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Best XP, 47 - 60 Hunter? (RS07)

26 February 2013 - 11:40 PM

Hey there,

I've been working primarily on Hunter on my new account (It being self sufficient and all), and having grinded with gritted teeth through the very slow levels of 1 - 37, was wondering how I should best train next? I'm currently 47 Hunter and doing Falconry, but was wondering is Orange Salamanders or something other would be the best way to reach level 60.

Cheers. :wink:

Flourishing - Garden Variety Blog ~ 82/99 Farming. 1080 Total.

30 October 2012 - 11:23 AM

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Current Stats

Table of Contents

* Current Stats

~ i Table of Contents
~ ii About the Account
~ iii Song of the Day
~ iv Main Goals
~ v Minigames/Distractions & Diversions
~ vi Recent Pictures
~ vii Credits

About the Account

Hey Tip.It!

Just a little obligatory information about myself and the current account.

I've been an on and off player of Runescape since Classic, with many different accounts and goals over the years. This latest account was recovered some time in early September after I felt the urge to check up on the game after two years or so away. I happily spent my 'trial period' durdling around at Runespan, before giving into the desire to experience more of RS and to get around those pesky trade limits and item stack sizes.

I'm an undergraduate economics major and between a job, coursework, a boyfriend and family commitments, I don't have as much time to play as I used to, which brings me to the main goal of my playtime - Farming! It's a skill I've always enjoyed, but never mastered, and is ideal for my playstyle; logging in for a tree run before lectures, then an hour or two in the evening/afternoon. Oddly enough, I despise gardening in real life - the cactus in my apartment died from dehydration. :?

Song of the Day

I'm a big music fan, and listen to wide variety of artists and genres. My tastes lean toward the political, so warning in advance. With this section, I can share my favourites and/or convert you. :razz:

LKJ - Live in Paris


The Main Goal

The core goal is very simple:

Posted Image

Yuppers, an untrimmed Farming Cape. As someone who isn't a huge fan of grinding out skills (nor do I generally have the time to) but would love to have a Skill Cape (gotta to complete that outfit, right?), Farming is the perfect skill to shoot for, as I outlined above. It's also relatively uncommon, which is a nice bonus; however, I do love the green on the trimmed highlights, so something easy and relaxing like Woodcutting is definitely on the cards some time in the future. :wink:

According to the Tip.It calculator, with two regular Tree and a singular Fruit Tree run per day, I should average around 75k Farming xp a day; excluding miscellanious herb runs and effigies (which I'll obviously try and do as much as I can, though I'm still not entirely certain how they work), which means it should take me around 5 months to achieve my goal; RL permitting.


Tertiary Goals

No, not my degree GPA. :razz:


As a 'summoning pure', I think 57 is something of a watershed, with access to the various Graahks, Ibis and so forth. Obviously, I'd be delighted to have it higher, but with relying on SoF spins, penguins, bonfires and so forth, it's a slow prospect.

Having achieved 57 with ease; the new goal is 63. It opens up money making opportunities via the Cobra special, and some slow XP. The option to repeat penguins and Troll Invasion definitely speeds this up if I'm lucky with my spins. :razz:


I very much enjoy Star Hunting (shout out to Star Find friends chat), and 61 gives me access to Size 6 Stars along with the Dragon Pickaxe to bap rocks more efficiently.

Having acquired my Dragon Pickaxe, I'm keen to continue bapping Stars - not only is it social and great XP, but I acquire bucketloads of Gems & subsequently bolt tips and I'm keen to see my collection grow! 70 is a nice, well rounded number, and is a halfway point to 77 (for concentrated ore) and gives me access to size 7 Stars!


As above, but this time in the case of Evil Trees (thanks Eviltreefind!). I'd also love to have access to a Raven or Spirit Tree - which means that I have to cut things, rather than managing my kingdom.

As I'm hunting Evil Trees religiously every day, I'd like to have 75 in order to get Evil Magic ones and better rewards - fingers crossed for spirit seeds/raven/god bird eggs too!


This is purely for vanity, as I think the Harpie Bug Swarm lantern is one of the best looking shields for skillers ~ I may be able to pie to this, but am unsure.


A Scroll of Life would be very useful for Farming, and a higher total level is always a good thing. I'm a little unsure about this skill, but I'll read up on it. :wink:

Minigames and D&Ds'

I'm not an enormous fan on just grinding out levels. As such, a lot of my ingame time is spent doing various dailies, weeklies, minigames and so forth for the delicious variety, cosmetic rewards and XP. This hasn't been a side of Runescape I'd explored prior to reaccessing this account; so I've been absolutely enchanted by the depth of content and social aspects of the communities which have sprung up around them.

This is a rather exhaustive list and will take some (RL) time; but as I mentioned in the Main Goal section, that's something I have in spades. This section might be a little unorganised, but I plan to to tidy it up fairly soon. So as to not overwhelm you with hours of scrolling, I've hidden the things in neat little boxes. :wink:



Mini Quests

Recent Pictures

Posted Image

Wooters! 73 Farming for Lantadyme.


~ You, for making it all the way through this wall of text! <3:
~ Tip.It for hosting this blog and being such a fantastic resource and community.
~ Rs Outreach, Star Find & Eviltreefind FCs for providing help, conversation and amusement.
~ More to come?