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Member Since 26 May 2013
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Silver Feedback (June)

27 May 2013 - 06:44 PM

Hello Everyone!
I'm a Player Moderator of RuneScape, and I'm looking to do a monthly 'gathering' session with the fansite community, to get a general consensus of Player Moderator in the RuneScape community. It should be acknowledged this is not an official Jagex hosted initiative/post. However, I do plan to relay the feedback to other Player Moderators as well. ^_^ I will be compiling all responses from this thread into a monthly report-type style, and then presenting it to others.

Information I'm looking for is pretty much anything around the Player Moderator role, not so much questions but constructive criticism/critique. Some examples are below:
  • How do you think the Player Moderator team could be improved?
  • What would you like to see Player Moderators doing more of? (Events, Competitions, Q&A's, ect.)
  • Do you agree with the current Player Moderator's role in the community? (Explain)
  • Are there any current issue's in the community you feel Player Moderators should be addressing?
  • Any other thoughts on Player Moderators?
I look forward to seeing everyone's thoughts/opinions on this topic, and it doesn't have to be limited to the above, I want this to be an open discussion thread to get the actual thoughts/feelings from the community on Player Moderators. If you have any questions about Player Moderators, I ask you don't post them here -- but you're welcomed to message me here, or in-game -- I'd like to keep this thread collective feedback only so it's easier to compile the information. I appreciate your time in reading this!

Daviddts :grin: