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#5522759 Post all RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!

Posted by RSDwaynee on 08 October 2014 - 11:50 PM







#5522659 ~~~legoman's blog 200m thiev get~~~

Posted by RSDwaynee on 08 October 2014 - 02:57 PM

Late grats on 120 Thieving!

#5517682 Dwayne's Blog - TRIMMED cya

Posted by RSDwaynee on 09 September 2014 - 05:01 AM

- Almost done :P


Haven't really been on TIF lately, not half as much as I used too :(. As for this blog, it's almost at it's end... The screenie of me getting Trimmed will probably be my last ever, which is now only a few weeks away. (Depending on the length of trim reqs handed out by the upcoming Elf City opening).


Between the last post on here & now I havent really done much else apart from the weekly Strange Rocks & Court Cases. every other req I have shouldn't take too long so I've kinda held them of for as long as possible. :P




- 3 Weeks of Rocks, due to finish them on the 30th of Sept.

- Last Court Case is ready to do next wednesday :)

- Kalg Demons will be done next week while I work on gathering 8 Champion Scrolls this week... Fun.

- I've slacked with Soul reaper, will have to do soo much slayer (currently have 1 slay point lmfao).

- lol Hardmode BA..


I just finished Chompies a few mins ago which actually inspired me to post on here, will post other completed reqs on here too if I remember.




Hoping they find a major flaw in Elf City & delay for a month so I can trim :P



#5494758 12-May-2014 - Return to Ashdale & Choose Your Path

Posted by RSDwaynee on 12 May 2014 - 12:40 PM

Am I the only one who was expecting the Zaros combat update today? >.< 


I like that they did this though; 

"the top 100 players in a seasonal hiscore category now have access to its reward title - not just the first-place player. The first-place player will get a special gold version of the title to show off their achievement, though."

#5481028 Saradomin GWD - Sunday 23rd Feb. - 2pm EST/ 7pm GMT

Posted by RSDwaynee on 21 February 2014 - 08:56 AM


- Saradomin GWD -

Time and Date
Date: Sunday 23rd February 2014
Time: 7pm BST
Other Time Zones:
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 7pm
CET (Central European Time): 8pm
ACT (Australia Central Time): 4am
PST (US & Canada Pacific Standard Time): 11am
MST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 12pm
CST (US & Canada Central Standard Time): 1pm
EST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 2pm

Server and Location
- We will gather in the holding area of the Saradomin Encampment, please arrive a little earlier to get your 40 Kill Count before the event begins, 5-10 minutes should be more than enough time. 
The Boss
- We will be taking on the fearsome Commander Zilyana & her three bodyguards for this weeks event!  
Her three guards Starlight (melee), Growler (magic) & Bree (ranged) Will be attacking you while in the fight, there not to be underestimated either with max hits of around 1500! 
Deemed as the toughest boss in the God Wars area, Comander Zilyana is definitely not to be underestimated. She uses a range of damaging AoE attacks with a max hit of around 2000~.. this means you must keep an eye on your LP as this damage does stack up pretty quickly! Use of protection prayers or soul split is highly advised.
Please Note: Gravestones will appear outside of the boss room & will be inaccessible to you until you get the 40 KC again, someone will be there to bless your grave in case you do die. Please remember to gear up appropriately to get your gear back, you don't want to die  another time getting your valuable items back. :P
Friend Chat: Dwaynee
~~ This event will be CS (CoinShare) ~~
It's advised you bring the best BoB you can get to carry extra supplies, don't forget an extra pouch or 2 also!
Recommended stats are;
70+ in your chosen style of attack - Magic is usually the most common method used here.
If you do decide to use Magic, please do not use any Blood spells!
Overloads help, SoulSplit too, but they aren't a must given the numbers that may well be attending. 
- Atleast level 70 Agility is needed to enter the Saradomin encampment.
- A item affliated to Saradomin.

#5479651 Post all RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!

Posted by RSDwaynee on 15 February 2014 - 03:18 AM

At last! 



