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Member Since 14 Jan 2012
Offline Last Active Nov 24 2014 10:16 PM

Taltin DIY - 50m Magic 40m Str 20m sum 20m cooking 20m herblore | God cape on RSC | 90...

09 February 2014 - 12:07 PM

Originally I was motivated to DIY after reading Runar's blog when I was really bored of the game around when SoF came out.  However, my last DIY account got banned after I was just afking yews on 2007scape and some j mod came around perm banning anyone that possibly be botting.  

I started a new one though which can kind of be a pain, but it's kind of fun going through everything again with EoC.  Its username is the same as the last one: Rennn DIY, and my friend Runnn DIY is playing again too.  It's a lot of fun confusing people with our names. lol :P

I've been playing a good amount of RSC on my main atm and a ton of slayer on the live game that I can post updates about as well, but I'm not DIYing at all on there.




  • No trading
  • No use of the Grand Exchange
  • No assists
  • No lootshare
  • Group minigames are allowed

Long term goals:

  • Quest cape
  • 90 runecrafting

Taltin YC:

  • Legend's cape on Classic
  • Quest cape on Oldschool
  • Trimmed completionist cape
  • 25m slayer xp on RS3


Current Gear:

Helm - Rock-shell, Rune Helm
Cape - Team Cape
Necklace - Amulet of Power, Holy Symbol
Weapon - Rune Mace, Rune Scimitar

Off-hand Weapon - Black Claw, Black Warhammer

Plate - Rock-shell Plate, Rune Platebody
Shield - Mithril sq, Splitbark
Legs - Rock-shell Legs
Gloves - Rock-shell Gloves
Boots - Rock-shell Boots
Ring - Ring of Potency



Helm - Skeletal

Cape - Team Cape
Necklace - Amulet of Power, Holy Symbol, Amulet of Magic
Weapon - Runic Staff, Greater Runic Staff(Can't wield it yet)

Off-hand Weapon - Splitbark Orb

Plate - Skeletal Body
Shield - Splitbark
Legs - Skeletal Legs
Gloves - Skeletal Gloves
Boots - Rock-shell Boots
Ring - Ring of Potency




Helm - Spined

Cape - Team Cape
Necklace - Amulet of Power, Holy Symbol
Weapon - White Stag Bow

Off-hand Weapon - Bronze Knifes

Plate - Spined Body

Shield - Splitbark
Legs - Spined Chaps
Gloves - Spined Gloves
Boots - Rock-shell Boots
Ring - Ring of Potency

Yak City - 125+ combat/2000+ total PVM, Skilling, and Dungeoneering Clan

25 October 2012 - 10:38 PM

Posted Image

We are a clan that just started out from a group of friends, We are mainly a Dungeoneering and PVM clan with some skilling, and are all experienced. We all have experience in many, if not all, GWD/Glacors/TDS and bosses of the like.

We do have a few requirements:
200 combat, And 2000+ total as mentioned in the title.
Also, 95+ dungeoneering is recommended to attend any dungeoneering events.

Some gear requirements are needed to do some PvM events, but that's up to the person hosting the event.
Most of the time these include:
Melee: Bandos, fury, a chaotic
Range: Armadyl or Void
Mage: Ganodermic
Also, more are listed on the thread on the official Runescape forum QFC below

To join go to the quick find code, and post an application there.
QFC: 92-93-297-64207722

To ask any questions PM Backfiresyke or any Deputy owners or admins or just join the clan chat as a quest.

legit beta bank picture

01 July 2012 - 08:19 PM

Posted Image


05 May 2012 - 12:12 AM

I log onto rs dced in 3 seconds, and w89 went down, so I won't be able to get on for 3 [bleep]ing hours....
I'ma change my home world to w119 or whatever tif's home world is. Really tired of w89 going down all the time.

Taltin DIY - 1600 total slayer helm, lunars, and tokkul-zo

16 April 2012 - 03:29 PM

Recently I got pretty bored of Runescape especially with the Squeal of fortune update that made me have very little motivation to play so I started DIY on my main. I'm about 5 days into it and I've already got a decent amount of items the tab takes like 250 bank space. I was also motivated to start DIY by reading some other blogs on here mostly Runars. One of my favorite parts about Runescape is questing so I decided to make a new account to DIY on. This account is called Rennn DIY. I put DIY at the end so maybe my friend Runnn would still confuse people. lol I'll probably write about both things that I do on my main and my new account on here. I stopped DIYing on my main simply because I got bored of it, but I'm still DIYing on my second account, and it's a lot of fun. I've really done a ton of stuff on it since I stopped updating this blog, but I'm going to start it up again.

  • No trading
  • No use of the Grand Exchange
  • No assists
  • No lootshare
  • Group minigames are allowed
  • Solo dungeoneering only
Long term goals:
  • Quest cape
  • Fire cape
  • 91 runecrafting or boost at 86 got my first effigy lol
  • 75 crafting with a stew boost for a glory
  • Mages' book
- All Medium task sets complete
- Dragon rider boots maybe depending on how rare they are
- 53 theiving
- 60 prayer
- 70 defence
- 58 slayer for cave horrors
- 44 herblore for super attacks
- 48 agility for rune rfd gloves
- 60 defence for a toktz-ket-xil
- 52 summoning spirit terrorbird
- 76 fishing for sharks
- 66 magic for swan song
- Monkey madness for a dragon scimitar
- dragon hatchet from dks
- Bones to peaches 2000 enchantment points, 200 telekinetic, 200 graveyard, 200 alchemist
- Mages' book
- Leaf bladed sword for a decent stab weapon on metal dragons
- Dragon platelegs

Current Gear:

Helm - Neitiznot, Warrior (Freminik isles, Freminik trials)
Cape - Fire cape
Necklace - Amulet of strength, Unholy symbol, amulet of power (Giant mole, Observatory,Medium clue)
Weapon - Dragon scimitar (Monkey madness)
Plate - Verac's brassard, proselyte (barbarian assualt)
Shield - Toktz-ket-xil,crystal shield, dragon defedner(drop from tzhaar)
Legs - Verac's skirt
Gloves - Barrows gloves
Boots - Rock climbing boots (death platuea)
Ring - Berserker ring(Dagannoth Rex)


Helm - Farseer (freminik trials)
Cape - Ardougne, Guthix cape (Mage arena)
Necklace - unholy symbol, Magic amulet(t) (easy clue)
Weapon - Mindspike, guthix staff, Greater runic staff (mage arena)
Plate - Mystic (mage guild)
Shield - Broodoo shield (Tai Bwo Wannai clean up)
Legs - Fungal leggings,Mystic(polypore dungeon, mage guild)
Gloves -Barrows gloves, Chaos gauntlets (rfd, family crest)
Boots - Infinity (mage training arena)
Ring - Explorers ring 3 (Lumbridge tasks)


Helm - Archers helm (fremnnik trials)
Cape - Ava's accumulator (animal magnetism)
Necklace - Amulet of accuracy, unholy symbol (imp catcher)
Weapon - Rune crossbow, MSB, Crystal bow
Plate - Saradomin body(champions guild)
Shield - toktz-ket-xil, mirror shield, crystal (drop from Tzhaar, Cockroach soilder)
Legs - Black d'hide chaps
Gloves - Barrows gloves
Boots - snakeskin(Taoi Bwo Wannai Clean up, and 45 crafting)
Ring - Explorers ring(lumbridge tasks)