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In Topic: [PSA] Amazon is selling Runescape membership cards for $5.70

24 November 2015 - 02:45 PM

Are you allowed to redeem these later (in a couple of months) or must you use it right away?

They're added right away to your account as it is linked.

In Topic: 200M in all Skills

18 November 2015 - 04:14 AM

This is going to be my ultimate goal in Runescape. Will blog about it soon.

In Topic: Cannoning Daggonoth xp/cost/charms

18 November 2015 - 04:08 AM

I'm aware Dagannoths are the topic, but I'd like to note that Tormented Demons are probably the most efficient monster for charms.


Tormented Demons are about 1 blue charm and 0.66 crimson charms per kill. They're also 50k gp a kill (a bit more assuming Legendary Pet, +10k gp more in honesty). 150 KPH (or more) is possible. Assuming these numbers and Geyser Titan/Pack Yak training combo, it's approximately 160k summon xp/hr in charms and 7.5m (no Legendary Pet) or 9m gp/hr (assuming Legendary Pet) in gross profits. It's also 350k combat xp/hr (divided between two combat skills, however) and 115k constitution xp/hr.


Blue charms are more valuable than crimsons for xp and time. Assuming you're going for 200m xp on double XP weekend, you'll spend 585 hours at Tormented Demons getting enough charms, assuming you're already 99 summoning. You'll have about 88k blue charms and 59k crimsons... And 5.2b gp. And 205m combat xp (so ideally 102.5m range/102.5m mage) on top of 67m constitution xp. You'd have to spend at least 1.7b gp to use the charms, which would have to be obtained somewhere other than Dagannoths (which are a loss); at Tormented Demons, you made 3x that much, so the gp is already available.


Of course, Tormented Demons can't be AFKed. Dagannoths are slightly more summing xp/hr, overall, and much more range and constitution xp/hr. But you'd have to spend time making money elsewhere, which makes the Dagannoth method longer. Assuming Dagannoths are a generous 500 crimsons/hour (I think 450 is the upper maximum over time), that's 440 hours at Dagannoths (assuming Pack Yak; 430 hours assuming Steel Titan). Assuming RSWiki is right, that's 2000 Dagannoths killed an hour, so 443k range xp and 147k constitution xp. You'd have 220k/215k crimsons and need to make 1.3b gp either way, so you go to Araxxor and spend 92 hours (assuming 14m gp/hr). You now have 200m summon xp, 190m to 195m range xp, 63m to 65m constitution xp, and 0gp, spending 512 to 522 hours on this quest... You'd spend 73 to 83 more hours at Tormented Demons for essentially the same summoning xp, the same combat xp (spread between two skills, however), slightly more constitution xp, and 3.5b gp. Not to mention you'd spend almost half the time on double xp weekend (a total of 147k charms from Tormented Demons, compared to 220k from Dagannoths). You'd have to spend 250 hours at Araxxor for 3.5b gp.


tl;dr: On the road to 200m summon, you'd spend 585 hours at Tormented Demons only, compared to 510 hours at Dagannoths (430 hours) and an active moneymaking activity (70 hours). At Tormented Demons, you'd end up with 205m combat xp (split between two styles), 67m constitution xp, and 5.2b gp (3.5b assuming you spend 1.7b on summoning training). At Dagannoths + moneymaker, you'd end up with 190m range xp, 63m constitution xp, and 0gp. You'll also spend almost 2x as much training on double xp weekend if you choose Dagannoths over Tormented Demons, which takes away from other skills you could be training.

I would love to know how to kill TDs efficiently. Maybe a stupid question but how do people kill them fast?

In Topic: Quick farming run question.

20 May 2015 - 07:15 PM

Herb farm route is pretty basic:


Lunars - trollheim tele = trollheim

Lunars - cathurby tele = cathurby

Explorers ring - cabbageport = fally

Ectophial = port phas

ardy cape = ardougne

elf tele crystall - crwys = elf

Witch doctor mask = juju herbs

I don't even know if Juju Herbs are that worth it to be honest since those secondary ingredients are hard to obtain for the potions lol.

In Topic: What was your first level 99 in Runescape?

14 May 2015 - 08:15 PM

I miss the option "none"

Oh wow I should've added that in (didn't get my first til like mid-2.3k total lol). It's just that I see lots of people trying to get a 99 first before going for anything else. If it appears as none just vote your current highest skill.