#5463392 Dwayne's Blog - TRIMMED cya

Posted by RSDwaynee on 18 November 2013 - 10:41 PM

3rd 2nd Barrows drop :P




I say 2nd because I'm a strong believer of NO PIC NO PROOF lol  

Got another shield yesterday but my silly laptop crashed not long after, before I got round to cropping/ saving ofc :( oh well many more to come I'm sure. 

Huge shame about the price of shields now, they need to make the shields more useful (Not that shields are really needed in EOC =/)... I think maybe if they added some sort of damage reduction like on the spirit shields that would help not only boost the price but make them the best shields in the game 'cause right now there not. 

#5463178 Barrows - Rise of the Six

Posted by RSDwaynee on 17 November 2013 - 05:56 PM


I really think that you are coming from the direction of "i know how the fight works, and you don't, that makes you bad"... because thats how you are coming off to me.


Along with the fact that the bomb range is far greater than the visual graphic, and that every single one of the "specials that will kill you" are totally random and can't be predicted lead to a very luck based fight.



I never once said you are bad, nor am I trying to imply so... If I come across that way I am sorry. :P

I am however trying to get my point across that once you get acclimatised to the stuff that goes on in the fight you really have nothing much to worry about & it is all somewhat predictable and not that much luck based as you have said enough times... I accept there are some cases were you do get tough luck, but it's not half as common as you are making it out to be... 

Also those talking about Karil's bomb, like said it is quite deceiving but after a while you can build up a mental image of whether your in range or not, you get a good 3-5 seconds from the moment Karil spawns to eat & try and get away. He bombs 3 times on each side every time so just ignore him & stay away for that period. :) - Go back a few pages and I even posted complaining about the bomb radius lol, but I've gotten used to it and have no complaints now, without it the kill would be much easier = even less profit from Barrows so nty... It's only a matter of days as it is till it becomes absolute dead content. :c



#5460429 Behind the Scenes - November 2013

Posted by RSDwaynee on 04 November 2013 - 02:20 PM


Really though if you play 4-5 hours per day, you shouldn't have any trouble earning 500m+ per month, just from killing frosts or something.


If you don't have money, it's because you haven't earned it.


This is just ridiculous.

I think 500 mil is probably more than my lifetime earning in like 8 years of playing. (excluding the 300mil I bought off Jagex with 50 gloves of samid)

Please go camp frost dragons every day for 4-5 hours for months to earn a level 90 armor that turns to dust in a couple of hours and isn't much better than level 80 or even 70.

I don't play that game.

Casuals don't play that game.



I agree with Mere, although there are slightly more interesting options that Frost Dragons, lol

How I see it is simple; if you want the best PVM gear then you have to do some actual PVM! I find it silly that these so called pvm'ers want the highest level gear when they aren't doing the highest level activities, It's not necessary and you'd be ruining it for a lot of us if Jagex were to change drop rates, prices or whatever you think would be the best way to 'fix' this problem. 

I think the way the T90 weapons & gear are now is just fine - although I do think Serenic could of been done a bit better.


Casual players get casual gear >> Check out Bandos & Robes of Subjugation, maybe even Nex sets now the price of Torva is plummeting.

#5455251 Dwayne's Blog - TRIMMED cya

Posted by RSDwaynee on 08 October 2013 - 03:58 AM

~ *Yawns* 95 Thieving :P




Done the most thieving I've ever done before today @ 1.2m xp gained today, still not enough though.. tomorrow will be moar!

Saw like 3 different friends get Seismic Wand splits today also.. I want in! lol :P 

#5455132 Why is 2006 seen by many to be the best year for RS?

Posted by RSDwaynee on 07 October 2013 - 03:46 PM

I started around late 05-2006..


For me it was because RS was the talk of the town at the time, everyone in school & in my neighbourhood were talking about it, I remember the local internet cafe was packed after school time with people playing this game... I'm sure this was the case in many other areas too. 

