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Sempiternal's road to New Main

18 June 2013 - 06:50 PM

Sempiternal's Road to "New Main"

Hello guys first off all, I thank you for reading my blog. I'm new to this kind of blogging and I'd like to keep on doing this as long as you guys are interested.

The name for the account stands for 'Everlasting' it is also the new title of the album of Bring Me The Horizon wich made me inspire for taking this name.
Enough talk about the name now let talk about the Road to my new main.

The main goal is to make this account my new main since i'm bored of my old one, feel free to look him up (Vive Somnia).
So I thought come on lets start over with nothing and do everything over again and play for fun not for the xp's or gp's.
So i did that i made a new account called Semp Iternal.
I'm F2P at the moment but i'll make it P2P soon.

I'm going to try to update this blog everyday maybe twice.

First of all the Stats at the moment: 21st of june 2013
Green: Level at the moment + Achieved
Orange: Short period Goal
Red: Long period Goal

Combat Involved:

Attack - 4/50/90
Strength - 2/50/90
Defence - 35/50/90
Ranged - 2/50/90
Magic - 35/50/90
Constitution - 31
Summoning - 4/40/88
Prayer - 1/45/92
Dungeoneering - 1/40/85
Slayer - 1/40/85

Non-Combat involved:

Woodcutting - 50/50/85
Firemaking - 50/50/85
Fishing - 50/50/80
Cooking - 50/50/80
Mining - 20/50/77
Smithing - 50/50/75
Fletching - 1/50/85
Farming - 1/50/75
Thieving - 1/50/80
Crafting - 50/50/75
Herblore - 3/50/96
Runecrafting - 20/50/85
Construction - 1/50/75
Hunter - 1/50/75
Agility - 3/50/70

Some little goals:
Achieve a bank of 10m+
Do all the lumbridge tasks (Easy , Medium , Hard)
Achieve 500 total
Achieve a total experience of 1.000.000
Complete all the Free to Play quests

More coming soon ofcourse (:


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