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Low level smithing training

07 March 2013 - 07:09 AM

Alright my question is whats the fastest way to train smithing until level 60.

I know to start with knights sword but I dont know what to do from there to get a decent xp rate.

Do I make bars? Do I buy bars and make knives? etc. If anyone has any tips please post here

Runescape Permadeath Server

12 September 2012 - 01:08 AM

Imagine for a second that Jagex released a permadeath server to runescape. This server starts you off fresh with no stats or wealth being transfered between your regular and permadeath account. In this server if you die your character is completely wiped clean and you go back to lumbridge as a level 3 with no items in your bank and no quests completed. To make this even more extreme this is also a fully pvp server, meaning the whole world is multiperson pvp zoned so you can get piled by a clan at any time. The exception to this rule is entire cities are pvp free as are "civilization zones" such as guilds are pvp free. Guards/NPCs in cities are unattackable and unpickpocketable meaning that you would have to go out into danger to train virtually every skill. I would also imagine that skil training activities give 100% more exp (iron ore may give 100 xp per ore instead of just 50) and skills cost half as much xp to level up (so level 99 is only 6.5m xp instead of 13m)

Now imagine the gameplay this would bring, the risk of permadeath to mine that inventory of copper or the risk of permadeath while doing the cooks assistant. The rewards being the quest rewards and the addition of a wider world such as access to morytania and a new safety area of Canfis by doing Priest in Peril. On the other hand some quests would be so risky that they may be considered feats of strength if completed, (im looking at you Nomad!).

The question here is would you play this? Do you think it would be a successful addition to runescape? Would it add new and interesting gameplay elements to those who wish to see it?

Feel free to discuss the possibility of Permadeath in runescape and how you would want to see it implemented if it was being considered by Jagex