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In Topic: Silver Feedback (June)

29 May 2013 - 02:12 AM

If its a redundant useless role why does it matter if its in game? Because having more than one skill, more than one JMod, etc. is redundant according to your definition. Jagex has a vision for there game whether we (or they) can fully see it, and they'll do what they want about this situation. When regular players complain about PMods it sounds like they're jealous of not having the title.

Interesting prospective, many feel the same.:) I well be honest, a few months ago...We pretty much muted nothing, but we are muting more and more. Albiet it's serious things now, you're not going to see muting for "Kiss my @ss", but serious things that leads to major disruption, or threats. The issue in the past was so many corrupt moderators and power abusers (IMO), Jagex does not want that. Jagex wants player to protect the community, not ruin the experience. We don't want to ruin others experiences either, we are players, not above normal players, we simply try to protect those from serious threats.

I'm not sure if I can cite recent examples of what has been taken out by PMods, that auto-mute couldn't do, but overall P-Mods are I feel coming back slowly, we aren't going to be muting like in the past (I wasn't a mod back then, but I know from seeing what some of muteable stuff was), as that really was piety stuff, IMO. I look for stuff such as mass spamming of chat, racism, seriously explicit discussion, ect. And I do want to emphasize why Jagex wants us involved in community, not so much in events just involved...In past the only role was to mute, they want us balanced, not just muters but they want us to be connected with the community. I fully understand that...You need to know the community if you're goingt to take action in it...I shouldn't be given mute ability and not understand the community.

For example, your post don't make me mad, at all. I understand why you see us the way you do, I can relate in some form or another. While I don't want to see P-Mods removed, I understand you're not attacking me but the role overall, and I believe a lot of P-Mods in past didn't grasp this either....Hopefully more and more are.:) From what I've seen through the years, moderators overall are a great group of people...And so are all RS players, there are just a few bad apples in the regular community that ruin it for everyone. I wish moderators weren't needed, but I doubt a utopia is possible.:P

In Topic: Silver Feedback (June)

29 May 2013 - 02:04 AM

- One player said F2P is full of rule breakers and not enough mods; a possible solution is P2P mods visiting F2P worlds.

I can almost guarantee that this won't work. Members don't want to spend their time in free worlds, or at least they won't want to spent the necessary time to deal with things properly. A better solution would be to have more F2P mods. Given how Jagex feels towards pure F2P'ers though, that seems unlikely to happen.

I will bring up more F2P mods as well, I do feel that is a better solution long-term.^_^

In Topic: Silver Feedback (June)

28 May 2013 - 11:24 PM

Have you read the last half of my post?

Yes, that's why I outlined I doubt Jagex would implement that solution. Player Moderator updates aren't top priority on the dev's list, in fact they are probably the lowest of pretty much anything. So, if it were removed it's likely no replacement would be added, which is why I would encourage the use of ignore vs. full removal. But I will relay this information.:)

In Topic: Silver Feedback (June)

28 May 2013 - 11:15 PM

I think they ought to toggle off the feature that makes pmods' chat appear in your chatbox regardless of your Public chat settings.

Have an option that mods can use when they really need everyone around to hear a warning, otherwise keep it off pl0x.

This has been discussed before, but the reasons why it isn't removed is in some cases we do need players to see the chat we say. However, I do agree it can be annoying at times. I will bring this up, and I really like the option to toggle for players to hear it, but the issue is I highly doubt Jagex would spend time on implementing that, so we would be left with a harder time communicating in cases where needed. The best option I can give you however, and what I personally do is add them to ignore. It just takes a right-click and clicking their name, then you can no longer see their chat.:) I think this would be much more plausible than having the coding changed, but that's just me.

In Topic: Silver Feedback (June)

28 May 2013 - 11:02 PM


Could you be more specific? Such as what types of wrong mutes; website ads, clan ads, spamming, ect. I've been seeing a lot on spamming, and I'm pretty sure it's the auto-mute system. And what about game updates? :o Do you mean for reporting wise, or just to direct people to the source?^_^

I can probably tell you which one she's talking about - A friend of hers was near someone talking about drugs. Y'know, one of the "Wooo 420 r0x blaze and SWAD and get high 'cause I cool yo!" kinda teens. So the friend used themselves as an example, said they'd done it too at one point and pointed out why it was wrong. That friend was muted for it.

I've personally been muted for some stupid stuff. Hell, at one of the recent TMHT events I was serenading Meredith (obviously joking around - he's a good friend) and received a nice lengthy mute for:

Stev : I wanna know you inside out
Stev : Give up the fight
Stev : I'm in control
Stev : Why don't you let it go
Stev : Just close your eyes
Stev : And shut your mouth

Now, this next bit is more of a problem with Jagex, not the PMods but... Jagex doesn't respond to mute appeals. I have appeals from years ago that have still went unanswered, the latest unanswered one being Nov 12th (I just don't appeal anymore). Now, If you're going to give PMods the power to mute, do your damn job and actually allow the people appeal their mutes.

Thanks for extending the information.:) I'll bring up some of those points in the discussion on drug related things, and when to mute. Also, I will touch up on, even if you're mute isn't appealed, there is a team that handles P-Mod mutes and they are checked very quickly (from what I've seen, they are being reviewed within 10-30 minutes), so if the mute stayed it means a J-Mod reviewed it, and felt it was needed. Which, we have no control over.:P We actually get feedback on accuracy very often, and know when we muted wrong/right, and if a P-Mod has muted, or even made too many wrong reports that can result in action as well. Overall, the mute is very little used by myself, I never use it on stuff like the above -- and I'm a believer it shouldn't be, I think that would be fine with a report and review from Jagex, but that's my opinion. Anyway, I'll bring those points up.^_^