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In Topic: JeRambo's Blog

14 June 2017 - 12:24 AM

Good to see you're still making nice gains Rambo! I'll excuse the 4 months since your last update here :) 

In Topic: Dwayne's Blog - TRIMMED cya

09 October 2014 - 11:51 PM

lmao something had to be said, ok bye now xd

In Topic: Dwayne's Blog - TRIMMED cya

09 October 2014 - 11:47 PM



- This idiot gets a special mention, she introduced me to a whole other side of RS pretty much, from being the first to show me how its done in DG

The chain of dg trainees and teachers continues I see L




This was a very long time ago but yea


Haters lol.

In Topic: Dwayne's Blog - TRIMMED cya

09 October 2014 - 11:10 PM

~ Thank you Tip.It.


Now trimmed I believe it really is a good time to  give 'less priority' to Rs, I know one does not simply quit (lol) & it'll be pretty tough for me to even reduce playtime to begin with, but slowly and surely as I get other things to do it shouldn't be a problem. I currently play Rs some 12hrs+ a day, it has become a sort of lifestyle more than just a hobby which I hate to even think of & admittedly I've wanted to slow down for quite a while now, I just felt I still had things to do (trim), so couldn't just stop after putting so much time into the cause.

This by no means is a post to say I'm quitting completely... though I will not be posting on this blog anymore, I will be ingame doing whatever, probably afk Seren Stones & collecting Golden Rocks for now just. I do want to focus more on irl so like said the amount of time I will be on will gradually be going down from now.

There's still so much that I can do/ acheive in game, all the 120's, overall xp milestones etc. I do plan to get a few things in the future but first and foremost I have to give some attention to other things not game related, I assume once all that's sorted I probably won't have all the time in the world to play (unlike currently), so I will have to become one of those casuals who take 10yrs to complete something that should take a day or 2, lol.

I will continue to do my daily warbands (ayy warband prod i know) & will TRY to keep trim but if another RNG req like Kalgs for example comes out I will just rq until I have absolutely nothing better to do.
I'm too close to 1b total xp to not think about it (918M as I type this), so I might just do a buyable to get that asap.
Couple 120's would be nice also, Mining coming up very soon, Magic will follow suit soon enough I guess. 200M Mining i've decided will be my next "long term" goal.

After the aboves all done, who knows what will happen maybe Jagex will come out with some good new content which I'll get hooked on, or not lol. Who knows.

On a whole I've really enjoyed my time playing competitively, the game itself is just one big bad grind & if i'm honest I probably wouldn't of played as much as I do if it wasn't for all the good people i've met over the past 2 years, some of whom are now even irl friends too! The vast majority of good times I've had on this game are only special because of the other people who took part with me, example being my Vorago masses after release, met so many interesting personalities many of which I'm still friends with to this day after over a year.

Few people who deserve a special mention;

Juanchi223 [Quit], DontWait [Quit], Farki [Quit] & PrinceAko
- These 4 + me were always together back in like 2011~, known Juan especially since 2006! I'm sure if them 3 who quit came back now they'd be shocked at how much I & this game have progressed. Alex (PrinceAko) been there since day 1 of going for max, we actually made a bet one who'd max first, having someone with the same goal & same(ish) levels helped alot!

Jannina, Sean2002 & Ninzy
- These 3 have been there almost every step of the way, no 2 days are the same with these guys around. That month of Nex duo with Sean which got my bank up & going with drops like this; e34aGlx.jpg I will never forget. :P

Stellatus [Inactive], Vulpine [Inactive], Rafael, Crim, Compromised, Zelia, Fab & all the other people i did DG with!
- Such fun, be wide awake at 3am just lmao because of these guys, made DG sooo much better than it could of been with w77 randoms. Thank you for the good memories :)

Vorago'ers; Ricky, Icesayer, Cupcake, STEV (Haven't forgot u), Airwick, Neemz & the many others.
- From the beginning when we used to voke in a circle & have someone spam ==== GTFO ==== on reflects, good times. :')

Everyone who did Castle Wars with me making ALL THE GAINZ
- #cwexperts on IRC, check them out.

Everyone past & present in Almostlost warband fc
- All the xp, helped so much.

- This idiot gets a special mention, she introduced me to a whole other side of RS pretty much, from being the first to show me how its done in DG to getting me the hook up's with warbands & castle wars most of the things I took part in is because of her, so tysm. :>

I would also like to take this time to thank every single one of you who have read this blog, it's been a fundamental part of my ingame success & wheter you were vocal on here or not, seeing the veiw count go up motivated me to continue so much, especially while going for max cape.


I wish everyone goodluck in there goals, especially if going for max, comp or trim. I hope you have as much fun as I did! :D





In Topic: Post all RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!

08 October 2014 - 11:50 PM