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Member Since 20 Oct 2012
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Kano's Blog of Achievements And Goals

08 June 2013 - 10:21 AM

Welcome to Kano's Blog of Achievements And Goals

This blog is going to be about what I want to achieve and what I am achieving weekly.

Starting Stats ( 8th of June, 2013 )

Posted Image

Overall XP: 116,133,973

Skilling Goals
Primary Goal: Get Maxed
Secondary Goal: 80+ All Stats
Long Term Goals: 100M XP In Strength

PvM Goals

#1: Kill KBD 1,000 Times

#2: Kill All GWD Bosses 100 Times

#3: Obtain All Rare Drops From GWD Bosses At least Once

#4: Complete Fight Kiln 50 Times

Progress Towards Skilling Goals

Current Stats:

Posted Image

Weekly Updates On Skill Levels

15th of June, 2013:

Next Update

Progress Towards PvM Goals

#1 Goal:

Killed KBD 86 / 1000 Times

#2 Goal:

Bandos: 100 / 100

Zamorak: 3 / 100

Saradomin: 0 / 100

Armadyl: 0 / 100

Nex: 0 / 100

#3 Goal:

Will Add Soon

#4 Goal:

Fight Kilns: 3 / 50

Adventures ' Log

Posted Image

Aegis Of PvM 130+ OR 2000+ Total ( Exceptions )

20 October 2012 - 06:11 AM

Aegis Of PvM 130+ OR 2000+

Aegis is a clan started around 2-3 weeks ago as of the 20th of October. You Can Check how Fast The Clan Grows By Visiting RuneHead Which We Have A Link For On Our Website

Aegis Of PvM is a PvM and Skilling clan. We Also do PvP to mix things up aswell :)

Posted ImageLeader: Posted ImageRylai

Posted ImageDeputy Leader:

Posted ImageHigh Ranking Members: Posted ImageZer0 Kano, Posted ImageHeavenzmovie, Posted ImagePionex,Posted ImageGods Trio

You can add anyone of these people for an invite to the clan after an application is submitted and checked.


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