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Jj Dynomite

Jj Dynomite

Member Since 28 May 2012
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In Topic: 200m in All Skills

24 December 2015 - 12:32 AM

I've been so busy past couple days, I've no time for an update. So I'll just give very brief updates as to what is happening until I finish up next Sunday and do an update.


-Malt's coming up on 200m Slay, he should be there sometime today or tomorrow. 


-Lynx Titan did an AMA here


-Vestfold is about 2 weeks from 200m Fishing.


-ScottWilson achieved top 100 rank in all skills. Quite impressive, underrated achievement.


-Herblore 6h, Day, and Week records broken by Senze and St Eve. Senze will likely beat the month record if he keeps up.


-In other Herblore news, Trance is now doing Herblore as well. 


-I'll say N01Perfect is 3 weeks from 200m Runecrafting.


-Kepi, current Agil week record holder, is on track to beat Brad and Vollini's month records. More news on that later.


-Razor is getting very inflated EHP through the use of Lavas.


-Pretty much everyone did farming except for N01 and Sick Nerd which is pretty much expected.


-Slayismyfame, In Clouds, and Acid Bubble got 200m Cooking this week and The Radiant got 200m Attack.


That's it, I might have forgotten something. Let me know if I did.

In Topic: 200m in All Skills

21 December 2015 - 04:03 AM

I have no time to do an update right now. If I did, it would be extremely short and I want to do a good one. I might have time late tomorrow night to do one.

In Topic: 200m in All Skills

17 December 2015 - 04:09 PM

Keep up the humor Jj.


For those who do not know, Jj Dynomite is a comedic runescape legend. Expect nothing short of George Carlin.


Uhh, that's quite a high standard to live by.

In Topic: 200m in All Skills

14 December 2015 - 07:48 AM


I'm actually a little unbeknownst as to how much multi-skilling is factored into that. If someone could tell me that would be great. 

Other than the 1:11 fish:str/agil then none is assumed for fishing (even though that is ever so slightly off due to angler)

Typical 3t with snow is around 15k/h magic, I don't know of anyone who has a consistent rate for cut+eat 3t with imbue.



Alright thanks.

In Topic: 200m in All Skills

14 December 2015 - 06:37 AM


Well Stevikteam thanks for the Weekly Updates. Nice to see what everyone is working on. It would be nice if you put the Total Exp they have also/Hiscores Rank.

 Thanks Jj for starting to do the Updates now. As you can see in my Quote there I posted to not do the EPH & put the Total Exp instead. What happened to that Hunter pure that lost 2500 ranks? Sailing comes out next Month right?



EHP is more applicable to the topic at hand, 200m all. Comparing N01perfect to say Unohdettu2, if we were to pit the two against each other in a race to 200m all with the assumption they both didn't use 0 time methods and played the same amount, N01perfect would be way ahead in that scenario despite a 700m xp deficit, thus we use EHP instead, for the sake of the topic, "200m all skills"


I have some sad attempts at humor even though I know I'm not funny and that's why I put 2500 Hunter ranks lost. Gingbino is like 200k rank in Hunter and doesn't train the skill. I can stop using all forms of humor if need be.


Sailing was voted down, not coming out.