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#5390662 Bossing and Dungeoneering

Posted by PvmDG on 09 April 2013 - 05:54 PM

The "PvmDG" clan chat, type it in exactly as you read it :)

EDIT: Annoying clan mate beating me to it

#5390649 Bossing and Dungeoneering

Posted by PvmDG on 09 April 2013 - 05:35 PM

Well hello guys (and girls)

Hiya :)

Over my years of playing runescape I’ve never had problems with money since you could get away with burrow armor and a whip, but now with eoc I am noticing that my gear is not up to par. I am currently using bandos for melee, karif for ranged and Ahrims for magic. I would like to start upgrading my armor and weapons. for that i would like to start bossing I’ve never actually bossed before so i am a little scared I need some tips on what to hunt and what gear to use etc.

Basically, Barrows & GWD armours are now the same tier, but whip is still tier 70, but not as good as it was before. The obvious upgrades are to GWD gears, as they provide damage and prayer bonus's from the chestplates, whilst the rest of the set components provide just prayer, and the god protection within GWD. However, this obviously isn't necessary to buy a full set. With your stats you can easily solo each GWD boss (bar nex), using Soul Split and the appropriate Turmoil prayer:
Ranging Kree'ara (Armadyl) with Karils and a Royal Xbow, Meleeing Graar (Bandos) with Bandos and a Maul, and then Maging (unless you have drygores) Zilyana (Saradomin) with Ice Barrage. As for Kril, he is the most versatile (so to speak) boss, so you can range, mage or melee him, using the appropriate armour (bloodfire barrage, should you mage).

For every boss, you'll want to use basic abilities up to the Threshold levels, then use those when possible: i.e Assault if Melee, Rapid Fire if Range or Asphyxiate if Maging (these are not the only options however). In a lot of cases, you can combine abilities, such as Slaughter and Kick for Melee, to produce extra damage from your attacks: using a damage over time effect, then moving them so the damage is trebled. Unfortunately, there is no such ability for mage: slaughter is the melee threshold and fragmentation shot is a basic for ranged. Generally speaking, unless you have drygores, two handed weapons are better than dual wield.

If you happen to have full melee/range void, as well as a maul/royal xbow or drygores, then you can also Nex as an attacker (strategies are a bit long to explain here :P). If you fancy it, hop into PvmDG clan chat sometime and we'll be happy to help :) If you'd like, we would happily teach you any other boss too. But we can't promise that the Kalphite King won't be an absolute troll and abuse his mage phase attacks.

On a side note: drygores are currently crashing hard atm, and EEE (upgraded and enhanced Excalibur) is practically equivalent to a drygore offhand), so you could be in luck to afford those soon :P

That brings me to dungeoneering my level is 88 but mostly that comes from soloing. i'm looking for some players that want to teach this grasshopper how to properly dung in a group so i can get the rest of the tokens for the rewards.

Should you wish to public DG, then I believe W77 is the new place to be if >100 DG, but it can still be used with less than 100, with a bit of luck. I can't vouch for it much, as I tend to avoid public Dging, due to the frustrations commonly involved :P Otherwise, hop into the clan chat for some DG whenever you feel like it, we're happy to teach anyone effectively, whilst still having fun :)

Hope this helps :)