There was huge publicity at the time on Miniclip and other big sites too, it was pretty hard to miss all them runescape ads lol.

Lastly gameplay at the time was soo much different compared to what it is today there was no such thing as 'xp waste'.. The majority just made pures & went pking with friends... everyone seemed to love that, a huge amount of people anyway, wasn't really what I was into though. 


Overall I think 2006 is regarded as the best times not because of game content but because of the people, everyone did what they thought was fun with no cares, whether it be pking, standing in/ around Falador park merching or skilling, we did it cause it was fun not because its a goal we had set ourselves to achieve like now.

#5453281 Dwayne's Blog - TRIMMED cya

Posted by RSDwaynee on 29 September 2013 - 01:59 PM

~ 99 Divination!! :D 




Happy with myself that I got it before bonus xp was released, albeit a bit later than hoped for but oh well... Another skill down 3 to go! My max/ comp cape is in sight now :P

#5452165 Runescape Dying? [Discussion/Observation]

Posted by RSDwaynee on 25 September 2013 - 12:47 PM

As a completionist (onceI'vefinisheddiv) I find the NIS bizarre and the way you interact with the interfaces un-intuitive (idk if this is a word).


Took me a while to get used to it all & I still do mess around with a few tabs from time to time but you just got to adapt to the changes <-- One thing I've noticed the RS Community are pretty bad at tbh. 


If any brand new players don't just nopenopenope when they first start RS, I'll be impressed. 


Most 'new' players I've seen like the NIS, think it's up to date & cool.. It's just us veterans that are so used to the old school layout that hate, dislike or can't get completely used to all this new stuff. 

You must remember as well a fair few games out there today use something similar to the NIS... 

#5444037 Vorago Mass - Sunday 25th August - 6pm GMT / 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Posted by RSDwaynee on 24 August 2013 - 01:43 AM

Posted Image
Vorago Lootshare Mass!

Time and Date

Date: Sunday 25th August 2013
Time: 7pm BST
Other Time Zones:

  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 6pm
  • CET (Central European Time): 8pm
  • ACT (Australia Central Time): 4am
  • PST (US & Canada Pacific Standard Time): 11am
  • MST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 12pm
  • CST (US & Canada Central Standard Time): 1pm
  • EST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 2pm

Server and Location

- Will meet at Falador Lodestone, World will be announced closer to the time!

The Boss

Posted Image

- Vorago is a gigantic, rocky and extremely powerful boss monster created by the Anima Mundi, or as he refers to it, the "earth soul", billed as the toughest boss monster in RuneScape!

Friend Chat: Dwaynee
~~ Will be LSK (Lootshare Keep) ~~

Inventory & Equipment

- The most common & widely used methods of taking down Vorago is with Magic and/ or Melee... because some of Vorago's phases require you to do a lot of damage as quickly as possible only the best weapons in the game are good enough, so level 90 Weaponry is a must, however if you are using Magic level 80 weapons can be used instead.

Melee Setup

Magic Setup

* Please note the setups shown are just examples, Dungeoneering shields & Ports armours can be used instead.
** Also for Magic users, the Chaotic & Armadyl Battlestaff's can be used in place of Virtus Wand+Book.

Please DO NOT bring any aggressive familiars, a Bunyip, Unicorn or Pig is your best option if you do not have a Pack Yak.

Recommended stats are;
90+ in Attack, Strength, Defence & Constitution if you choose to opt with melee but only 90+ Range/ Magic & defence if you don't.
96~ Herblore (for overloads)
95 Prayer for stat boosting prayers & soulsplit!


- To face Vorago you do not need to do any quest or gain any kill count beforehand, however it's advised you watch a guide or two before you enter for the first time...
Below Is a brief written guide on how to do a successful Vorago kill, we recommend you take note and come clued up before battle! :)

Read Me...

#5434965 HiddenxAlpha - A Road to Greatness

Posted by RSDwaynee on 30 July 2013 - 03:27 AM

Good luck with your goals mate, I will be keeping a close eye on this one. :)