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In Topic: 01-Dec-14: Christmas Event

06 December 2014 - 10:12 AM

For those wondering, you get the cracker reward after the event is finished if you weren't there for the pull according to forums (Don't have the link atm, but I personally saw it).

In Topic: 200M in all Skills

27 October 2014 - 05:14 PM

Actually, at least for me, I end up being MORE productive in my work and tend to work for longer stretches if I'm afking RS on the side, as I don't feel the temptation to play as much because I am already playing.


It all really depends on the person. All I know is, when I do my course work, I study for maybe 1-2 hour stretches. When I do my course work while mining Seren Stones, I end up studying for 3-4 hour stretches, sometimes even more. Probably some psychological reason, but it works very well for me.

In Topic: Recent trend to include PvM into Comp Cape, i.e. Rush of Blood [Split]

28 September 2014 - 04:48 PM


The whole "team based for a solo achievement" is a valid argument. I would say, however, it fails to hold any value when talking about a completionist achievement in a MMO. Because remember, this isn't a single person game, and some things you need a team to do.



I wouldn't have had as much of a problem if this stuff was an original requirement. It's that the cape has been out for years, causing it to become a major goal for many people since it is actually achievable, then years into their progress changing it to something that ruins the entire goal for them. It's a classic dangling of a carrot then yanking it away at the very last minute.


This has been my wife's goal for almost 2 years, and is the main reason she has been working so hard maxing out everything. To take it away after all that work is very frustrating, especially when the new requirement is something that was never part of the cape (team-based activities). New skilling requirements and such are not an issue as that has been what the cape has always been about.

In Topic: Recent trend to include PvM into Comp Cape, i.e. Rush of Blood [Split]

28 September 2014 - 04:36 PM

I am getting close to Final Boss, managed to do Rush of Blood 20+ on third try, have hundreds of Araxxor kills using every single style. I still think these are a bit ridiculous requirements for the regular completionist cape.


I know the disability thing is a touchy issue, but I look at my wife, who is about to max, with only a few more Dungeoneering levels left to get completionist. Due to doctor negligence during her open heart surgery as a kid (birth defect in her heart), she had a pretty bad stroke that caused her to be blind on her right side, massively cut down her reaction speed, and made it very hard to learn new things. We have been working together so she could manage to do some bosses, and sure enough, she finally managed to take down QBD, and some mid level bosses. When it comes to Araxxor however, her reaction speed makes it near impossible to beat. She has tried over 50 attempts so far, getting to phase 3 only twice due to these issues (tunnel 3 is essentially impossible). She is about to quit bothering for completionist, as she just can't manage to get her kill, and this is not even including Vorago, RotS; team based bosses that people tend to have low tolerance for mistakes, let alone the reaction time required to clear these bosses regardless. So please don't say we haven't tried.


She isn't even too bothered by Araxxor alone, as we can one day maybe duo it for her reaper title, but of course that is nullified with Morvran's challenge (thankfully being changed). The team bosses are the real big issue, as it's easy enough when she is with me, who understands and is patient, but when you have to add multiple other people who (usually) aren't so patient and wouldn't understand the extent of her disability, this brings in a whole new multitude of problems. I am a big advocate of removing team bosses from a solo accomplishment cape.


I can also refer to my friend, who works on a vessel and lives there due to his work. His internet makes the game barely playable skilling, and makes it virtually impossible to boss, especially in a team setting (good luck finding teams that are accommodating to disconnects every 5 mins).


I understand the cape should require some skill, I'm not debating that. What I am debating is the need of multiple players to obtain your (ex) solo accomplishment cape. I have no problem with team activities in the game, I just don't like them being required in order to progress in solo accomplishments. I refuse to team with people unless I absolutely have to in this game, as a good chunk of the PvM community (much like the PvP community) is elitist, requires perfection, and is downright toxic with their attitudes. Sure, not everyone is like that, but I'd even go as far as saying a majority is, and this is 100% from my own experiences. I'm just lucky that I have the ability to do everything "perfect" to stay on these teams, but rest assured, I'll be so happy when Final Boss is complete and I no longer have to deal with them.


Also, Rush of Blood I really dislike as a requirement, as I was able to manage no problem, but I have full T90 gear. This is also a major issue in alot of PvM teams, requiring you to have the best of the best gear or they won't even accept you, but I'll discount that since there are SOME teams that don't (however rare). Rush of Blood however, almost requires T90, minus a ridiculous amount of luck and the utmost precision accuracy and 110% mastery of everything possible in combat. I 100% support a change to that requirement, but I don't think that will come.


I also find it a bit disturbing that this is causing a massive influx of people sharing accounts to get others to clear these requirements for them. I've had literally 8 different people ask me to do their Araxxor for them, most of which have considerable wealth on their accounts. This is just asking for more hacking / scamming, but this is also a player choice, so I can't (fully) blame Jagex on that, it just sucks to see it occurring right now.

In Topic: [Update] Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves

22 September 2014 - 06:39 PM

Ok, is there a certain wave needed to unlock the titles in Rush of Blood?


First try I did wave 17, didn't unlock any titles.


Used Weekly D&D and got to 18, still no titles.