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Member Since 04 Dec 2014
Offline Last Active Apr 28 2015 01:54 PM


05 April 2015 - 01:36 PM

Does anyone know of a good, friendly warbands friends' chat? All the ones I've found require a "trial" or "13x+" or "mandatory pk practice" or "tank tests." Or am I too low leveled to get into a friends' chat and should wait until later? Thanks!

Edit: Cb level 127

Here is a link to my stats.

Keris vs Drygore Rapier

05 April 2015 - 03:10 AM

So here's some background information. I just got 90 attack so am planning to get a set of drygores soon. I'm thinking mh drygore mace and oh drygore rapier, but then I thought I might do kalphite king someday. If I were to do kalphite king, would Keris with oh drygore rapier or mh drygore rapier with oh drygore rapier be better? According to reddit, Keris is better, but according to RuneWIki, Keris is still crap. Can anyone help clarify this? If drygore rapier is better, then I'll probably get dual rapiers, but if Keris is better for kalphite kings, then I'll probably get mh drygore mace and oh drygore rapier.


However, if anyone recommends a specific combination for me for some other reason that I have overlooked, let me know. Thanks!

Spring Cleaner

07 March 2015 - 04:04 PM

Hi, I recently won a Spring Cleaner on the Treasure Hunter and I was wondering how I should use it. Like, what are some good uses for the spring cleaner?
Thanks in advance.

Stingy Slayer Monsters?

28 February 2015 - 01:31 AM

I am very frustrated with the lack of money coming in from slayer compared to other people...People in my clan say they get like 1m gp worth of stuff per task, yet I average maybe 200k per task. One person has the same slayer level as me (82) so it's not because my slayer is so low. Today I've done Jungle Strykeworms (200k), dust devils (5k), Baby Mutated Jadinkos (150k) and Elves (400k) for a grand total of <1m gp yet apparently someone in my clan with the same slayer level as me got 4m in 5 tasks...


I've not had a task get even close to 1m except two times when I did gargoyles and got roughly 700k. After gargoyles, it's elves and aviansies from which I get 400k or so from (apparently people get 1m per aviansie task; I'm not sure how as I pick up every adamant bar and more and only get 400k ish). After those, my profits plummet to negligible >.>


On a somewhat related note, I'm also annoyed (but not as much so as the lack of profits in slayer) that I haven't gotten any good rdt drops :/. I understand that this is based off of luck, so I'm not as irritated, but it is still disappointing for a dragon 2h sword to be my most valuable loot. That dragon 2h sword was only worth 160k, and it was from the Chaos Elemental, so it probably wasn't even a rdt drop. 


Anyways, does anyone know what tasks to skip because of horrible profits and exp? I don't mind not having profits if they're good exp, but most of my tasks seem to be bad exp AND bad profit (i.e. I don't mind Necharyaelas  uglies because they're nice exp).


27 February 2015 - 12:42 AM

People who make alts to pretend to be new players and who subsequently beg for attention/money are annoying. You're totally new...by making a ranged pure with a full set of the best available armor/weapon/necklace at your level and have not trained anything besides ranged and hp. 


Seems legit.


I guess it makes them feel good about themselves. They're still annoying to me, though.