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Would I break the rules if I...

21 June 2013 - 07:48 PM

Would I break the rules if assigned 1 of the keys on my gaming keyboard to do the following:

When dropping resources such as logs off the action bar with the chat box collapsed, its a right click then a left click. If I assigned a key on my keyboard to do a right click and then a left click, and I spammed that key to drop a load of logs, would that be against the rules?

A little more macro-ish....

At the LRC, I use the action bar to selection super heat, then I left click to superheat a gold ore into a bar, and then I use a second action bar key to drop the gold bar. I can program my keyboard so that a single key rotates between a bind each time it's pressed. So if my action bar had been keybound so that super heat was 1 and drop gold bar was 2, the single key on my keyboard would first be a 1, then it would be a left click, and then a 2, and it would loop. It would still require 3 presses of the key for 3 actions. Would that be legal?

I don't want my 8 year old account to get banned for something like what I have above, and I have been doing both for a couple months now. With all the high level accounts being banned it got me thinking I could be breaking the rules without realizing it.

EoC Discussion

17 May 2013 - 11:27 PM

This thread is meant to be a place to discuss all things Evolution of Combat. There have been many outstanding discussions of the EoC within various weekly update threads, and I would like to see those brought to one place.

I will start off with the single largest problem I have with the EoC, which is something that is causing me to shy away from engaging in combat.
Combat in any video game, without exception, involves the risk of death. If you can’t die you are not playing a combat game. Keeping your players health above a certain number is how you stay alive, and runescape is obviously no exception. From pickpocketing to failing agility obstacles to general combat; all cause your life points to be moved closer toward zero and thus death.

As health gets lower, the risk of death increases. We have all probably spammed a teleport tablet with just a couple lp left to only die safely in our player owned houses. In Runescape, we eat food or drink certain potions to restore health while in combat. Health goes down, we eat to regain it. This also comes at the cost of a game tick and thus damage output. If we look at the most dangerous battles we engage in (this could be a level 20 taking on a green dragon or a maxed player taking on Nex) success is not a guarantee. Our food has to outlast our opponent’s total health before she dies and leaves her loot. If you come with an inventory full of food but take so much damage you do nothing but eat, you will deal no damage and either die or flee without killing your opponent.

We also have prayer in runescape, which is a bit different than health in that it goes down regardless of our opponents actions (unless they have a special prayer draining effect, but that isn’t the normal way it works). Prayer used to grant 100% protection from a single combat style. Jagex made this work by having the restoration of prayer be fairly costly. Also, bosses have used multiple attack styles for most of runescape’s history. So if you are at dks and you aren’t praying mage when Prime gets on you, you're dead.

Combat before the EoC was a sort of mathematical battle between the player and his opponent. You had a limit to the amount of health and prayer restoring resources that could be brought to battle, and it was your job to deal damage while keeping your lp above 0.

Ok so I am guessing you knew all that already, so why did I spell that out in such painful detail? Well, because the nature of the health and death system in video games is nearly universal because it has a fundamental aspect to it the average player must have. It lets the player control their own risk and thus the amount of stress they place themselves under when entering combat. If I don’t want to have any stress at all, I will go kill something that has no chance of dealing damage against me quickly enough to kill me. When engaging in high risk combat, I can chose when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to flee. I can trade defense for offense at will.

Additionally, stress due to increased risk that happens in the middle of a battle can be instantly relieved for a while by eating food or drinking a prayer pot or whatever. For example, when fighting the KQ under the old combat system, she would hit fairly high and often with her ranged attacks while I prayed mage. A big hit would substantially increase the risk of dying with her next attack, thus it increased my stress. This was solved by eating a shark and moving my health back towards a lower risk state.
That takes us to the inherent flaw with the adrenalin bar. Now on top of our health and prayer numbers, we have this new thing that is demanding a great deal of our attention. This bar however likes to be at 0% instead of 100%. It is our job to move it toward 50% or 100% by using abilities in a constant and unending rotation. The cost for choosing not to do this is being virtually useless in combat. I know about momentum, but that’s the old combat system embedded in the EoC and is not useful in many cases.

Now we have a new source of stress besides our health and prayer bars. Unlike those however, it is constant and cannot be relieved in any way. It constantly has to be moving up. If you use an ability that reduces adrenalin, than you are right back to using abilities that increase it.

This stress doesn’t come from the risk of death, so it’s more subtle, but it builds up and wares on the player over time. I have played enough EoC combat now to where the idea of rotating abilities and building adrenalin makes me want to go watch paint dry instead. I once did a 500 kc saradomin trip in the GWD and when I got off, I got vertigo. No joke. The constant staring at those little cool down clocks on the ability squares made the room spin.

I have been playing video games for the past 15+ years and I have never played a game with something like the adrenalin bar (if I did I didn’t play long enough to remember it). I believe jagex did very little research into the effect this would have on its players.

The solutions to this are many, and I won’t pretend that I know the best way. What I do know is that the adrenalin bar is too demanding and too repetitive for me, and I don’t think I can keep playing runescape the way it is right now.
I know most of you will completely disagree, so discuss! That’s why I come to tip.it these days :)

Simple farming question

05 April 2013 - 05:24 PM

I am able to plant poison ivy seeds with a garden pie now, and so I looked up the prices on seeds and berries.

Seeds are around 3-4k each and 1 berry is 4-5k each. The bushes never get diseased or die, so its a huge profit, but what I was wondering is if people typically keep planting new bushes or just pick the berries of bushes they planted?

Easy question, but can't find anything online about it.

Heroes' Quest partner needed

03 March 2013 - 02:40 AM

I am a Black Arm gang member. If you are Phoenix or you haven't done the Shield of Arrav quest and can still make that choice, hit me up.

Finding partners is hard right now as few people have the requirements.

Prized prismatic pendant + prismatic pendant

11 February 2013 - 01:27 PM

I got both from the SoF and I have 5 large recharge gems and 35 small gems.

I was saving them for agility because I figured that would be the most annoying skill to max, but while doing a farming run it got me thinking whether I was going about it the right way.

Is there 1 or 2 skills that the hive mind has decided are the best to use these pendants on? I was thinking farming or slayer?