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What keeps you playing still?

11 September 2007 - 01:18 AM

Almost a year ago by now since i left RS behind, checking up on friends once and awhile, currently loving WoW way more than RS was, but i want to know from all you tip.it'ers, what keeps you playing? i look back at inflation, how PKing was basically who got lucky/ate at the right times, a bunch of worthless quest updates, stuff like that, and i see games like WoW and it just makes me wonder. Don't get me wrong, i loved RS once you got high and you grinded for hours on end on the same thing (bandits with guthans, chopping yews, high alching constantly) it gets...dull, and all i started to like doing was Dag king trips, PKing, and merchanting, and with all the inflation, and alot of scammers and the community of alot on RS, i just gave up.

Some updates make me want to come back, but i know i'd probably just grow dull, so i want to know what keeps you all still hooked, and how many have played since the good ol' RSC?

:O? 2 clues....TOGETHER!

05 June 2006 - 03:54 PM

ok so i was just making my oak logs into planks when i remembered i havnt seen my slaves for more fish or rarewood yet...so i prompty take out my lyre, and a few others to charge, quickly charge,, get favor to 100% and look to behold my prize

Posted Image

the clues arnt stacked in my bank, info on what i get will be posted once i


EDIT:CLUE 1 GAVE Posted Image

EDIT:CLUE 2 GAVE Posted Image

so poo :( but still got :P


29 May 2006 - 04:33 AM

ok so i log on RS and begin the day iceing fools at CWs....it was fun at first but after a hour and no bloods left i decided to just chat with friends..when i remember those 125 antifire pots i got from hounded that quit, still had 200+ super restores in the bank so i said heck, why not? got nothing better to do :P so i gear up, use glory to tele to kamajra, bank in ardy, take out fury again *love that i got it back, long story on how i lost* anyways i went and got nothing....sadening.. i had 25mins to church, didnt feel like suiting up so i was just helping friends out, and skatermaster pms me for 130k so he could buy a whip, now, cant let a tip.iter go without one of those babys eh? so i gladly give him 130K, and then i start helping out guys in ardy (giving runes for tele, stealing stuff, getting a black scimmy) so then church time, after i come home i suit up again, run back out to irons....not much after 10mins i see some lovely drag legs on the ground!!! *quickly takes picture and makes sure to drop bones to pick up, not bury* [picture wont load atm :s] and anyways then i get a few half keys, etc...having fun chatting with friends, helping others out with quests, then i see a blob of red on the floor :shock: suddenly i notice..whats this? drag skirt! woohoo! me, only having 1 dragon drop ever in my whole RS life (med off fires at lvl 98) was praising karma and then i enjoyed a relaxing bit slayer irons and steels, got nothing much uber great, but for me it was awesome experience, hope you all had as much fun reading as i did doing it :P

rude level 120's? and karma strikes again!

13 April 2006 - 03:17 AM

well i was dag king killing with my friends and we had a bad luck streak of 3 runs with nothing (for me 9) and then we get a seercull and a seers ring! and then a group of 120's who were in the richest stuff you can find come and take our spot, even after i ask them nicely to leave so i tell my friends to tele and what do you know....my friend gets random event! (quiz show) and when he comes back he was 0 pray and dies by supreme and prime. well i find this out AFTER the loot is gone and im way in southeast cornor and he tells me he dies so i run up and see my other friend died, and he had gotten the seercull and his obby sheild and when i try to save his stuff all i manage to get was his karils coif :( i ask the 120's later if they could have their stuff back and they flat out said "its not our fault" when they lured supreme to my other friend and RUSHED to steal the loot....thinking of losing seercull, 2 glories, 2 wealth rings, 1 dds, berserker helm, seers ring, archer helm, obby sheild + cape, rune boots, range boots, and a half key or two. luckily i got away safely but still sad how mean those 120's were when, my friends and i arnt even half as rich as them, stating themselfs they had 300M+ each


ok so this is when i was dharoking, finally earned the cash to rebuy dharoks and then im killing apes after getting 90 strength (woohoo!) i lag and then see my prayer at 18 points, no deal i'll go recharge......WTF! the apes block my way and franticly i call my 2 friends to kill them and i check for my emergency pray pot and lucky me...im out.....check to tele and notice i forgot the waters......wtf i eat 2 sharks and then notice i have a poison 6 on me (grrreat!) i manage to kill 3 of them but still with no avail to move as i couldnt reach the alter i try going around when bam! i see 10-11-4-POISON 6 dead - my friend saved my obby cape but i lost my dharoks helm which i had NOT EVEN 100k to rebuy so i ask the lvl 80 who got it and he's pulling a bunch of [cabbage] and wont give it so then he goes out to sell. the next day i hear "im sorry i stole your helmet" so i just tell him yeah well can i have it back now? "no i sold it...but i got scammed off it, can we be friends?" --(erm..you stole my helm and wouldnt give back how do you think i feel?) so after i tell him ok he straight away goes "can i have some free stuff since i got scammed?" WTF?!?!!? - so i delete him and put him on ignore

well thats my post hope you enjoyed it