elitist idiots keeping normal players from returning things will die out. And I'm not talking about people clearing every room, or skilling, or whatever as being the "normal players". I'm talking about people who legitimately know how to DG yet people rage at them because they took 15 seconds to do something instead of 10, so they quit DG forever or solo it.

It's the insufferable elitist pieces of shit who are hurting the skill. I can see why more people would want to solo. And people are giving reasons like "DG is supposed to be social" or "how will they learn to 5:5". Well surprise, it's not working already. DG is perhaps the most ANTIsocial skill, with people using their ignore lists and notes as lists of people to not DG with. The reason why I stress anti is because it's not because you simply don't talk like when doing afk skills, people start hating other people because of this.

I think persons are different, with different personalities, and different ways to behave against others. There's absolutely people who are way to harsh with others within the dg community, as there's everywhere.

The reason I got into dg, was because of people genuinely interested in teaching dg, and learning how to become better themselves. When I've done (and still do) mistakes, I've usually had them pointed out, so that I can learn from them, but I've not been flamed for those mistakes, because everyone knows that we all start out as in-experienced.

I've had people yell at me for things where It'd be enough to just point something out, but It's not the community as a whole that is like this, but rather individuals who (in my opinion wrongfully) believe that yelling at people will force them to improve.

I think it's terrible that the dg commnunity has a word for being just a bunch of ragers who aren't interested in letting fresh people join, and it's not at all my experience as a whole, but I hope that that's something we can work with as well - trying to be friendly and inclusive to others.

On the other side, I hope that the "regular" mass of rs, those not in touch with this community would try to not just paint a stereotype on us, but rather look at us as a group of individuals, who all have their good and bad days. We're not one homogenous group.

#5323735 Behind the Scenes - November

Posted by Scherzo on 01 November 2012 - 11:13 PM

Also, there's not really hard to communicate well without programs like skype. Actually, when floors go fast enough, I find it a lot easier to use the ingame chat for communication, because it's so short and consise, and because ther'es no problem with having to repeat stuff if it wasn't catched the first time.

The only program used a lot in my clan (DGS) is a map-saving tool, which allows you to view the map just a little bit more, but it's still something you can do fine without.

I'd have to agree though, that it's a hard step up from not doing dg to doing well executed 5-man floors, mainly because there isn't anything in the gap between, where people can be taught the basics very well. But a clan dedicated for middle-levelled players would also go out of order quite fast, because people get "too good" for that clan, leaving it with too few people. (I remember back in the days, there were some attempts at mid level pc clans, and afaik, that never went well)

But even though it's hard, I think anyone can get into team dg if they give it a try. There exists guides, ranging from the very basics, to more advanced techniques, and even the high levelled dg community knows about the importance of fresh blood, so as long as you're positive, you can get into it.

#5102759 22-Nov-2011 - RuneScape Revolution v3 & Anti-Gold Farming Measures V2

Posted by Scherzo on 22 November 2011 - 12:49 PM

I just went up over 500k ranks in Woodcutting :thumbsup:

Great work on the trade restrictions though. I don't think that's anything that would prevent new players from starting the game (though there might be some other reasons, of course) But i hope they will give up on the stance that f2p is a separate game - it's turning more and more into a demo, but imo there's nothing wrong with that.

Patch notes if you want to read:

Katrine from the Shield of Arrav quest now holds her dagger correctly.
Some banners near Al Kharid have been fixed.
Aquanite projectiles no longer render through everything.
Desert sandstorms no longer have shadows.
A bed in Paterdomus no longer flickers.
A building in Port Sarim now looks connected to its wooden supports.
The Asgarnian goldmine area no longer has flickering issues around the edges of the mine.
Water on the Lunar Isle has been made to look less flat.
The red floor marker from the Evil Twin random event now appears in any graphical mode.
An archer in Lumbridge now holds his bow correctly.
The Curse of Arrav dungeon no longer has flickering issues.
Some wall kits in Burgh de Rott no longer appear to be floating.
The minimap near the Mage Training Arena is now less turquoise.
White Robin Hood hats no longer look so grey in Photo Booth pictures.
Flickering issues in low detail modes around the Grand Exchange have been fixed.
A missing wall in a tower in Lumbridge has been replaced.


The One Piercing Note investigator’s notebook, hymn book, and lyric sheet are all now contained in a Player Owned House bookcase.
The investigator's notebook now contains all of the clues from One Piercing Note after the quest is completed.
Citharede Requiem is now sorted correctly on the music interface.
A chest in Perils of Ice Mountain now opens towards the player.

Skills & Minigames:

Dominion Tower weapons now have slightly more charges before crumbling, and the crossbow has been given a ranged strength boost.
The goliath gloves’ special attack no longer blinds the wielder.
Some capitalisation has been fixed on The Everlasting and The Illusive’s fight in Dominion Tower.
Dreadnips now function better in multiway combat.
The description for Flambeed in Dominion Tower has been updated to prevent confusion about what the ice gloves do.
The Untouchable's sound effects have all been updated.
It is no longer possible to spam audio during chat with Arrav in Dominion Tower.
Karamel now restores players' Dungeoneering stat after the battle.
A typo on "Telekinesis" has been fixed in Dominion Tower.
A second copy of a Barrows brother will no longer appear in the tunnels if there is one already spawned nearby.
It is no longer possible to use an aura in a duel.
Performing the "Yes" emote is no longer considered repetitive during a Circus event.
Barbarian Assault, The Great Orb Project, and Shades of Mort'ton now have minimap "minigame" icons.
Placing a Dominion Marker no longer allows you into the Stealing Creation waiting areas.
Dominion Markers can now be freely taken into Soul Wars and Castle Wars.
Several bosses in Dominion Tower that regenerate (such as Count Draynor) now give no combat XP after they've regenerated several times.
Several potion effects are now cancelled on entering a "No potions" Dominion Tower match.
Dominion Tower XP books are no longer bankable.
Completing an endurance Dominion Tower fight now plays the correct boss death animation.


The White Knight store can now be accessed via a handy "Trade" option.
The cutscene music from Love Story has been added to the music interface.
Using unpoisoned javelins, knives or darts, whilst having a single item in the players quiver after summoning any familiar, will no longer cause players to poison NPCs.
Overload potion timers are no longer delayed when an interface is opened.
Clan vexillums can now be taken onto Entrana.
Ilfeen will now recognise that you have enough money to recharge your Crystal bow when you have more than enough coins.
Sir Tiffy now recognises the correct spelling of "Triumvirate".
Using a bonecrusher whilst using falconry will now calculate the required free inventory spots correctly.
Drinking barbarian potions now drinks from the slot that was clicked.
A lantern outside the Edgeville general store no longer moves players off of it.
The amulet of zealots is no longer referred to as the amulet of hopelessness in the skill advance guide.
Akrisae's mace now degrades at the correct rate.
Dungeoneering surgeboxes and blastboxes now have a "Check charges" option when equipped. They can also now be left-click equipped.
The Living on Borrowed Time emote can no longer be used whilst waiting for a Great Orb Project game to start.
Selecting a note on the notes tab is slightly less laggy.
It is now possible to use mouse-cam during a Court case.
Zanaris choirs are no longer considered followers.
Crafting a wooden knot is now counted as gaining XP in the crafting skill for the Jack of Trades aura.
The skill advance guide for Runecrafting now reports the correct level for Dungeoneering blastboxes.
Dragonbane arrows and bolts now function correctly on all kinds of Frost dragon.
The Drunken Dwarf no longer appears inside bank booths at the Grand Exchange.
Several more NPCs have been given left-click attack. This includes Pest Control NPCs, skeletal wyverns, and the Chaos Elemental.
The Advisor System and related micro-tutorials have been removed from the game.